Overly smug Angelenos; portrait of Los Angeles fanboys.

from Blogging Los Angeles:

There is a breed of Angeleno who is thoroughly enamored of this city by the ocean. This resident devoutly points to the weather, the scenery, the restaurants, the geography. Yet, as far as I’m concerned, there’s little else to enjoy about this town. Like a little slut you find yourself falling stupidly in love with, Los Angeles is a siren call that feeds our inner depravity.

As far as I’m concerned.

Yes, the weather is great if you’re the type who enjoys a year-long monotonous march to the shiny sun and back. The topography is wonderful for a large city. You have the mountains to the north, the beaches to the south, the canyons studded with mansions and other mysterious homes, interlaced with glittering shadows that hide this town’s blackened heart. Los Angeles is cool in some respects, but when one looks fairly at the big picture (something many smug L.A. fanboys don’t do), I don’t believe the good outweighs the bad to such a degree that one must feel compelled to boast shamelessly of “loving L.A.”

Los Angeles appeals to certain demographics, certain personality types, as is the case with most large urban centers. If you’re young, ambitious, upwardly mobile; if you’re into the dating game and you are a Liberal foodie; if you’re extroverted and motivated by status and materialism. Then Los Angeles is the place for you.

There are many smug Angelenos in love with their city.

From a local blog, Blogging Los Angeles, there is this.

Today was Public Days of the L.A. Auto Show. I brought my son and a neighborhood kid I’ve known since he could barely walk. Its our annual tradition. We left to grab a bite to eat at L.A. Live, Yard House to be precise, and exited to find this vista. The sun bouncing off the Marriot/Ritz Carlton illuminating the ultimate L.A. icon, the Palm Tree. It was otherworldly.

Add in it was 80+ degrees outside in November and it couldn’t be a better reminder of why I love Los Angeles.

Now this is an example of the smug Angeleno for whom fate has brought to the right spot. He has found a parcel of land that suits his temperament.

I don’t belong here, on the other hand. This is not the parcel of land that suits me. Smug Angelenos annoy me because they gloat over a lot of semi-illustrious crap that many, many people don’t value nearly as much.

I hate crowds. I hate the sun. I hate lack of rain, lack of gray, lack of cold.

I hate traffic, I hate driving 50 minutes or an hour just to go 13 miles. I hate the pretentiousness, the egoism, the greed, the materialism, the crass mindlessness.

I hate the summer and the surreal blending into summer that the other 3 seasons represent in Los Angeles.

I hate Social Justice Warriors, but especially those of the entertainment ilk. Everyone in this town parrots the same tired, rehashed liberal groupthink niceties, from the elite boardrooms down to the obligatory trying-to-break-into-the-Industry grunts that swarm the daily ranks like ants on moldy trash.

Yes, L.A. is beautiful and wonderful, if you like red.