Hoe down in Thailand and the essentials of bad taste


*Special update, 9/16: I have removed blurred images I pulled from a photo site (and its URL) purporting to be photographs of the slain bodies of David Miller and Hannah Witheridge. All you sick fucks can find the photos that live on the internet if you really want… This blog is not worth the trouble, or the guilt, that result from my posting such insensitive stuff. There was a tremendous spike in views…but I don’t need it. The post will remain, however.*




I’ve rethought again. The internet is our reality. If you don’t want to live it, don’t. I had a dream last night.




hw death
I read of the unfortunate and brutal murder of two British tourists in Thailand yesterday (Monday). Graphic photos purporting to be the murdered couple appear on removed. Not sure how long they’ll live online.


Here they are, weakly cleaned up, sanitized, for this classy and restrained blog.





dead british tourist small

dead british tourist small man



The man found dead on a beach on the Thai island of Koh Tao has been named as 24-year-old David Miller. His companion was Hannah Witheridge, 23, from Great Yarmouth, according to The Sun.


Police launched a double-murder inquiry after two naked people with horrific head wounds were found beaten to death on a beach on Monday at 11am local time.


Investigators found a bloodied hoe nearby, which they believe caused the pair’s “gruesome” head injuries.


There is a third photo I am refraining from posting due to its graphic, sexual nature. I am very concerned about tasteful presentation.


Anyway, earlier on Reddit, the imgur photos were posted on a subreddit I frequent and it occurred to me.


“If he killed the woman with a hoe and the man with a rake, can this be considered a hate crime?” I wisely noted, posed.


Think about it. That is one of the most insightful freakin’ things I’ve let these fingers type out. Brilliant!


To which a subredditor responded with a very relevant Youtube video.





Fuck it all. Western Civilization is waning gibbous.



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  • I love that all the commenters bashing the judgement of this blogger won’t even provide a fake name. I stand by what I wrote. And yes, Thailand is a third-world nation. If it does not have a first or new world standard of living, stable political condition, then it is not more than a third-world nation.

  • Twat

    Thailand, a 3rd world country? You Americans need to get out a bit more.

    • AlwaysPrepared

      Ha! Get away from the tourist areas if you’re so confident in their standard of living and safety. They MIGHT be approaching 2nd world, but that’s about it.

  • Well, in a recent post on my blog, I showed a man before and after a beheading in the Islamic State. I did not do so to be a jerk, insensitive or anything like that. Too many people bury their heads in the sand and don’t want to live in the real world. Sometimes people need to see the animal
    we are dealing with. Maybe if people actually saw the concentration camps that dotted Europe before and during World War II, it would have made people more willing to defeat the Nazi evil. One of the reasons that I think communism is still attractive to
    many is because they have not seen what life was and is like in communist nations. Anyhow, sometimes people need to be reminded that hey, there are some damn vicious animals in the world.

  • E. Rekshun

    In the mid-80s, I took a vacation to Nassau, Bahamas. I did not stay at an all-inclusive resort. The black Bahamians were very rude. Also, prices in the local stores were very high. I suspect that there is one price for locals and a higher price for tourists.

    In the mid-90s, I had a business trip to Kingston, Jamaica. I guess I was pretty naive back then, as I freely wondered around the business part and hotel part of the City day and night.

    • Twat

      What the fuck has this got to do with the story, you racist.

      • E. Rekshun

        Screw you cumTwat! I said nothing that is racist! The black Bahamians were rude (and even of they weren’t that criticism isn’t racist). And Kingston, Jamaica has had one of the world’s highest rates of murder and violent crime since forever. A naive foreigner should be cautious in Kinsgston, Jamaica. (And I said nothing about race.)

        Reread the story you idiot – it’s discussing murder against Americans while in a foreign land. Save your self-righteousness for real cases of racism. No go make me a sandwich.

  • I’m sorry the author caved to “sensitivity” here. If it was done just to drive traffic, yeah I get the anger. But sometimes people just do not realize what happens to people especially when traveling to foreign nations. I totally agree it was an awful crime. And being a third-world nation it is rather doubtful the case will be solved.

    • Socially Extinct

      As anyone who has read this train wreck can attest, nothing on this blog is driven by the pursuit of traffic lol.

      The photos were egregious, however. They exist out there for those who look, but I really don’t need to play a part in that collective. If I piss people off, I want it to be those who deserve it. As much as it’s true that travelers to Third World countries are essentially giving up many safeguards and rights, I still do not believe this couple deserved what happened. If it hadn’t been for the photos, this post would have disappeared from the radar, like 95% of my posts!!

    • M

      ” I showed a man before and after a beheading in the Islamic State.”

      I’ve seen videos of beheadings- videos from Syria in liveleaks
      b/c I wanted to know the truth, know thine enemy and all that…
      however this is a crime scene the photos are from the scene what right does some ass on imgur & here and bloody reddit?
      I’m into the truth but not at the expense of compromising a couple of young innocent murder investigation. How does anyone know the murderer didn’t posts these photos, so what do people do they exploit the scene and give the beast his 15 minutes of fame.

      ” I’m sorry the author caved to “sensitivity” here.”
      What if Hannah was your daughter and or David your son ?

  • Anon

    Take this down absolutely sickening that someone would post this. Truly horrifying and imagine if it was your family. Going to try and report this

  • Anonymous

    I was a very close friend of Hannah’s and this photograph has devastated me. I can’t believe someone is sick enough to repost it, let alone post it in the first place. Thank you for making this whole process that little bit harder.

    • Tamara

      Dear Hannah. I did not know you but what you went through before your demise breaks my heart. R.I.P. You did not deserve this. I know that you are now in heaven. R.I.P Hannah
      Dear david,
      I know that you tried to come to poor Hannah’s aide. You did not desearve this horrific end to your life. R.IP David.

  • Great use of astronomy here! LOL!

    • wobb34wales

      WTF are you on about dick head? Get these sick pics off line you bunch of disrespectful pieces of shit. What if it was your relative would you posted the then-no of course you fucking wouldn’t have. Get them down, imagine yourself as a victim in this crime you dumb shits. Jesus what is the world coming to. Thailand is a fucking shit tip of a country stay the fuck away from these countries people, they are marketed as beautiful asian locations-they are 3rd world destitute places where life is not valued. Shit holes, go somewhere in Europe instead or japan, even China is safer for westerners.