Amber Gomes plays the part of civilized modern woman but how much you wanna bet she’s intrigued by the bad boy felon?

Jeremy Meeks, a 30-year-old career criminal from California’s armpit, Stockton, was arrested during a police sweep on Wednesday for weapons charges. He was charged with 6 felony counts and the Stockton PD posted his mugshot on their Facebook page in spite of themselves.

Meeks felon

A bad boy with looks like these is chick crack.

No future?
No work?
Criminal rap sheet?
Chiseled masculine movie star looks?

Yeah, of course looks go a long way for both sexes. Nothing scientific to see here. But women are not only titillated by rugged good looks; their intrigue and attraction is amplified when the subject also happens to be a dangerous, amoral rake who snubs Beta laws. As in these very honest Facebook comments quoted in the story:

Meeks’ police mugshot generated 10,914 likes and 2,400 comments from Wednesday night to Thursday morning, many from women claiming to admire his looks.

“Hottttttt,” Melissa Stiles wrote.

“Omg come to mama,” Nicole Seba Lorena Elena commented.

“Holy [heck] i would arrest him too..hottest bad boy I’ve seen,” Ellie Abbey wrote.

“He can kidnap me anyday… Hold me against my will lol,” Jessica Gutierrez commented.

“Why is he breaking the law when he should be making millions modeling! Wowzas,” Tanya H. Thomas said.

Now are these women smart or discerning or classy? Who knows, and really, who cares. It doesn’t matter worrying about it. Guys who fixate on the troublesome tendency of women to ignore their steadfast value systems will lose their minds and maybe go on shooting sprees. Get over it, dudes. The point is that these women are being publicly honest. Unlike Amber Gomes:

“$900,000 in bail and 6 felonies. You ladies are desperate,” Amber Gomes wrote.

Some women act classy, ambitious, intelligent, and sophisticated, but they usually talk out both sides of their mouth when it comes to what they say about men. These type of women work hard at portraying images of preachy propriety. Ghetto, prole women, on the other hand, simply and shamelessly reveal an unfiltered stream of carnal desire that has no regard for manners or genteel sensitivities.