Trouble brewing in Manus and your buttocks are in mortal danger.


I could not have written a better headline than this one which appeared in The Guardian’s reporting of local turmoil at a detention center in Papua New Guinea.








The word, or name, “Manus” should simply not exist. In fact, it should be expunged from the human lexicon and all locations and surnames wearing the bold “Manus” label (even gay bars in San Francisco) shall be ordered to submit a change of name immediately.


Furthermore, in the event “Manus” seeps out into public usage, it shall never be allowed to appear in conjunction with the physiological denotation of “buttock(s).”


This can not happen again!


In the meantime, these refugees need to chill the hell out. Or it could be they simply don’t like being housed in a Manus unit.


Can you blame them?