The human taint: I really hate the Olympics…

…or, actually, I hate the sweater-wearing Poodle they’ve become. An abomination. I hate the end product.

Like many things which I dislike/hate/detest (a lot when you’re speaking of me), the elemental form, the pure form, is not what I dislike.

It’s the human touch that makes me cringe and sour. The human taint.

Like children and animals.

I like them in principle, but I cannot tolerate their intrusive, bothersome existence when parents and owners (and fans) become involved and browbeat the shit to death. As soon as people get their grimy hands on anything, ANYTHING, they will malign and devour the enjoyability of (list any activity or item).

Like the Olympics.

The sport and athleticism of Olympic athletes is a marvel to behold. The training and talent that these athletes possess is downright miraculous. I might be awed if I actually sat down and watched. I have not watched even 5 seconds of Olympic coverage this year, and I don’t think I’ll watch 5 seconds before the wonderful closing ceremonies signal a return to life as normal. A life without the politics and hoopla and sob stories and faggotry and tears. Oh god, give it a rest.

The pomp and circumstance makes the spectacle unbearable. The network meddling and distortion of timing and possessiveness of the Olympic brand is comical and painful. The interspersed programming segments of stupid corny inspirational stories is embarrassingly pathetic. Let’s just watch some competition, please. This overwrought television production is something chicks dig with all its feel-good syrupy shallow angles. How about some competition, and let us, the viewer, decide what we like or don’t.

The Olympics, like children and dogs, are fine, even enjoyable and tolerable, in the empty forest where the tree falls silently.

Enter the repulsive human ego and lust for drama, and the dreary reality settles in.

The Olympics suck.

  • BTW, I have to ask: when you said ‘human taint’ in the title, were you meaning that everything humans touch becomes tainted, or were you comparing modern Olympics to a choda? ;)

    • Socially Extinct

      Will, you have now had a part in expanding my vocabulary. I never knew…. :O

      • LOL, which word didn’t you know, ‘taint’, or ‘choda’?

        Wait – never mind; either way, now you know both.

        You’re welcome. ;)

        • Socially Extinct


          Rhymes with Yoda. Hmmm, they bear a striking resemblance.

          • Ha! :)

          • BTW, don’t let anyone ever tell you that nothing rhymes with ‘orange’:

            ‘Door-hinge’! :)

  • Yep; I hate the Olympics, too.

    But then, I hate professional sports, too.

    I see no reason to feel part of others’ accomplishments, or to feel bad for their disappointments. Even if my taxes were used, still not my doings.

    • I should clarify: I don’t care for professional sports.

      But I loathe the Olympics, everything about them, from the IOC to the corporate BS to the slutty athletes hooking up on Tindr in the Olympic Village, to sports that require judging or refereeing, where officials are often corrupt, to the multiculti opening and closing ceremonies, and more.

  • When baseball was eliminated as an Olympic event, I kinda lost interest. I watch it but not as intently as the Winter Olympics. Oh and a good one about being White ;-)!

  • I kinda agree with your specific points. But I like the Winter Olympics much more than the Summer Olympics. It’s not just that it’s on NBC but they way overdo the sappyness. Instead if the stupid inspirational stories that no one really cares about, they can better use that time to show more competition. And a lot of stuff is tape-delayed. Unless one wants to get up at 5am and figure out what NBC connected cable channel its on. As far as the nationalism, I’m totally down with it. In some events its the reason to watch. I mean I was very disappointed Shaun White did not even medal in the half-pipe snowboard. It sucked. And it’s what it’s all about.

    • Socially Extinct

      You would like the Winter Olympics, you’re White LOL. The Summer Olympics are for Brown people. But you know what? Olympics by any color suck.