Vlad P for Prez and down with the Obamacracy!

Does this also mean acting like a man?

I want a trade.

Can someone call and do the work because personally, I have absolutely no pull. I’m a wage grunt, and a brown minority at that. No one will listen to me. So I bequeath you lofty White people with monetary might (I will consciously neglect anyone in the Beltway because they have a vested interested in perpetuating this simpering Obamacracy), please, make some calls, pull some strings. Do this. Arrange that international trade.

Russia gets Obama, we get Vladimir Putin.

I think it’s a fair trade. Russia, that cold, corrupt, anarchic frontier will get the Hawaiian voodoo doll spinoff, and we get a solid, military, no-nonsense shit-in-your face stoic robot.

This is what we need. It’s what we need in this pleasantly and innocuously civilized Western world. Most men, especially men who will be POTUS in the near generations, are (and will be) raised in a feminized, unobtrusive and retiring world of inaction and female-bred passive caution. We think we are doing our children a great service by raising them in such pampered surroundings, but that’s only for us, not for them. We are turning them into softies.

Barack Obama is the shot across the bow of SPOTUS. The first Softie POTUS.

Men who have been raised in a shifting feminist paradigm in which, contrary to popular conspiracist reports, are not being fed estrogen or xeno-estrogen from a young age, but instead, are being fed the estrogen of the masses…female-empowered upbringing.

If you let women have too much power, they will inevitably leave their mark on all that is right and decent and human, including the raw inculcation of physical strength, persistence and ruthless tenacity.

I want Vlad P as my President!

We need a President who shows little remorse for his opinions and flagrant impulsiveness. A Man who doesn’t bow to Western PC cultural oppression. A President who is not afraid to boast of unpopular principles. He is the figurehead we lack. In a world dominated by HR principles of tip-toeing and feint-heartedness, what do you want from men? We gravitate toward embodiments of our nature, and let me tell you. That is not Barack Obama.

One of my FB buddies used their new-fangled smartphone app bullshit to post this in the wake of the Sochi Olympics. This perfectly embodies the American male’s discombobulation in the face of a truly masculine national leader.


Yes, apparently the normal football-raised American man who swallows all the feminist tripe (as long as he can have a few hours in front of the tele each week) believes men should be demonstrative and goofy and flail like a 9-year-old girl in front of Justin Bieber.

All guys, for the most part, can be flailing, 9-year-old bitches running away from Woody Allen as far as I care. But there are men who crave, seek, and attain power and they are the keepers of manliness and national dignities. The trade-off (once upon a time) was that if you were a President of any relevant geographical nation, you could not be at one with the regular people. Same with business leaders. If you own a conglomerate that brings in billions of dollars each year, you are expected to act “differently” than most slushpile men.

This egalitarianism will soon dictate that all men, including the President, must be Raymond. This same noxious egalitarianism, spurred by feminism which dictates that no one shall reign supreme (except the urban, sophisticated classes, of course), even the President.

I don’t want to be ruled by a President who is like me. If I ruled the United States, we would all be in mortal danger. I would wreck serious havoc on this country. In fact, I’ve played with some dictatorial population-assortment powers (SIM style) lately which I would love to institute in the U.S. If only I had the power. Perhaps that is another post.

I want a President who tells me, “Fuck you.”

It’s a subservience many egalitarian-minded youths and women believe it’s in their rights to buck. Which I actually condone because I’m a radical, but I wish they would be bold and forceful. I wish they wouldn’t spend all their energy on stupid social causes that mean nothing.

Oh wait…it’s women we’re talking about.