Charles and Mary Ann Strange, parents of KIA soldier, Michael Strange, bring a class action lawsuit against the American Federocracy & Minions, Inc.

Wow. And wow. We live in interesting times, the curse resonates.

The parents of Michael Strange, Charles and Mary Ann, have brought a class action lawsuit against President Barack Obama and all his governmental and private industry enablers (ie, Verizon) and the complaint states that the stated parties have violated the First, Fourth and Fifth Amendments of the Bill of Rights.

Michael Strange, a Navy officer, was killed when the helicopter he was riding in was shot down in Afghanistan on August 6, 2011.

The suit, brought by Larry Klayman, a former Federal prosecutor, charges the defendants with a host of civil rights violations on behalf of the Strange’s.

This is the full report.

This is just the beginning. Undoubtedly.

I found the 10th motion very interesting:

  • American Patriot

    at all to do w/ Mrs. Strange not being this Soldiers Mother…you sound ridiculous!!! Read the article again (probably a few times) and MAYBE you’ll understand that what these people are doing is NOT only fighting for their privacy being invaded BUT for ALL AMERICANS RIGHTS BEING VIOLATED by “big brother”!!! You should be thanking them for having the guts to fight back BUT instead you say such mean things to such GREAT AMERICANS!! SHAME ON YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • American Patriot

    You obviously DID NOT understand the subject of this article! It certainly had NOTHING

  • Victoria MacDonald

    These parents have my full support. It takes courage to stand up to big government and hold them responsible for their lies.

    • Socially Extinct

      I realize this is Larry Klayman and he can marginalize himself and distract from the matter at hand with his history, but if any of the charges take hold (that the Stranges were singled out with surveillance for their criticism of the Obama administration), this can be a very big story.

    • Maureen Theodosiades

      Mary Anne Strange is NOT Michael’s mother. She barely knew him. Mary Anne is Charles Strange’s 3rd wife and she has no connection except for the fact that they are now married. Every article keeps printing this as fact & it is disrespectful to Michael’s mother and his whole family.