Lord Obama, sorry dude, Kamala is not that hot.

Really man, do you think she is that hot?

Is she really deserving of your Beta lust and eunuch-level pedestaling of her as the “best-looking attorney general in the country?”

I hate to break it to you…she is hardly all that.

She is old, brittle, weathered and overly professional-looking. She could be on a sitcom as the obligatory no-nonsense mother in some middle class Black familial setting. Strong on power tripping, weak on any sort of animal appeal. The broad is part Black and Indian (the red dot kind), I would expect more. She is one of those women whose masculine affectations and voracious competitiveness have blended to dilute her female appeal to such a degree that she is rather sexless. Beta guys like this stuff however. They like a desiccated woman who will mother their weak asses around.

Hottest attorney general in the United States? Strong words, Lord.

That is a woman tainted and devoured by ambition for too long. Ambitious chicks don’t keep their face for long. Let’s say time spent pregnant reduces overall physical attractiveness by a constant, b. In that case, a woman’s time spent under the spell of frenzied ambition can be expressed as 2.5b. You’re probably thinking of Kamala at age 25 back in the 80’s. Her b factor was considerably less then.

If you had used your head instead of caving in to those Presidential sycophantic instincts in front of those rich donors and merely quipped that Kamala was “a very attractive woman,” all the ninnies would have left you alone. The fact you said “best-looking” automatically infers ranking and favoritism, something liberal socially guilty people abhor (this includes all dykes), and something idiots like me abhor as well because it gives us something to anchor our humiliation on. “Best-looking” is a strong phrase, my friend. Now you’re Beta back-tracking because that repressed primal part of your blurted something out in public.

Remember the b constant?

Well, Pam Bondi is only 1 year younger than Kamala, so their b factors should be similar. In fact, they’ve both been in political office for roughly the same period of time.

Barack, are you being racist? Bondi is much hotter than Harris (and I don’t even like blondes). Is it that Harris has jungle fever (ie, ahem, Willie Brown)?

Is this a Black thing?