FEMA Corp bitches

My problem with FEMA Corps is that it’s voluntary.

Voluntary is bullshit because voluntary is never a fair representation of your nature.

If you want me to respect FEMA Corp, make everyone take part, forcibly, even the children of our mightiest corporate oligarchs. I might actually listen then. I would really respect FEMA Corps if it had the right to shoot objectors on the spot!!! That would be bloody awesome.

As it stands now in volunteer FEMA, you are volunteering a “way out” to the lowest station of all. The people who never studied or applied themselves, and those who decided “later on” that perhaps it was time to buckle down.

FEMA Corps are the “Second Chance Kids.”

My problem is that they don’t prove themselves independently.

They “choose” to enter the fold. This is their problem.

If you were pulled in against your wishes and still obeyed and fulfilled your calling, I would respect you more.
You volunteered to devote a year of your life to our useless government?
You, sir, are a loser.

Volunteer armies allow us to define you.

Conscription allows you to define US.

  • Well, I did not know about the FEMA Corp. Are you sure this is not some Alex Jones propaganda? If not, then I am disturbed by this group. All these government groups that encourage so-called volunteerism are dangerous. I DO actually volunteer my time with things I care about. Not some government agency. Another reason why people are becoming overly dependent on government to solve all. And it RUINS everything it touches.