*NSFL* I have no mouth and I must scream at my Third World doctors

Sometimes you just want a little peace and quiet. Some rest. Away.

You had a bad day.
Your face is…uh…missing, but you happen to live in some bumfuck Third World country.

And you find yourself living a strange, Alice In Wonderland, backward rendition of Harlan Ellison’s “I Have No Mouth And I Must Scream.”

You just wanna die or sleep, or forget this mortal toil. Life sucks and now you are bidding it adieu way too quickly and a bunch of two-bit medics won’t stop pointing at you. The more they point, the more it becomes apparent they haven’t the slightest clue what to do to fix you up. For there is nothing they can do because the depth of their medical supplies are boxes of bandaids.

No one should be able to say “your face is dangling” while you’re still alive to hear it.

Life has no meaning, does it?

We are born, we cry, we suffer, we laugh like fools at nothing, and then we suffer, we cry, and if we’re fortunate, we die before we cry again.

  • This is what America will be like under Obamacare.
    “Uh, you will have to wait 3 months to see the face-torn-off specialist. Go ahead and make sure to take this asprin stuff. I guess twice a day. Or when ever it hurts. Oh, my bad! Sorry, can’t find your mouth. Hey, maybe we can get you in to the specialist in 2 months. How does that sound?”

  • I should have known better than to look, but I didn’t watch the vid.

    Land mine? Explosion? Degenerative disease? Or act of violence?

    Never mind; it matters not. Poor bastard, I hope he’s out of his misery on this earth, soon.

    Anyway, life sucks; that’s how it is.

    But, you can’t say it has no meaning.

    For if it had no meaning, you wouldn’t be able to call it cruel, and rate it negatively, since what would be your standard against which to measure how it happens to be? If it’s all just an accident, then why not simply be happy when things do happen to go well, for you or others, and see that as a bonus, and the other as just the way of things?

    If however we scream to our very being to see horrible things like this, it’s because life has meaning, and there is an ideal way to live, and this is not ideal; we know it ought not be like this. Why? Because things are supposed to go well, and we can tell when they don’t, that they are out of kilter. Whatever happened to this poor fellow, we know, is not how things are supposed to work out. So we instinctively recoil against it. And rightly so.

    Because things do have meaning, and purpose, and there is a right way for things to be, as well as, by contrast, a wrong way for things to be, as all too often does unfortunately come to pass, as this man could tell you.

    And so, we can celebrate, and delight in, and praise God for, the good, the right, the proper, the true, and mourn anything opposite or less than that…

    Life has meaning. If it didn’t, how much more horrifying that would be…

    • Your Lowness

      It’s sad. Supposedly an RPG to the face. The kid looks like he’s drifting into shock. I would be frankly surprised if he survived , and even if he did, what kind of life would that be? Missing your lower jaw and tongue?