Sikh shootings in Wisconsin

I’m sure we’ll hear more, but there are reports of a shooting involving multiple victims at a Sikh temple in Oak Creek, Wisconsin, with a possible hostage situation involving children. Interestingly, more than one shooter is allegedly involved. This makes me think it’s not a personal or family situation. (Edit: CNN interviewed a witness who was in contact with police and he says there were 2 shooters). This has not appeared in other news accounts.

Edit: A witness and member of the congregation says the gunman appeared to be targeting “turbaned males.”

EDIT: Police are calling it “domestic terrorism.” This is another clarification I’m not too fond off. All crime is terrorism.

EDIT: Not to stir up conspiracy theories, but the official police story is that there was one shooter. Yet, listen to the witness’s statement that there were 2 and that they were dropped off by a car that “sped away.” Huh?

CNN screen grab. “Suspects”

screen grab from TMJ4 video

I found interesting the following passage from the story:

One of the temple’s committee members, Ven Boba Ri, said that based on communication with people inside the temple, the shooter was a white male in his 30s.

“We have no idea,” he said of the motive. “It’s pretty much a hate crime. It’s not an insider.”

According to Ri, the man started shooting after he walked up to a priest who was standing outside, and shot him.

Then he went inside and started shooting.

Already the “hate crime” angle?

At least four people were shot just after 10 a.m. Sunday at the Sikh Temple in Oak Creek, and a police SWAT team entered the building before noon and brought uninjured people out of the building at 7512 S. Howell Ave.

Victims were being taken out of the temple.

Among those who were shot was the president of the temple.

People were in the temple as early as 6:30 a.m. Sunday and many more were arriving for a service that was to begin about 11:30 a.m.

There were reports that children were taken to the building’s basement after shots were fired.

Someone who sent a text message to a Journal Sentinel reporter shortly before noon said that there were two shooters with children possibly as hostages.

And the head priest was locked inside a restroom with a cell phone and that there were as many as 20 to 30 victims.

One of the temple’s committee members, Ven Boba Ri, said that based on communication with people inside the temple, the shooter was a white male in his 30s.

“We have no idea,” he said of the motive. “It’s pretty much a hate crime. It’s not an insider.”

According to Ri, the man started shooting after he walked up to a priest who was standing outside, and shot him.

Then he went inside and started shooting.

People inside the temple were using cell phones to call people outside, saying please send help, Ri said.

“It’s sad, I don’t know how to describe it,” said Ri, who has been fielding calls all morning from around the world, including India.

  • I knew what you meant, Will.
    I think that is true.
    But you see, that makes the left look “tough on crime”. Only it is not being tough on crime. It is more navel-gazing. You know, the “root” cause of the criminal act.
    Who cares? I want said criminal prosecuted for the crime being charged. And if found guilty, sentence carried out. What is so hard about that?!

    • Exactly, Mark.

      The Left, though, doesn’t give a shit about actual justice; only the weird abstract concept of ‘justice’ that they have constructed, based on ‘historical wrongs’, blah blah blah. IOW, they don’t give a shit about rights and wrongs committed now; they’re still obsessing about the past, and want people either charged or let go or pardoned on that basis, nothing to do with what actually happened now.

  • Will, spot on as always.
    First it is a “hate” crime.
    Then it is “hate” speech.
    What is next on the “hate” parade?!
    Both categories are repulsive because they are really hard to prove. Unless one openly and blatantly uses the h-word. But if I take the hate crime, ALL crime is hate. After all, robbery is taking from someone else for your self. You don’t think that they should have that money because YOU need it. Thus you have hate for that person that has more than you, right? Shall I keep going?

    • Thanks, Mark.

      I agree; all crime ultimately IS hate, because not caring about someone’s life, liberty, and well-being, and freedom to live their life without interference, and thinking your desires trump their rights, IS hate.

      The reason, BTW, I used capital punishment as an example, is because, back when W. was pres, some people got upset that some racist murderers who got the chair didn’t get charged with a hate crime, W. responded, “They got the death penalty; what more do you want?”

      The Left always wants more.

      “That’s only 40 lashes!”

      “But he’s dead, sir!”

      “I ordered 100 lashes!”

      • Excuse me; when W. was Gov. of Texas, that is.

  • Amy

    I remember Sikhs being victims of “hate crimes” after 9/11.

    I don’t care for the “hate crime’ designation, though. We cannot make windows into men’s hearts. We can only guess as to motivation.

    • Your Lowness

      I’ve certainly yet to witness a “love crime.”

      Maybe a love hangover or two, but never a love crime.

      • Sure you’ve heard of a love crime. When some psycho person’s boyfriend or girlfriend is about to leave her or him, and she or he says, “If I can’t have you, no-one else will!”, and shoots him or her. That’s a love crime, no? ;)

        • Your Lowness

          Aha! Got me there lol

        • Or does a Lorena Bobbit to a dude! LOL!

        • Gay State Girl


          • Your Lowness

            There are few hells worse than the one where another’s love you took for granted is suddenly denounced.

    • Motivation shouldn’t matter one bit.

      After all, if I murder someone because I don’t like him because I think he’s an asshole, versus murdering someone because he’s of a different race or nationality, either way, the poor bastard is dead, and I’m guilty of murder, no?

      Or if I burn a guy in effigy on his front lawn, spray-painting “You’re an asshole” on his house, versus burning a cross on his front lawn and spray-painting “Go back to Africa!”, either way, I’ve trespassed on his property and vandalized his house, and terrorized him, no?

      There shouldn’t exist any such category as hate crime. With capital punishment, you can’t kill a racist murderer twice as much, so why bother with motivations? Crime is crime; let the punishment fit the crime, regardless of the reason for the crime…

      • Amy


  • “Already the “hate crime” angle?”

    Of course! Smear first; apologize later if you were proved wrong, or don’t say anything and hope it drops down the ‘memory hole’; never miss the opportunity to pre-emptively bash white males, before knowing any details definitively.

    • I will, once again, quote Dennis Prager. Being on the left means NEVER having to say you are sorry for ANYTHING.
      One thing that I did hear that bothers me is that Fox News was not really jumping on this story. That is crappy judgement if accurate. So yes, I will give one to CNN. Anytime there is a big shooting of this nature, that is what should separate cable news, all networks, from the over-the-air networks.

      • Exactly, Mark. That’s how they roll…

  • Well, Sikhs are often mistaken for Islamics yet they are totally different from Islamics. Yes, the men wear turbans, but that is more cermonial and to keep their long hair up. If I am not mistaken the men are NOT to cut their hair at all. Anyhow, this is too bad. I will have to look more into this. BTW, I feel like I was writing like a spammer at the end there! LOL!

    • Your Lowness

      Haha, yeah, Sikhs have been at the receiving end of other crimes where they were mistaken for Muslim in the wake of 911 if I remember correctly. One of the descriptions was a fat white male with a t-shirt. Doesn’t sound like Sikh material lol

    • Your Lowness

      I guess in the chaos there were mistaken reports of 2 gunmen. 7 people killed. Wow.

      OAK CREEK, Wis. (AP) — Police in Wisconsin say seven people are dead at a Sikh temple near Milwaukee, including the suspected gunman.
      Greenfield Police Chief Bradley Wentlandt says tactical officers have been through the temple where shots were fired about 10:30 a.m. Sunday. He says they found four people inside the building and three people outside.

      He says one of those killed outside is the suspect, who fired on the first officer to arrive. Wentlandt says that officer fired back, killing the suspect. He says the officer is now at an area hospital in surgery.
      Wentlandt says police do not believe a second shooter was involved.
      He also says the best information he has is that two people, including the officer who was shot, were taken to hospitals.