Conformist pig is people, the bare essence of non-conformity

I was thinking earlier, during my shower, about how women are always conformists.

Hmm, rather, I thought of how few women are really non-conformists. Even the women who pretend to be non-conformists usually accomplish this shakily through ostentatious displays of physical brashness. Very few women non-conform in spirit. Women don’t non-conform when it comes to true non-conformity. Lady Gaga probably thinks she’s a non-conformist. I think she’s full of crap. Implicit in her boldness is the unspoken goal of generating a commercially cool vibe which ultimately is contagiously conformist. Madonna, Rosanne Barr, all of them, they think they are so bold and trailblazing but it’s the same garbage with them all. I’m sorry, but wearing outlandish clothes or making crude jokes doesn’t not make women non-conformist. The female approach to non-conformity is cosmetic and too dramatic.

Because it all comes down to the bare essence of non-conformity.

While I’m on the subject, most men are not non-conformists either. Once again, I hate to break the news to them, but tattooed sleeves, penis piercings or dyed hair do not make you non-conformists except in your own scattered minds.

The problem is that non-conformity becomes a conscious exertion in itself, and becomes self-conscious. It’s a vicious cycle. All these clowns with tattoos and wild clothes are still conforming to their own subculture. Even subcultures, which pretend to thumb their nose at convention, are still a bunch of conformist sheep. Ever been to a punk concert or an artsy event? Everyone looks unusual as contrasted with Main Street, but within the realm of their deviant subculture, they are radical conformists. They are not bold. They are followers. Lame! I’ve had it with toy non-conformists. I hate the way they traipse around like trailblazers but they are nothing but attention whores. This covers most women who wouldn’t know the first thing about being non-conformists.

See, it’s an evolutionary remnant primed in our genders. Conformity is the safest route to survival. Conformity is composed and erected of the safe and predictable repetition of habits and mores which define our civilization; the female’s role perpetuates the safe havens of society that ultimately subsist on conformity. A woman who fails to conform endangers her progeny and breeding opportunities; a man who fails to conform endangers his ability to allow women to conform. A woman’s urge to conform is elementally ingrained in her psyche whereas a man’s is “second-hand” in that it is designed to enable the conformity of the other stability-enhancing gender.

This is why women are conformists. This is why they are afraid to think outside the box. This is why maybe only 3% of men are able to rouse a piercing sense of non-conformity. While the rest prance around in bizarre clothing or body art and listen to unusual music and call themselves non-conformist. But at heart, they are conformists. We believe that if we fail to conform to broader society’s dictum’s, we are non-conformist. This is wrong. If you conform to anything, you are a conformist. Even if you conform to a bunch of non-conformists. It’s the double-negative principle. Two non-conformists make one conformist.

To be a true non-conformist, you must depart absolutely from all human convenience. Your outrage and your desire can have a basis in absolutely nothing anyone normal can relate to. In fact, you must be crazy. Te be non-conformist is to truly be batshit insane. My point is that there are very few functioning non-conformists. Most people channel their non-conformity into slivered channels of expertise and specialization which is where major revolution occurs. Cultural evolution is inspired by non-conformity, but those who instigate it are most likely conformist in other aspects of their life. Non-conformity does not need to wear a visible badge or coat of arms to be sincere.

Non-conformity can lurk in your soul and exert its upheaval at the most inopportune times. Non-conformity is a void. You see?

Just as religious folks say evil is the absence of good, I believe non-conformity is the absence of conformity.

It is not an active progression. It is a recession. Those who can achieve non-conformity truly do not embark as much as they withdraw.

  • Come now; surely penis-piercings are at least somewhat non-conformist. {Shudder}

    Outside of L.A., they aren’t very common… ;)

  • jynxi

    Everything will eventually trickle down to the Walmart crowd. There is nothing inherently wrong with this process of devolution. It’s all part of the process. Think about it. In the 80’s we get “Madonna” the original. In the 90’s we get “Gwen Stefani ” the Poor-Mans-Madonna”. At the turn of the century we get “Lady Gaga” the Crack-Heads-Madonna”. Every step of the way the product gets diluted for general consumption. The general population doesn’t have the stomach for non-confromity so , they need someone to chew it down into digestible bits that they can swallow. True non-conformist speak a language that the Gen-poppers don’t understand. Eventually the language gets deciphered and masses have their fun. It’s all just part of the process.

    • Amy

      Oh, this is a great analogy. Got me thinking about “viral memes” and the other bits of pre-digested culture that people love nowadays. As if people can only get it through a straw and can’t handle solid food anymore.

      On YouTube there is a genre of video called the “YouTube Poop,” a fully-digested mix of viral memes, punchlines, bits of popular videos, movies, cartoons, etc. Which takes your analogy to the nth degree!!

  • Amy

    “Contagiously conformist”! Hee, hee, that’s awesome.

    I may have left a comment on an earlier post about the greater stigma attached to being a female nerd. Women are more conformist, and exert more pressure to conform.

    Am I batshit insane though? No way, and I stopped giving a shit about whether most people find me strange a long time ago. But I don’t hate people for being “normal” either, and that makes it easier to get along with the straights, ha. (On the Myers-Briggs–I’m an INTP–my Judging-Perceiving axis is strongly skewed toward “P.” I don’t even like that the J people are termed “Judging” types. It seems so judgemental!)

    Like Mark, I wonder at the “tortured” aspect of this line of thought. It seems like more than soul-searching. You celebrate being different but it bothers you all the same.

    Still, I don’t think you’re batshit crazy either.

  • when a man is a genuine “non conformist” he is most often labeled a “paranoid schizophrenic” and ignored

  • First, there is another area of the bathroom to do serious thinking!
    And your point is to an extent, we are all conformists.
    And what, that is some Fox News Alert?!
    Really, of course we are.
    Wanna know one of the reasons I like the Episcopal Church? I’ll tell you anyway.
    It is the Book of Common Prayer. It uniform. No deviation. And for someone like myself, it is great because there is pretty much a prayer for everything. I am not good on the extemperanous prayer.
    But it is to the extent of our conformity that I think you alude to.
    I don’t think I fit in a neat box.
    And you sure don’t!
    But for most people, it OK.
    Tortured souls like yours, or maybe wounded ones, are always seeking where NOT to fit in.
    A lot of psychobabble at 12midnight.
    And is my spelling OK here, compadre?!

    • Amy

      There’s a lot of comfort and inspiration to be found in religious traditions, in consistency, in familiar prayers, but I have perhaps more of a Puritan or iconoclastic attitude toward insistence on these things. And I’m put in mind of the verse in Matthew about “vain repetitions.” For me most prayer is a conversation. Mostly one-way, but when you have “ears to hear” and wait on Him, sometimes you get an answer. Repeating things by rote can get in the way of that.