Peacekeeping Men: Wooly Mammoths are history. Women are your next enemy.

Great thoughts from the writers over at Patriactionary the other day while I was recovering from my trip. The article was a biting indictment of the overwrought “Take You Daughters To Work Day” cultural meme that has ingratiated itself with gullible parents in recent years. Patriactionaries joked that perhaps it’s time to have a “take your daughters to the kitchen day” in order to teach them the proper housekeeping duties they were designed for after millions of years of evolution. But no. Women won’t hear of it. Try telling a modern woman her place is in the kitchen. Ha! They like overturning such an incomprehensibly lengthy legacy within the span of…a few decades. The female soul is impatient and short-sighted. She would always rather have it now than later. That’s a woman’s thinking. Instead of refusing however, modern man caves.

One thing that strikes me every time I read about these obsolete gestures of female equality is the unspoken understanding that there are men behind this ruckus! What are men thinking? Take your daughter to work day when then there are more women at work then men? How is this? Take your daughter to work day when the mass media will happily spout this hypnotic illusion itself? The mass media does a good job of indoctrinating girls with an unquestionable right to flourish in the corporate world. What is the use of take your daughter to work day in the year 2012? Modern culture takes care of this for you.

Stay home. Your daughter is in good hands.

But no, men continually react to the demands of overbearing women. Women who demand archaic gestures that only reinforce the new paradigm.

Men need to learn a word that women were once trained to use: NO.

Men need to say No. Men need to learn to disappoint and rebut women’s unrealistic demands. Men need to grow balls and thicker skin against the bitter lashings to entitled female culture.

Men have been trained to cave to every woman’s stupid nonsensical desire. In so doing, women have lost respect for men, whether they recognize it or not. A woman is like a child. She will respect authority figures who erect limits and barriers. 21st Century man doesn’t do this.

For too long men have learned to cave and relinquish, and now…they have nothing left to relinquish. Yet they still allow women to dictate the gender framework. Men are fools! They are so pussified that any time a woman yells or throws fit, they reactively do whatever it takes to maintain the peace.

The peace is your death, MEN.

Learn to love the fight. Men must retrain their killer psyche and learn to love battle instead of lazily fixating on idle activities like the Super Bowl or prime time TV.

Be men again, learn to love fierce combat. And today’s woman is now your fiercest combatant. The wooly mammoth is dead, but the bitch is alive and she wants your blood. Slay them, guys.

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  1. I thought real men were supposed to keep their cool? This reads like the verbal equivalent of the hurried walking you rejected as a feminine trait in your last post. Real men don’t have hissy fits, either!

    (Though I share your objection to “Take Your Daughters to Work Day,” and would wholeheartedly support replacing it with “Take Your Children to Work Day.”)

    • This was a macho hissy fit. It was a proclamation!

      Actually, to extend it further, I think the whole “expose children to work dynamic as an educational, eye-opening experience” is stupid because if your children are 9 or under, their workplace will bear LITTLE resemblance to the place you work now, today. My mom used to take me to her job to visit sometimes when I was little and 1) I didn’t really give a crap, 2) I didn’t notice anything, 3) I wanted to go home.

  2. Preach it, brother!

    • I’ll admit it was a bit over-the-top, but the essence of my message is something that needs to be said and perhaps I’ll try undertaking a more neutral tone next time. I should have ended with a TL;DR on this lol.

      TL;DR Men have become shamed for their innate physical prowess and in fact, this very masculine evolutionary trait is on the cusp of become criminalized little by little. The funny thing is, it was all for men to surrender, and they did, willingly.

  3. Is this what you were telling the now former Mrs. Unmarried Man?! as she removed you from the family premises for the last time?
    Now I DO agree this take your kid to work day is really dumb.
    Gee, it would have been fun to that in college, wouldn’t it?!
    Now if I had to take a kid to my current job, HE or SHE would probably take the gun!
    No, I just throw my hands up in air. When it gets really bad, I slam my fist on the desk. And when it gets really, really bad, I just push my chair back, make sure that there is enough room and slam my forehead a few times. That really relives the stress!
    But dude, seriously, we aren’t gonna ever find the kind of gal which you seek in this era. Oh, maybe if you become a Mormon. And that ain’t a guarantee either.
    Here is how it works.
    At the end of the day, the gal gets a certain amount to realize that they have some responsibility, yada, yada, yada. The gal comes to realize at the end of the day when the major decisions have to be made, the man makes them.
    Oh, is this something your parents did?! LOL!

    • Now Mark, I will not address your entire post, but I do want to make it clear: I did “lose” the house. Some points needs to be clarified in regard to that statement and its inherently misleading context.

      1) I did not want the house. (On edit: I did not fight for it). The whole point of divorce is to extricate yourself from an institution that you can’t emotionally survive at the moment. Do I believe there is a place for marriage in society? Hell yeah, of course there is. Is marriage for everyone? Hell no. Do I believe marriage has ingratiated itself parasitically into the modern paradigm of acceptability and respectability? Hell yes. Tell me that you seriously believe a man can become President in this country when he is single and an atheist. The day pigs fly. A black man will become President before that happens.

      2) I actually showed great selflessness because I could have easily fought for the house, had its ownership dissolved by a judge and technically, my son would have to live in an apartment all the time. Many of my choices post-separation were done with him in mind since my moral transgressions were so grave.

      • Actually, ye must be drunk or not getting the point. I meant that this kind of diatribe ain’t for all married couples. I just was giving ye a hard time about being married in the first place. I beleive that someone, won’t mentioned his name, kind of suggested that marriage was not for you. Neither are actual long-term relationships with the opposite sex with this kind of post ;-)! And actually, it was a good thing that you did not make a deal about the house. But again, that was not the point I was trying to make. Just that it is this kind of writing you seem to think about a lot. You take what I wrote the wrong way. Did not even think about the fact that you caved on the house, etc. I meant how you feel men are wusses.
        So, let me tell you on my 12th wedding anniversary, you are right. Marriage is NOT for everyone. It is a shame because I kind of am sappy about the whole thing. But as I noted, if you got past the house thing, men just have to be more on the down low about HOW they are in charge.
        Let me tell you, if Mrs. G had her way, when we bought our Huyndai Tucson, we would have one of the those Mini-Cooper death traps. Me, I stood my ground. SHE buckled and we looked at a Rav-4. Eventually she came around.
        We men must pick and choose the battles carefully and stand our ground when nessesary.
        I did not realize the house thing would be taken wrong.
        Get off the liquor and enjoy the rest of your day :-)!

        • “men just have to be more on the down low about HOW they are in charge.”

          Wise words!!

          • No, there must be nothing “down low” about being in charge. It’s the “down low in charge” dynamic that gradually saps real power over generations and cedes it. The only time the “down low” works is when the person in charge is not culturally understood to be in charge. IF you are expected to be in charge due to cultural and societal structure, you must be in charge with an iron fist and never “back in” to your power role. If a national leader tried to rule by unspoken understanding, he would be overthrown or lose re-election. If anything, the down low applies to wives who subtly mastermind the dynamics of the house due to absent and distracted men. What society finds distasteful is the authoritarian dynamic inherent to master/slave relationships. Inequality is a bad word and we strive to abolish it in every respect. The male/female dynamic should be clearer but women’s equality has found a more popular voice than traditional gender roles, so they get booted to the curb.

          • Maybe not down low so much as sotto voce. In a marriage it’s not wise for either spouse to bruise the other one’s ego. If the only way a man can be a man is by bullying his wife then he’s a pathetic excuse for a man.

          • Amy, spot on!
            My wife herself knows when real important decisions have to be made, I make them. Does she offer her two-cents? Yeah. Sometimes it is valid. Sometimes not. If I take something she says under consideration, am I a wuss? No. I don’t think that David is suggesting being a bully, but I get the fact that he has, so have I, seen men beaten down by their wives. We know the types. They walk BEHIND their wives. They almost all are cowering. If they are not avoiding them entirely. But you see, my marriage does not work that way. My wife and I HAVE separate activities, even go away with friends sometimes. It is healthy.
            Why do I keep coming back to this when I am getting kind of bored with it?! LOL!

          • When I was looking up a CS Lewis quote for a more recent post I came across this one from the same book, which seems relevant:

            “There is, hidden or flaunted, a sword between the sexes till an entire marriage reconciles them. It is arrogance in us to call frankness, fairness, and chivalry ‘masculine’ when we see them in a woman; it is arrogance in them, to describe a man’s sensitiveness or tact or tenderness as ‘feminine.’ But also what poor, warped fragments of humanity most mere men and mere women must be to make the implications of that arrogance plausible. Marriage heals this. Jointly the two become fully human. ‘In the image of God created He them.’ Thus, by a paradox, this carnival of sexuality leads us out beyond our sexes.”

          • Dude, you have to give this a rest! Look, I get what you are saying. But the fact of the matter is, and I really am getting something started on this one, once the gals got the right to vote, it CHANGED everything. It ain’t PC to say it, but it is true. So, while you have valid points, again unless you want to go to Saudi Arabia or date a Mormon chick, SOME manner of what I am saying needs to be done. Besides, I am more interested in Roachella than this topic!

          • What I’m saying is that I see this down low dynamic all the time. Men think they are wearing the trousers but really, it is a mutual hypnosis that the wives are are more adept at. They allow the men to think they are in charge.

          • Alas, the “despotism of the petticoat” is an old phenomenon, indeed…

          • Great!

        • Actually Mark, if we were to extend your auto purchase to this post, there never would have been discussion. You would have immediately and unequivocally made clear what car you guys were purchasing. No discussion of a Mini Cooper would have been entertained :)

          • Ahh, but you see, let the wife THINK that she is going to have the final say. Yup, it is a bit of a game. But in the end, we got the car that, as it turned out SHE liked and now realizes she WANTED. In the end, I was right, got what I wanted, all is right. Besides, we probably would have NEVER the kind of road trips we have. It is a way that I find to navagate the modern life of marriage. Works for me. I am not some beaten dude. Trust me, I see them ALL over the place. When the wife is WRONG, I tell her. And listen, it DOES create some argument. But at the end of the day, she will follow what I think is right.

          • The problem is that the traditional marriage is strengthened by a complementary union of man and woman. Marriage though seems to have become an antagonistic union marred by animosity and competition.

          • Well, I think that a lot of this does go back to a comment SOMEWHERE here about women and the vote and how it has evolved.
            But you know where the animosity and antagonism comes from?
            That’s right! College.
            That is the largest brainwashig factory in the United States. It is there that the left gets to complete the lobotomy project that they start on in pre-school and kindergarten.
            It is there where women are told all sex with men should be considered rape. It is there where women are told that they are TOTALLY equal to men. It is there that the unisexing the language is inserted like giving a shot to the arm.
            Oh, yeah, this ruins MY chances for elective office. But I am speaking the truth.
            And oddly I think we are not all that far apart on this whole topic.

          • Ah, college. I’m reminded of the Women’s Studies department at UMass–they use as their insignia, whatever, the Female symbol with a raised fist in the circle. Feh.

            My hackles are raised whenever either side, whether the MRAs or the militant feminists, treat relations between the sexes as a war. It seems wrong-headed and poisonous. The sort of strident tone the MRAs sometimes take–rather than men reclaiming their masculinity, they sound like those shrieking feminists from college.

            More on the subject of people who can’t wrap their heads around basic biological truths:


            Gay State Girl says:

            A College degree has become meaningless in the age of ratemyprofessors. Intellectually stimulating and thought provoking courses and instructors are a turnoff. It’s a sad state of affairs when students devote their whole lives to getting accepted on judgement day, spending $’s for test prep and college coaching and planning their middle and high school years accordingly, and during their college years, find the minimal course load, easiest instructors and parrot everything that eludes their lips.

            Radicalism is not a problem on campus anymore. Except for the Green communists (a guy wrote a letter to the Metro decrying Save Our Planet programs in elementary school and Metro published it for entertainment value.) Kids are too mesmerized by their ipads to remain attentive even throughout the Occupy protests. There are the odd few who remain committed to their respective causes, but most quickly forget and become preoccupied with the latest pet cause. They’re not effective and don’t pose any threat.

          • Amy, I am more sorry that you went to U-Mass! LOL!

            Gay State Girl says:

            Hey hey, I owe my entire existence to ZooMass Amherst. I liked Umass Low Hell better though.

          • I hadn’t even thought about how iPads, the internet, etc. taking a bite out of protests. That’s so funny. And kind of sad.

            I remember protestors taking over buildings, and a lot of “hey, hey, ho ho, this is the only chant we know,” etc. The protests at UMass had the effect of pushing my political compass to the right. I was flabbergasted by how stupid they were.

            Actually the biggest, loudest protest I saw at UMass happened because the administration banned public drinking at campus concerts. Ha!

            I owe my existence to Principia College in Illinois. My folks were in the College Choir–the tenors stood next to the altos.

          • Protests have increasingly moved online.

          • True. At least with online protests we are spared that ridiculous chanting.

          • True!

            Gay State Girl says:

            With online protests, TPTB are able to record and archive everything.

          • Exactly, and now online movements are seeking to circumvent the normal cyber highway by going “underground” into the “Dark Web” and by using anonymous proxies. TPTB are pretty damned wily, though.


          • With cellphones and increasingly ubiquitous security cameras, the public protests are usually recorded and archived too.

            Gah, there’s an awful thought…I’m imagining some future behemoth satellite network recording every conversation all over the world. Brrr!

            Gay State Girl says:

            They’ve been putting surveillance cameras in people’s homes for a while.

          • What’s really worrying is visual recognition software. Did you know you can paste an image file into the search of field of Good Image and it will search through its endless levels of data to find photos that match? The principle of searching by text now taken to a new level. If they have your photo (even a green one), they gotcha!

          • *the search field of Google Images

            That was a terrible typo!

            Gay State Girl says:

            Apparently they have detectors that can reveal the identity of IRL.

            Gay State Girl says:

            Hehe. Nazism serves as a foundation for all evil, (hence terms like feminazi, zionazi, nazlib, Hitlery etc), which is people of so many different races emulate nazis. Because they are naturally attracted to dark forces.

          • BTW, just so you know, we aren’t MRAs, and don’t care much for their mirror-imaging of the feminists, with the war rhetoric, the entitlements / ‘rights’ mentality, etc.

            Nor are we PUAs, seeking notches on our bedposts, and not giving a damn about society.

            We’re far worse; we’re reactionary traditionalist Christians, but not the harmless kind like most out there, who still end up doing feminism’s bidding, however unwittingly. No; we mean business, striking at the root of modern society’s problems, by identifying where and when exactly things went wrong, and what ought be different. Hint: it’s a lot further back than the ’60s, or Rosie the Riveter, or the Flappers…

          • Thank you for that clarification and repudiation.

            I think you are truly the last hope of Man.
            The commonality of our outlook has made for strange bedfellows. Personally, I’m not counting on seeing major change in my life. I’m 47. But I truly want to open my son’s (and his peer’s) eyes so that they can take the Reverse Revolution one more step backwards.

            Our greatest threat is retreat, not progress.

          • I just read my post and I want to add:

            I’m am not being sarcastic. Retreat is a virtue, especially when you consider what “progress” has brought us. Progress is frequently destructive. The moneyed charlatans would have us all believe material advancement is synonymous with progress. Progress is a pistol pointed at our temple if we lack the wisdom to point it accurately.

          • Will–I’m going to guess you’re talking about Women’s Suffrage.

          • @ Amy: Oh yes. But not only; there are problems that arose even further back than that, that lead in part to that, but which themselves are, in terms of their social effects, actually far worse than the effects of women’s suffrage – bad enough as those are.

            To name a major one: in Victorian times, there arose a must curious understanding, promoted heavily within Protestant churches of all stripes, that women were morally superior to men, more able to keep their various appetites under control, while men were scarcely better than beasts, doing the complete bidding of their appetites, unless restrained by society / the faith. This was grossly unfair to men, and too flattering to women, who are at least as immoral as men are, in terms of propensities. Anyway, that whole pedestalization of women view began in Victorian times, but is still with us; feminists hold to it, still – and mainstream conservatives, esp. social conservatives, all too readily embrace it, too. Practically, it has meant feminists and social conservatives have found common ground on quite a number of issues, from pornography, to assigning fault / responsibility for breakdown of marriages, and many more besides.

          • Hey David, no worries; I saw that possibly both Amy here, and Gay State Girl over at our blog, misunderstood us as MRAs / MRM types, so I thought I’d clarify that. I’m pretty sure you perceived the difference already anyway between us and the whiny types, but anyway, there it is.

            That’s quite the compliment; thanks! I’d like to think we aren’t the last hope of Man, because man, is that ever a huge responsibility, one I’m not sure I could live up to, lol… But, we try our best, anyway.

            Indeed, when you’re marching towards a precipice, retreat, not progress, is the only sane option. But first, you need to have your blindfold removed, to be aware you’re marching in the wrong direction, because walking forward always feels more ‘natural’, and therefore more correct, than stepping backwards. :)

            Gay State Girl says:

            I’m giving you good advice, though you may prefer to be direct. I know your blog is intended for conservative men, but as women routinely stumble upon your blog, it is important that you do not drive them further. Don’t want to kill a movement before it starts.

            Judaism considers women to be spiritually superior, as God created the world in ascending order, and chronologically woman lie between man and Sabbath.

          • Will–I’ll say simply that think trying to repeal women’s suffrage will unite women like no political issue ever has. And I think the idea is ludicrous. Probably no point in arguing about it though!

            David, that reminds me–”The Derb” has also opined that women’s suffrage may have been a bad idea. (Regardless, and in spite of the recent brouhaha, I’m still fond of the Derb, and have been a regular reader for at least a decade. See his latest stuff here: )

            David and Will: I don’t lump either of you with the MRAs, and I didn’t mean to imply that I think David’s a bully, either–I regret the tone of one of my earlier posts. Though the militant tone (“women are your next enemy”) of this post still gives me pause!

            Will: I agree that the Victorian tendency to put women on pedestals was extremely silly. As if Men have a monopoly on sin! You are on to something there, vis-a-vis what David’s been talking about, about the feminization of society. As if male qualities are somehow unacceptable! I think that we’re failing our sons, in the educational system and in society.

            GSG–I’ve wondered at the significance of that, that woman was the final creation of God. It’s a different Hebrew word, used for the creation of Eve–I’ve forgotten the words–I studied this a long time ago–but the word used for God’s creation of Eve is the same word used for making e.g. a temple or a work of art, is it not? I don’t know what to make of it, but I wonder at it. Though I’ve read that Orthodox men, in their daily prayers, thank God that they were not born a woman, a gentile, or a slave. Is this BS? Or what’s up with that?

          • Women’s suffrage and all other equality movements for women are inevitable. They are written in the human script. Gender equality is a “cultural luxury” and we are at place in intellectual and social evolution that we now possess enough “free time” that we can concentrate on niceties like letting women vote and enabling them to compete with men in the workplace and treating them as social equals. These are luxuries because we can afford to worry about them because technology has given us more time to concentrate on other things besides elemental survival.

            Men and women are alike only in the broadest human sense, but the similarity ends there. We are not alike and we are not equal in biological and evolutionary measures, but if modern society intends to treat us all as social equals, there will be a fracture. The society that mimics evolutionary strategies is the one most at peace with itself. As soon as the same society attempts to disregard inherent primal drives and erect a social system that contradicts established human nature, a schism forms. Frankly, if women want to vote or make a man’s money, fine…but if they want to play with the big boys, they need to be able to abide by the big boy rules. I think the most damaging thing is not women’s suffrage or equal pay…I think it’s that femaledom, as a whole, still expects to be treated like ladies while still enjoying the privileges of equality.

            NUH UH!! Shouldn’t work that way. If women want an equal say in this formerly man’s world, they better be willing to put up with the shit men have to by virtue of their power. Women have surrendered their right to be treated like “ladies” if they insist on basking in the glow of the new female supremacy. Problem is, men continue to enable the “delicate female snowflake paradigm” while simultaneously rewarding them with economic and cultural power. Men are idiots. Women are not tough enough to handle the brutal demands of being in power, but men enable this by submitting their manhood to prop up a womanhood that is in over its head.

          • Amy, we’re not so stupid that we would actually campaign for such a thing. Speaking of campaigning, in fact, we’re not interested in doing any politicking, at all; just observation, so we will know who to blame when our civilization fully collapses and falls – or who to exclude, when we rebuild upon its ashes…

            We know we are so fringe, we can’t possibly hope to actually stand a chance of influencing enough people to make a difference politically, without engendering a counter-productive backlash. Best to just educate men generally, and stand for that which is right and true, against that which is wrong.

            @ GSG: As I’ve said over there, I don’t give a damn what you think about our blog. Your advice for us, we’re not interested in. I don’t care who is alienated by us; that’s their problem. Simple as that.

          • @ GSG: You’re now banned from commenting at Patriactionary, yet you’re still going on at me here, with the same BS. Just like a fricking wind-up robot:


            Gay State Girl says:

            Interesting. You banned me for child bashing, not male bashing. If your plan did take effect, and of course resulted in embittered women unleashing their anger on their children, it would be amusing to watch fathers rise to their children’s defense! It’s funny that you see the need for your wives to be sweet and sentimental mothers as your sons would grow up to be weaklings who needed to be coddled all the time. Child bashing is also light hearted.

            I honestly don’t mind if your blog was intended for shock value, as I think Amy Chua was. I’d take offensive humor over what much what is advertised as comedy right now. I just wasn’t sure how serious you were, or if it were just intended as a thought experiment.

            Gay State Girl says:

            I like John Derbyshire, and while firm in his convictions, he did not inflate it for shock value.

            Gay State Girl says:

            He basically banned me for saying I would not provide [unwanted] children with extras; toys, dessert, parties, outings, etc. Awwwww, way to show off your sensitive side.

            Gay State Girl says:

            He’s also upset that women’s tastes have changed and they no longer adron the house with frills and flowers. LOL.

          • No, I didn’t ban you, Svar chose to. But I approve of his decision; I was close to doing so myself.

            Commenting at our blog is a privilege, not a right. We don’t let just anyone do so. If we find someone sufficiently annoying, we ban them, for whatever reason we find them annoying.

          • Oh, and if anyone wants to see whether GSG is stating accurately what annoyed us about her bleats, y’all can see for yourselves here:


            And see whether she is being honest, disingeneous, or stupid, in her comments about us here.

            Gay State Girl says:

            “Commenting at our blog is a privilege, not a right. We don’t let just anyone do so.”

            I’ll live. Well at least I succeeded in getting you hemen to reveal with your sensitivity and get in touch with your mushy side, which was my intention.

            I actually believe feminazis are paying you to provide validation for their “concerns.”

          • If I were revealing my sensitive mushy side, it would be a love of, I dunno, Coldplay semi-ballads like Violet Hill:


            Though, admittedly, that has loud electric guitars as well as pretty piano playing.

            That’s as sensitive and mushy as I get.

            Nice shaming language try, though. But epic fail, as always.

          • I love the word “feminazis!”

            Who came up with that one? Rush Limbaugh? Wally George?

            Gay State Girl says:

            “Though the militant tone (“women are your next enemy”) of this post still gives me pause!”

            No I like it, as long as it’s all in good fun. There was a commenter at the Spearhead who, upon noting all the unemployed female psychology majors at OWS, suggested that the Big Guv’ment would assign a psychologist to every family to help these kids pay off their loans. I was in stitches for days. I’m a sucker for offensive humor, but I do enjoy being a pest too, and letting my opponents reveal an unknown side of themselves.

            I never really had any interest in running for office or becoming CEO of a company. I’m not that interested in politics as the voting process has become so corrupt. But I wonder what these people see in a wife, when you are annoyed by the presence of women anyway. I’m sure you could create a computerized robot to do housework and you wouldn’t have to buy it anything or deal with its mood swings.

          • Ah, so I’m a feminazi mole. Well, my dastardly plan is working well, since you’re the only one who suspects me, bwahaha! I will turn the whole world feminist in no time! :)

            Gosh, I wish someone was paying me to blog.

            Attention corporate masters: I’m like everyone else, a whore for the right price! You can buy me off and neuter me, or put me to work promoting your stupid products / services / politics! My soul isn’t for sale, but my fingers could be! :)

          • @ David: Yes, it was Rush Limbaugh who popularized it, anyway – he may or may not have invented it; he claims to have; but he only wanted it used for pro-choice feminists, not feminists in general, he has said. Pussy.

            Though I have to say, I like what Vox Day said, how he avoids using the term ‘feminazi’, because it’s slander against National Socialism. ;)

            Gay State Girl says:

            Skar got sympathetic when I said I would adopt Amy Chua’s parenting style and make my children work for their meals, if I forced into having them through an arranged marriage.

            I actually think it’s quite the opposite. I don’t think men should be able to choose their wives, as they’ll naturally fall for the most sexually desirable woman, even though they know in their heart of hearts, that she will leave him within six months, taking 50% of his wealth with her. I’m really sincere about protecting men and this is a good start.

          • Well, I do not think that the gals that read this blog, if they stray over to mine, are going to like my take on The Dear Leader and his “Life of Julia” patentented bull crap.
            David, this is so true to what you say about women WANTING “eqaulity” yet. . .still want to be treated like. . .wait for it. . .WOMEN!
            But I really think it is real left-wing misogyny.
            Really, gals CAN’T make it in like without the daddy government?!
            Maggie Thatcher has more balls than Barack Hussein Obama EVER will!

            Gay State Girl says:

            “Attention corporate masters: I’m like everyone else, a whore for the right price! You can buy me off and neuter me, or put me to work promoting your stupid products / services / politics! My soul isn’t for sale, but my fingers could be!”

            I know there were jews committing fake antisemitic hate crimes (nothing big, just vandalism) and a dyke professor vandalized her own car to show that hatred against their respective group existed. And we all know about Henry Louis Gate. You never know…

          • Sometimes, one does know. For instance, one has to be actually smart enough, and coherent enough in one’s argumentation, to be able to pull off such scams, even if only for a moment, before being discovered.

            I’d never accuse you of being a mole.

            Gay State Girl says:

            I didn’t say you were a mole, but rather that you two had a mutual agreement, to support each others’ arguments.

          • The idea that we are being paid to validate them, would suggest we are “undercover” working for them, the very definition of a mole, whether recognized officially or not. Goalpost-shifting now doesn’t do you any good. But thanks for coming out, toots.

          • That was @ GSG, of course.

          • Ahh, this is why I have Comment Moderation at my blog! Hmm, I might give this blogger an idea! LOL!

            Gay State Girl says:

            “Hmm, I might give this blogger an idea! LOL!”

            Be careful Mark. Your suggestion might work against you in the end.

          • I would never do this. Not my style. Besides, it would be awfully presumptuous of me :)

          • And lets see the last installment of the Road Trip to Roachella!


          • Mexican procrastination, my friend!

          • “Mañana!”

          • Listen, you keep this up and I am going to hire you to clean up around here! You know, the kind of work you people are used to! LOL!
            There REALLY goes any chance of elected office!

          • I think your beard will prevent you from being POTUS more than anything. America is not ready for a bearded President. Won’t happen.

            Gay State Girl says:

            “You know, the kind of work you people are used to! LOL!”

            I’m a sucker for offensive humor. It’s a refresher from the usual drivel. Keep up the good work.

    Gay State Girl says:

    Never been to Take your daughter to work day, but I happened to be a member of a science team, that took various field trips to different laboratories, hospitals, engineering and high tech firms, and wildlife refuges. The group leaders made a big deal out of the fact that we were all female, and encouraged us to “draw blood” when competing with largely male teams. It created for an awkward atmosphere.

    • Wildlife refuges? Hmmm. I think there should be a “take your daughter to the ghetto” day. You take your little WASPy girl to the worst neighborhoods Blacks or Hispanic have to offer, walk around for about 2 hours on a typical government-enabled stay-at-home day for the creme de la creme lurking in the alleys, and let her see how the other half lives and better yet, let her contend directly with their destructive shit firsthand. Now that is a learning experience and will benefit a young, naive girl much more than some stupid corporate boardroom.

      • Yeah, but that mom and dad’s luck, said kid will think it is cool and want to stay. I mean, come on. Look around you. Look at the role models for these kids. It ain’t pretty. Hmm, remember the old show Green Acres? In the theme song was this:

        Keep Manhattan, just give me that countryside.

        This version:

        Keep that countryside just give me that hood life.

        But for some intoxicating reason, I like this idea.

  4. Hey people! Turns out Take Your Daughter To Work Day was expanded to include boys in 2003:

    • That is why in my comment I pointed it out by using “kid”.
      The whole idea is dumb.
      Like I said, I would never take a kid to my job.
      Customer service before you ask. Almost all by phone.
      But I do believe that it started as take the daughter to work day.
      Bad idea, I think.

      • If the Wikipedia page is accurate, it started in 1993 and the boys were included in 2003. Funny, I thought it was older than that.

        Yeah, any job where you’re on the phone all day, bad idea to bring the kids, both for your sake and the kids’.

        I enjoyed visiting my dad’s workplace (he was a newspaper editor), but he had been working at the same paper on and off since he was a teenager (as a paperboy) and he knew everyone, so warm fuzzies all-around. My mother had a small business (proofreading, transcription, desktop publishing) but it was deadly dull to visit her at work.

        Whatever happened to kids’ parents coming to school to talk about their jobs? Is that even done anymore?

        • Good point, Amy. I think the practice of having your parents come to class and speak has been displaced much to our children’s disadvantage.

          On the extension of the Take Your Daughter to Work Day (to include sons): How freakin’ demoralizing must that be to little boys to have to “tag along” as 3rd wheels for a day that isn’t even named after them?

          I think our generation will be know for the one where social evolution finally outpaced physical evolution and left all of us scratching our heads. Strangers in a strange land.

          • Strangers In A Strange Land. Good song from Iron Maiden Somewhere In Time. Is that the tour we went with that guy from our old job at the bank?

          • Ya know what might be a good idea though? Teach Your Daughter to Fix It Herself Day. Men share the housework nowadays, especially in two income households (and if both of you work full time, that’s only fair), but when it comes to household repairs I get the impression that most women still expect their men to put these sorts of tasks on their “honey do” lists–e.g. anything involving a plunger, or spackle, or a screwdriver. Learning how to tell a wrench from a pair of pliers is as important as teaching your kids basic cooking skills. Learning how to change the oil or at least check the oil.

            Gay State Girl says:

            I’m satisfied to leave the handiwork to the men if it pads their egos. It’s not like I have a burning desire to perform those tasks. And I’d be willing to behave as if I’m weaker than I am if it make men feel important.

            MRAs do sound more like whiny menstrual women than raging feminists. They do have some valid concerns. I’d support them if they got their facts right, but they act irrationally and blow things way out of proportion.

          • Re: the ego thing, it’s good to feel needed, yes?

            But in the case of a housewife thrusting a to-do list at her spouse as he gets home from work, maybe not so much. Or in a two-income couple in which the husband acts helpless re: cooking and laundry, also not so much. In a nuclear family both spouses ought to be able to wear many hats. Also what if your spouse gets sick, or worse? The traditional gender roles work well in a big extended family, though.

    Gay State Girl says:

    Amy you there?

    Have Lindsay forward my email.

    Gay State Girl says:

    I don’t like Alex Jones, but it’s worth listening.

    • I love Alex Jones. Even if only 10% of what he says is true, we should still be scared.

      • NO! NO! NO! Again, how can you listen to a conspiracy-monger and even believe 10% and still say there is no GOD?
        I mean, your a dad, right?
        I rest my case! Get off my stage!

        • Mark, if you were a Christian all your life, or at least as long as you’ve been an adult, it might be hard to wrap your head around the secular worldview, but remember all the verses about discernment and having ears to hear, eyes to see, the scales falling from one’s eyes. I was a secular humanist as a teenager and young adult, until I was 29–the difference in my worldview between then and now is profound.

          • Well, the blogger at this site was raised Roman Catholic. So I think that has a lot to do with his overall hostility to religion in general. But I have NOT been a Christian all my life. I DO listen to some shows kind of sort of on the edge. Glenn Beck is one. I listened to Art Bell. But never buying the conspiracy angle hook, line and sinker. Like I say I think that it sounds great to explain the unexplainable. But why not open up the POSSIBILITY that there is a God? That is all I ask.

          • See, I’m not a radical, angry atheist. I do not argue at all that atheism is a form of faith in itself. When you cannot know an answer, faith is the only resolution. I worship science but it does not answer the god question just as religion does not answer the god question either.

          • No, but you ALWAYS say that there is NO God. Is it faith? Sure is. Does it have ALL the answers. Yes and No. Too much to explain here. I may just have to do a post on that on my blog.

          • I think answers are overrated.

            Gay State Girl says:

            “Theology is the effort to explain the unexplainable in terms of the not worth knowing.”-Henry Louis Mencken.

          • Ha!

          • Mystery and unknown is what makes life interesting. People fixate on knowing. Who cares what we know.

          • I actually agree about the answers. We do not need to know everything now. I beleive we will know in the next life. That is why somethings that sooo get people riled up don’t really bother me.

          • It’s weird, considering my naturally inquisitive temperament, but I’m far more comfortable with mysteries than I ever thought I would be.

          • Having been raised a Christian Scientist, I had my own reasons for being hostile to religion. I was never an atheist though, I was an agnostic and later a Deist.

            But I remember all the people who tried to convert me over the years and how crazy they sounded. I always seemed to be able to pick apart any argument they presented. The more frustrated they became, the nuttier they appeared to be. The ones who made an impression on me, nudged me in the right direction, didn’t do it with apologetics but with love, joy, forbearance, etc.

          • Ah, they should have just smacked you upside the head with a KJV Holy Bible! Just kidding!

          • LOL…actually that is the version Christian Scientists use. The spouse (who was a Bible scholar and minister) agrees with you that the KJV the only good English version. I was a bit skeptical, but whenever I get stuck on a passage and examine it in the original Hebrew or Greek, the KJV holds up best. The others tend to meander, reinterpret, or otherwise fuzz it up.

            However, that old-fashioned English is hard for most English-speakers to follow and could present a stumbling block.

          • The Mormons ALSO use the KJV. Of course they have that other book. And theirs DOES have pictures! LOL!
            I do get that for many, the Olde English (not the malt liquor!) is hard to understand. That is an indictment of modern “education” more than anything.
            We want to make things so simple that it becomes simple-minded. In the Episcopal church, we still use what is called Rite One or what they took from the 1928 Prayer Book-the Olde English-and the more modern crappola. I much more like Rite One. It just feels like being closer to God. Modern language-especially “inclusive” language reminds me of the teachers in the Charlie Brown TV shows.
            If you have not, check it out sometime. Here is an onlne link:


          • I’m familiar with the Book of Common Prayer. There’s a lot in there that strikes the right tone for me. As a huge Anglophile, I’m quite fond of the traditional language. (Though for what it’s worth, the few times I’ve had a word from my Creator, He used contemporary English.)

            As far as the inclusive language goes, it really depends on the passage. In Early Modern English (Elizabethan era), words like “mankind” or “a man” *were* used as gender-inclusive, meaning “the human race” or “a person.” At that time this was the correct way to translate the respective Hebrew and Greek words. In contemporary English the words don’t read the same way.

            Whether you keep the old language or use contemporary language, someone’s ears are going to be jarred, someone will take offense, and it’s sad either way.

            Gay State Girl says:

            I used to tell people I was an atheist, because it was very satisfying to defy them, but I never was.

          • Heehee, apologist-baiting.

          • I used to hide that I was an atheist because I didn’t want to hurt people’s feelings.

          • But again, why do you believe in whackjobs like Alex Jones EVEN 10%?! I don’t WORSHIP science. I recognize that it can and I believe a way to get to know God even more. And didn’t you forget something?!

          • SINCE WHEN?!
            Look, I do not know if you will ever be open to the possibility of the existance of God. But all I can say is not to DISBELIVE as much to have doubt.
            Like I said, your a father, and the old fashioned way. I swear that alone makes me believe totally in God.
            BTW, I love how we hijack the thread and now, I kind of forget what the actual topic was here! LOL!

    Gay State Girl says:

    I’m adding William Binney and Jacob Appelbaum to my list of heroes.

    • The digital warriors are the new breed of “masculinity.” These are the guys who are putting their lives on the line.

  5. @David on the “retreat” vs. “progress”.
    I think that what you consider progress truly is not.
    I look at the advances in medicine.
    The ability to be able to do something so simple as being able to pee or take a dump on something called a toilet.
    To be able to shower daily. Hell, sometimes twice a day.
    The advance of technology.
    What has happened is dare I say it, the shoving of religion to the side.
    THAT is why we are so self-absorbed. As a society.
    Traditionalist Christians are ridiculed because they stand up for the right thing. They don’t believe in the moral relativism that has taken over our society.
    I mean, I am sorry that I have a hard time praying for a convicted murderer being duly executed. But I do and I do not back down from supporting the death penalty.
    I pray that some of this will resolve itself in our lifetime. But I am not a pessimist. So, there is always hope.

  6. UGH!
    Because there ARE benfits to change. Not all change is bad.
    No one is more conservative on most topics around here than I. OK, maybe Will S! But I know that some change is nessesary. I don’t think change for the sake of change is a good thing. I do not like the attempt to change basic human nature. It can’t and should not happen. But the examples I gave are for the good. Would you rather ride a horse to work every day? If you could afford one. Would you rather be doing manual labor? More than likely that would be your lot in life if there was not change for the good.

    Gay State Girl says:

    “I’d never accuse you of being a mole.”

    But I did get you to reveal sensitive tendencies. Tell me you didn’t flinch when I told you I’d teach my six month olds to “test the waters” and I mean that in a literal sense.

  7. {Snort} Nope. Whatever.

  8. Well, a main reason that I have comment moderation is that a commenter, a total lefty troll, infected my computer with a virus. And he was totally insulting some of the other commenters and doing the same thing on their blogs. Thus, comment moderation. I pretty much let anything go through. But I am a bit leery of the so-called Anons. They always seem to have the lefty talking points down pat. I do not get why they just don’t identify themselves. Hell, I put MY photo on my blog. And I do that because people deserve to see the person writing. And I stand by all I write unless it is out and out wrong. One’s opinion does not count as being wrong. I mean factually incorrect.

  9. Sweet Fancy Moses, look at this comment thread. Has this post hit the AUM record for most comments?

    I’m going to have to see what went down at Patriactionary later.

    • Surely lol

      Gay State Girl says:

      They deleted most of my posts except for the ridiculous impulsive ones. But I got them to admit that they wanted their boys coddled as children (okay I kind of inferred that) and I dug up old threads in which he stated he was nostalgic for lace curtains and easter lilies.

      But hey, we’re attracting traffic to your blog, which should drag it up a few notches in google searches.

      • I don’t care for lace and frilly things. Happily neither does the big guy. He’d have a fit of apoplexy if I girlied the place up.

        Sometimes I can appreciate a place that’s done up that way, aesthetically, but “in a nice place to visit, wouldn’t want to live here” sort of way.

          Gay State Girl says:

          Yeah. I can appreciate fancy places, but I completely tone deaf to interior decor myself.

          Right now I’ll satisfy my biological need to nurture with a really rare form of fungus.

      Gay State Girl says:

      My mother never took any interest in feminism, but she explodes everytime my dad buys her flowers because she thinks the money could be put to better use.

      • My mother made my father return the engagement or wedding ring (not sure which) he bought her because she felt it was too expensive. A very sore spot.

        • Understandable. Although I agree with your Mom, I don’t think I’d have had the heart to say so if the big guy had proposed with an engagement ring in hand. Happily I had time to let him know. It’s perverse, really. He’d like to buy me jewelry and I could care less about it. (Though he figured out I don’t object to an expensive bottle of wine, so if he must spend unnecessary money on me, he always gets points for that, LOL!)

        • If more gals were like your mom, weddings in general would go off a lot better. Actually put all the dough in the actual wedding ring. Me, have my dad’s ring. At least one of us has used it! Which, BTW, saved a lot of cash.

            Gay State Girl says:

            Ever heard the expression “don’t put all your eggs in one basket?”

            I know someone who spent $10,000 on his wife’s wedding ring (Iranian jews) and it got stolen.

            I plan to elope, so as to minimize the cost and not cause rifts.

        • But one thing I have learned is that sometimes it is more the thought of getting flowers, etc that the wife likes. Me, I want good seats to sporting events. If my wife ever thought of flowers for me, they would end up in the trash. Or doing something you don’t normally do. Like in my case, actually cleaning up without being asked. And one thing, my shower is actually, what is the word. . .fit for someone to take a shower in. BLEECH!

  10. “I think your beard will prevent you from being POTUS more than anything. America is not ready for a bearded President. Won’t happen.”
    Hmm, that could be the case. I mean, Herman Cain was the first semi-serious major party candidate in my lifetime to have a moustache.
    Name the last president to have a full-on beard?
    Give up?
    Republican Benjamin Harrison.
    From William McKinley on, all except Teddy Roosevelt (moustache) have been clean shaven.

    Gay State Girl says:

    I actually made some comments in favor of matrimony and etiquette, but no credit for that. But then it got to the subject of children as an outlet for female creativity and maturation and I couldn’t restrain myself no more. Lacey said having children helped her find her own voice, well good for her. But the only creative use I could find for my children is scientific research.

    They got all upset when I said, I’d make my children work for every morsel I fed them. But Lindsay likes that. He says sadistic tendencies in a woman is a huge turn on. He put the top ten female killers of all time in his hall of fame.

    • Ah, that yanking-one’s-chain dynamic (hmm, if I poke this guy *here*, how will he react? Should be fun to find out!) is more welcomed at some blogs than others!!

        Gay State Girl says:

        If it were ever to come into play, you’d see a lot of women taking their anger out on their children. I told Will it would be quite amusing to see the mothers beating their children and the fathers rising to their defense.

        I’ve never had much luck with children though. I’m not sure what I’d do in that scenario.

        • It is different when they are “yours,” but I always did well with kids, always wanted kids, and always wanted to be a full-time Mom. There was one high-school/college boyfriend–the kiss of death for that relationship, the main reason I ended up dumping him, was that he said he might want to be a housedad and stay home with the kids.

          I’d never try to talk anyone into having kids though. When I talk to people who are on the fence about parenthood, I don’t try to sugarcoat it!

        Gay State Girl says:

        Today, kids are brattier and more obnoxious than ever. I think I’ll deny them any contact to the real world and make them follow a code of social etiquette.

    • Though re: children as an outlet for creativity, I remember you saying once that you were jealous of the kiddo because I homeschooled him for a few years. Parenting kids on the spectrum definitely requires creativity, whether or not you homeschool. Or any kid with special needs. Or any kid, as they all have different needs, talents, interests.
      Though I’d never give anyone a hard time for not wanting kids!

    • “But the only creative use I could find for my children is scientific research.”

      Although this is clearly meant to shock, with that in mind, shall I toss another grenade into this thread, fire off on another tangent? Because some Chinese and S. Koreans appear to have come up with a use for children that I never imagined:

        Gay State Girl says:

        Really though, when I see stories about exploitation of children, I start to feel sorry about saying those things. I don’t know why I feel the need to shock. I just don’t like how children are put on a pedestal and given untouchable status. They say raising children should be considered an esteemed honor and privilege to your face and than say something else behind your back.

        Just to be sure, I do intend to have a brood-but that is only to do my part to ensure that religious fundamentalists don’t outpopulate the seculars and moderates. :)

        • GSG, that was a very sincere, heart-felt thing to say.

          I truly believe that once you’ve joined the “parent club,” you look at children in a completely different manner. Still, only fools romanticize children. My weak spot for children involves their hopelessness and powerlessness. It is up to as a civilized society to protect them to the degree they require it.

          However, I loathe just how overboard we’ve gone in maintaining this level of “civilization.” We have done everything to make our homes, our streets, our culture, “child proof” and in turn have transformed it into one big sterile real-life amusement park. Children should be seen and not heard :)

            Gay State Girl says:

            “Children should be seen and not heard.”

            Should I take the hint? :)

            Society readily creates excuses for bad behavior as well. This is a result of female influence PTA moms, but fathers have eagerly jumped on board.

          • Here is #204!
            Look, I agree about the oversterilzing of kids today. Or more like the wussification of kids-really boys.
            But that whole children should be seen and not heard is dumb.
            I mean, many a Sunday at church there are babies that are crying or getting upset. So, overwhelmingly most moms or dads take them outside.
            But what is wrong when they get older about being heard?
            Nothing so long as it is not whinny crap. I mean, do you feel that way about your son? When he got or gets out of line, do you do anything about it?
            I once heard a great sermon series about life in balance. It is what I try-and I stress try-to do as much as possible.
            Anyhow, I think you might think that one over.
            And yeah, maybe I am babbling. I need to begin the 5 hours of sleep! LOL!

          • If you listen to children too much, they become louder.

        • “Just to be sure, I do intend to have a brood-but that is only to do my part to ensure that religious fundamentalists don’t outpopulate the seculars and moderates.”

          Ugogirl! You’ll be a one-liberal-woman breeding-machine!

          • GSG makes the huge assumption that anyone wants to fuck her in the first place.

          • Well, Svar, while I have no idea what GSG looks like, there are men out there that’ll tap anything, even this. So, her assumption isn’t altogether invalid. ;)

          • She sounds ugly. And fat. I mean why else would she go so batshit crazy just because I prefer normal, mentally-sound women instead of spergers or career-cunts?

          • Good point. :)

            Gay State Girl says:

            Aspergirls are a different breed altogether. I’m not a career cunt.

          • Asperger’s was discovered by Hans Asperger in 1944.

            Thank you Hans for “discovering” it.

          • I assume, Will and Svar, that you consider yourselves Christians, or at least morally upright? Because the shit you are spewing is mean-spirited, unlike the chain-yanking GSG indulged in at Patriactionary. Perhaps there’s a method to this madness after all. It got you to expose your ugly side. You two chuckleheads think you are all that and a bag of chips, but you make me sick.

            Gay State Girl says:

            Was that a reference to my earlier claim that I had brought out their sensitive side? :)

          • Nah, I’d forgotten about that. Trying to get them to expose their soft underbellies?

            Gay State Girl says:

            Damn you’re good. That was part of my masterplan. Svar got upset when I said I wouldn’t give them any dessert.

            Gay State Girl says:

            You’re like the peacekeeping super mom.


          • It’s bizarre; since the kiddo was born I’m more Mom-like in my interactions with the rest of the world as well. I have this urge to tell perfect strangers to eat their veggies and play nice with the other kids.

            Gay State Girl says:

            My mother mothers everyone, children and adults alike.

          • Christ wasn’t ‘nice’ when he overturned the money-changers’ tables in the Temple, and some say he was ‘mean’ to this woman in his initial response there.

            We don’t care if some think we’re mean or ugly. We expect some will; oh well!

            That aside, I fail to see how we were truly ‘mean’. But even if we were a bit mean, I don’t really care. We don’t stand for a sissified, wimpy version of the faith. We stand for a macho gospel that WILL cause offense. Too bad.

          • Don’t you dare invoke Christ to excuse this kind of behavior. Shame on you.

            He didn’t make fun of anyone, or bully anyone, or taunt anyone with labels of fat, ugly, sexually undesirable, or autistic.

            (Not that GSG gives a kipper’s dick whether you think she’s hot or not. That you assume she would care is pretty funny.)

            This looks more like schoolyard bullying to me. It’s somewhat understandable coming from little children, but not from adults who should know better, and certainly not from adults who claim to be Christians.

            It is not macho, it is childish and mean-spirited. Nothing Christlike about this sort of douchebaggery.

            Gay State Girl says:

            ‘Macho Jesus.’ I’ll have to write that down.

          • I actually agree with the implication that it’s perverse to think of Jesus Christ as a limp-wristed hippie who never raised his voice in anger.

            But I don’t think the answer to “what would Jesus do?” involves fat jokes, name-calling, or personal attacks.

            Gay State Girl says:

            For the record, “You Go Girl” is in the dust bin along with “that’s rad” and “like, totally.” The ’80′s have a lot of explaining to do.

          • The kiddo says I sound old when I say great things are “awesome.” Perhaps someday his kids will say the same thing when he says great things are “epic.”

            Gay State Girl says:

            Awesome was old by the ’90′s when I was in elementary school. I certainly hope today’s kids get to be humbled when they are older.

        • The big guy recently related to me that he likes to mess with people online too, a side of him I was unaware of. The kiddo likes to poke at people as well, to see how they will react, though he is not allowed to do this online!

            Gay State Girl says:

            I’m a bit strange. I tend to fly off the handle before, I’ve thought things out, so my responses are not as well crafted as they should be. I got to work on that.

            Sorry about what I said about kids. Though I think the female embitterment experiment would be worth the price of losing certain rights.

          • It’s part of the circle of modern life.

          • Whoops, I meant to post this with the awesome/epic/humbling discussion above.

    Gay State Girl says:

    I prefer autistic kids,

    I had to deal with my sibling’s and their friends when they were kids. They’re all in their teen years by now,, but are all so entitled, they have no concept of authority.

    RE not wanting kids: I understand and appreciate the need to procreate froma practical perspective, but I am at a loss as to what to do with them. If I stick them in day care, after school programs, and summer camps, they’ll pick up bad behavior and entitlement from other children. If I deny them contact with the rest of the world, I won’t be able to do anything else.

    • It’s a difficult thing to navigate, that balance between sheltering them, protecting their innocence, and on the other hand socialization, learning to handle other people and the world.

      Also it depends on what your resources are, whether you’re better off keeping them home or not–what you can afford, what’s available, etc. We’re blessed to live in a town with a fantastic school system. When the kiddo was smaller I homeschooled partly because the school system there would have done more harm than good. Happily I had the will and desire to take that on without resenting it or feeling like I was tied down by it.

    Gay State Girl says:

    It is different when they are your own, but I don’t like the fact that women are expected to be mushy and sentimental and melt down whenever they see children. I can perform all the functions of a housewife, (though they’ve become much easier), and I was never discouraged from performing these tasks, I can take care of he sick and elderly, but I can’t be child friendly.

    Gay State Girl says:

    “Mr Mom” always freaked me out. I wouldn’t wish that on anyone. Dad had his office at home for a while and that was hard enough.

    Gay State Girl says:

    I am squeamish though. So I wouldn’t be changing old people’s diapers. I do enjoy the company of elderly people and I when I volunteered in an old aged home, I tolerated the old men who stroked my legs, figuring they won’t be around much longer, let them enjoy it one more time before they die. I went overboard with the child bashing, and whole heartedly apologize, but the MRM is wrong that children are being ignored because their both their parents work. It’s quite the opposite. Ours is a child centric society, that bends over and caves in to suit their needs, and readily creates excuses for bad behavior. (Though I salute your son for talking bad to the “armchair expert.”)

    I think Will and his ilk have assumed the male equivalent of drama queens rather than feminazis, wherein they sit around and whine and inflate things way out of proportion.

    Gay State Girl says:

    I gave damn good advice. Henry Makow is better at taming the egotistical women, and preaching the virtues of femininity. And he’s a scream.

    Gay State Girl says:

    I have some questions about Christianity and the pacification of northern europe for school.

    • Ai-ya, email me tomorrow, or check out some of the essays at Gates of Vienna re: the pacification of Northern Europe, though their pro-Israeli slant might drive you up the wall. It’s a school night and I ought to get off the computer before I get wound up again!

    Gay State Girl says:

    Norman was in my dream last night.

  11. BTW, what was this whole thing about again?

    Gay State Girl says:

    Hi Amy.

    Gay State Girl says:

    The Patriarchs claiming that professional women are neglecting their children and household duties, whatever they may be. But I’ve noticed the exact opposite. Most of the mothers that I interact with are educated professionals but have no social lives tospeak of and almost live vicariously through their children. Hence the advent of structured play groups, mom and tots classes, the PTA, parental involvment in the college application process etc. And it’s detrimental to the children, because they never fully mature or view the world independently.

    • The helicopter, micromanaging mentality comes absolutely natural to women. Now that they are exposed to the dynamics of the work world, they bring all that garbage home and use it to conduct their home life, to much misfortune. Women are terrible at separating work life from home life. The 2 blur and the bitchy overbearing persona that rewards them at work is too hard to let go once they walk in the front door. The corporate bitch is the antonym of the traditional housewife.

      A woman should micromanage the kitchen and it should end there!

        Gay State Girl says:

        “The helicopter, micromanaging mentality comes absolutely natural to women.”

        But now they’ve taken it to a whole new level. More often than not, they try to mold their children to fulfill their lost aspirations that themselves never achieved, or because they enjoy using their children as an excuse to relive their childhoods or past desires. but most of these women couldn’t build their own independent social lives if they tried. I urged my mom to go out with high school friends or attend conferences related to her field and I got down on my knees and begged my dad to go to bars and ball games with his buddies or develop another hobby. But they can’t seem to do that.

        “A woman should micromanage the kitchen and it should end there!”

        I’d have no problem that, but you want to outdo us there as well.

          Gay State Girl says:

          Women typically are obsessed with their childrens’ lives, to the point that they analyze every word that eludes their lips, or carefully devise minor steps for months in advance. Children would be better off if their mothers or caregivers had their own independent lives. I don’t say they should neglect them entirely, but it’s a common misconception that women are self absorbed and independent or that their supposed negligence can serve as an explanation for childrens’ failures.

    Gay State Girl says:

    I actually don’t mind doing the laborious and repetitive housework so much. It’s the social and emotional aspects of child rearing and entertaining that bother me. But alas, you can’t create a computerized robot to perform those functions.

    Gay State Girl says:

    I do like the black nationalist and patriarch DV, but he’s against traditional institutionalized education for both boys and girls.

    Gay State Girl says:

    “Try telling a modern woman her place is in the kitchen.”

    Get with the times. Cooking is a past time among of women of all stripes. Sure, exotic ethnic and health trends may have taken the place of traditional staples such as pot roast or lemon meringue, but I’ve never seen it discouraged.

    And Will
    There is one one other point I’d like you to address. If you believe that men do not have a monopoly on all the ills that plague society (and this is certainly true) and the whole idea of a kinder, gentler female dominated world is a farce, why entrust women as the primary influence and moral guide during a child’s earliest years?

    • The foodie phenomena is predominantly represented among women. Food TV, etc, they worship the food only insofar as it is some romanticized craft or redolent of stupid exotic seasonings. The drudgery of mundane daily kitchen work scares them off.

        Gay State Girl says:

        I take it your ex made you do dishes every night.

        • Actually, it was one of those “split duties” of the house. I love washing dishes. I find it soothing. The repetition and quiet mindfulness involved are good for the soul. I volunteer to wash dishes many times. It makes me feel like a Buddhist monk!

          • I’d like to be a mindful dish washer, but I confess, I’d go bananas without the iPod. When waiting, e.g. in line or in a doctor’s office, I can be mindful and content. I’m good at waiting. But for the drudgework–music gets me through it. So long as I have good music, I’m happy as a clam at high tide.

            Gay State Girl says:

            The dishwasher isn’t good enough. We have to sterilize the dishes as well.

          • Like I keep writing, this blog should be renamed “A Wimpy Man”!
            Listen, I tell the wife who is the boss.
            Ruler of the Roost!
            Master of the Manor!
            That’s right, I AM the boss!
            Split duties?! HA!

          • Do you tell the little woman that every day? That’s so romantic.

          • Actually every hour! LOL! ;-)!

      • Actually, it is the Food Network and the Cooking Channel. I’m not a “foodie”, I guess. But the two shows on FN I like are Diners, Drive-ins ‘N Dives and Restaurant Impossible. You should watch those sometime.

    Gay State Girl says:

    Even with old friends or collegues, their casual conversations revolve around their children.

    • Hey, I keep mentioning the kiddo because he is exceptional in every way…. ;)

      I like to think I keep it in check, though. And given half an opportunity I’ll expound at length upon a plethora of subjects that have nothing to do with the kiddo.

        Gay State Girl says:

        Well he is still young so I guess it is okay, but I was taking aim at the idea that professional women are neglecting their children. My sisters are in high school and my mothers and the mothers of their classmates are still preoccupied with their lives.

        • Looking back at my own childhood, I was happier with the way things were before my mother went back to work. The food was better, she was less stressed, there were fresh vegetables from the garden, the house looked better, and I wasn’t being shuttled back and forth from my grandmother’s house. But my grandmother worked (she was a Christian Science Practitioner and had an office in the house) and seemed to balance things very well.

          I expected to be working again at this point but between the kiddo’s special needs issues and my own health issues it seems best for everyone if I put what energy I have into things at home. I do miss being respected the way I was at work, and miss the camaraderie I had with my coworkers. There’s been some pressure from the rest of the family in that regard–given the potential I showed in my youth everyone expected me to have a string of degrees by now.

          • More on this–my mother resented being defined by her relationship to the family, which always rubbed me the wrong way. She would bristle at being referred to as “_____’s wife” or “Amy’s mother.”

            I wondered if I’d feel the same someday, but no way. When the kiddo was going to Gymboree, having the other kids call me “Kiddo’s Mom” was the sweetest thing. Hell yes, I answer to “Kiddo’s Mom” and “_____’s wife” and it’s all good.

            Some of my determination to put the family first is a reaction to my mother’s determination to do the opposite. Ha, call me a “Matriactionary.”

            Gay State Girl says:

            Maybe these women are over compensating for other things. I’ve never spent much time outside the northeast and I’ve never really met too many SAHMs, who were doing it for the sheer sake of their children. Most of them were lazy gold diggers or eduated women who were simply too lazy to hold an actual job or felt that they were over qualified for the jobs they did receive.

            That said, I loathed day care, summer camp, and after school activities, but that could have been solved as I had a grand mother who would have been willing to take care of me.

            Gay State Girl says:

            Grandma would do all those things as well. Your son is lucky that you stay home with him, but not so much for the college student whose parents show up to every event.

    Gay State Girl says:

    Children are better off when their mothers have indepedent interests, hobbies, and social lives if not careers that allow for some independence that is necessary for maturity.

    Gay State Girl says:

    Children are under tighter surveillance today than ever before. I long for the days when children organized their own neighborhood baseball games and they had all the unstructured playtime. When they were able to and from school and go trick or treating without adults.

    • I used to be able to walk all over town by myself. It was wonderful. I would give the kiddo more freedom if he had better situational awareness. Sometimes he just walks into traffic without a second thought. Scares the crap out of me!!

      One of the “experts” recommended that I create a schedule for his after school time. I emphatically put the kibosh on that.

        Gay State Girl says:

        I understand that it is not viable to have children roam the streets in this day and age, especially for those with problems. But I do feel that today’s children are being deprived of a crucial step of maturity.

        I hate schedules. A different form of torture, but no less.

    Gay State Girl says:

    My grand father used to bike from Cambridge to Lowell whenever he got into a fight with his father and this was all before he reached high school age.

      Gay State Girl says:

      His uncle owned a bar in Lowell, and in those days they would let him sit and wait for him. All this would never happen today.

    David Out 'n' About says:

    M.A.D.D. and CPS would never ever ever ever ever allow such a thing now

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