The reverse broken-window theory (or how the White elite toast their bread)


The other day in my portable basketball hoop post, I “went out on a limb” but not really.


I told of how I came home one night and saw that my neighbors had put out one of those portable basketball hoops, and hence, there went the neighborhood. This was the “limb.” I was not being facetious. I really believed then, in my preliminary report, that a portable basketball hoop is a clear signalling device of riff raff squeezing into your space. First of all, such a prop indicates a 1) lack of well-developed parks, 2) lack of save arrival to such parks, and 3) an interest in hoops. This is all bad news and while not specifically indicative of a criminal or rowdy presence, certainly points in that direction.


Sure enough.


A few days later, a weight bench popped up in the middle of that common area. I joked that it looked like a prison yard.


A few days later, some skinhead thug Mexican types parked their cars in the alley (this was the Dodger’s opening day) with shitty rap music thumping.


And then, earlier this week, the newest addition was a Pit Bull! Yes, these new neighbors quickly attained the trashy status of ghetto burden. The portable basketball hoops were the tip off (so to speak, bad sports joke). All else that was ghetto disease followed.


The point of my preamble was that most subcultures spawn their trademark signatures like little furtive turd droplets. In the ghetto, it’s litter, broken windows, Monte Carlo’s on 20″ rims, and portable basketball hoops.


And today, something happened at work which made me realize the same dynamic works in corresponding proportions throughout all social classes. Mot of us don’t live with the white-collared, manicured elite, so we aren’t privy to their personal habits. Believe me, the upper class wealthy have some very annoying habits. I work on a floor with a bunch of whitewashed elites and I witness all the disgrace they come to bear on the lower rungs of society by mere thoughtlessness. They are thoughtless, clueless, helpless…I’m sure I could think of quite a few more -less suffixes which apply to the material elite. Just as the ghetto class tips us off with stupid basketball hoops and Pit Bulls, the elitist White class is fond of tipping itself off as well. I see it at work all the time.


Let me just speak of the incident today today which quaintly displayed the irregular happenstance that you can only see materialize among those of privilege.


This afternoon, I went to the kitchen to heat my lunch. There were two really wide, designer slices of toasted bread sitting in the toaster, obviously having been ejected earlier. I assumed the owners had run off but would be back very soon. There was a guy standing there who I knew and he told me the toast was there earlier when he visited the kitchen. At least an hour. Another kitchen member noted the toast smelled good. In fact, it did. The bread was the thick, pre-buttered type and the slices just sat there, cold, hardening, uneaten. Someone had actually gone through the effort to place them in the toaster, press the toasting mechanism with the putative intent to eat them, then run off. And never returned. For a whole day. Every time I returned for coffee (often), they were still there, until I left for the day.


There are tons of people on the street in Hollywood who are starving. I see malnutrition sloughing out of tired eyes around this town. Squatters, homeless, runaways…there are people struggling to live and “unfortunately” they never committed themselves to the soulless existence of corporate sainthood. But today, someone at work decided they wanted toast, and not just any toast, but designer toast, and they ran off and forgot about it.


What kind of life do we live that enables us to forget about food with such abandon.
Someone told me maybe they went to a meeting and forgot.
Not an excuse. This is a symptom. It’s a disease and I work with many people afflicted with the disease of UNLIFE.


You forget food because of your job, you forget what you did earlier because of your job. You forget to live…because of your job. But we convince ourselves through our needy materialistic ether that our need is in fact our life. We forget that Need is a faint, conscious qualification.
Good job.
I never did this, and never can.


So I’ll never get anywhere. And you know what?


You can have it. Enjoy your house and paying it off for 30 years just in time to die, sucker.
I have nothing, but I owe nothing.


Freedom allows me to remember that I have food waiting.



  • E. Rekshun

    IIn 2011, during the housing crisis, I bought a foreclosure for a steal in a nice, older, 100% White, golf course community. The neighbor across the street has one 15 y/o son and they just put up a crappy-looking portable basketball hoop, directly across the street from my bedroom window. I had to call the neighbor one recent Sunday night, when the kid and a few of his friends started playing at 10:00pm. I hope this is not the start of problems. Oh well, the kid may go off to college in three years.

    • Socially Extinct

      There is little I find more aggravating than people who make noise and commotion on Sunday nights. Sunday nights are a sacred quiet time and I’m in an unhappy (even for me) mood to the point of despair. I do not want to hear people playing, laughing, yelling, singing, moving, on a Sunday night. I would seriously want to blow those neighbors up.

      • E. Rekshun

        Update on the family with the portable basketball hoop. They removed it about two years ago after the teenager got his girlfriend pregnant and had to buckle down, graduate high school, and get a job. The kid is now 18, living w/ his baby momma and baby in his parents’ house, and too tired to play hoops in the street.

        There are tons of people on the street in Hollywood who are starving. I see malnutrition sloughing out of tired eyes around this town.

        How can this be with 50 million Americans on food stamps? Are these starving people selling their food stamps for 25 cents on the dollar?

        • E. Rekshun

          So, with the removal of the portable basketball hoop, my property value must have gone up $50K!

          • But now you have a neighbor who loosely fits the “baby momma” class which bodes ill for property values as well.

          • E. Rekshun

            Yes, but I’ll take an employed, unmarried, teenage White couple over an unused, raggedy portable basketball hoop any day. I was a bit worried about this kid, but surprisingly, he’s turning out pretty OK.

            Anyway, out-of-wedlock pregnancies among White couples are are now up to, what, about 40% of all White-couple pregnancies.

        • There’s a whole subterranean level of humanity so destitute and insane that they can’t be bothered to game the system!

  • Oh, one other thing that I will suggest about your lunch. If you have an hour as I do, eat and get the hell out of the office! Listen, if I do not get out, once again put on my headphones and listen to something, I will go crazy! OK, more than usual. But really, The mind needs to be cleaned out even and escpecially at work.

  • ComradeRighteous

    I’d rather live in a neighborhood with people who forget about their toast than one with people who like pit bulls, put out portable basketball hoops, and associate with the owners of boom-boom cars.

  • jynxi

    Three cheers for O’l Sparky! Down with the Corporate-Sports-Entertainment-Industrial complex!

  • And I will leave you with this.
    I am more of a dog lover than anything else.
    I would rather vote for the dude that just put his dog, in a crate, on top of a car taking a trip over the dude that admits to EATING dog!
    Good night!

    • Amy

      Obama admitted to eating dog when he lived in Indonesia *as a kid*. This response to “Seamusgate” makes the GOP (or at least the Romney campaign) look ridiculous and reeks of desperation.

      This guy Fehrnstrom who Tweeted about the dog meat is also the one who made the infamous Etch-a-Sketch comment. Can’t wait for the next time he puts his foot in his mouth.

      Ah, this whole campaign has been so incredibly dull I sometimes find myself rooting for Gingrich just for some comic relief. Ernest J. Keebler and the Mighty Hair Helmet!

      • But Amy, it is Team Dear Leader that kept it going. The fact is that BOTH did something that by today’s standards are not cool. But in some defense of Mitt, it was 1983. There were not really any SUVs like today. It was a station wagon. And I think that they had 4 of the 5 kids at this point. Oh, and it was a Chevy Caprice station wagon. Acutally it was a blogger that did the dogged duty to actually read “Dreams From My Father” and come up with the dog-eating that young Barack did. Now, he KNEW at 10 years old that he was eating dog. He could have just politly said no thank you.
        So, again to sum it up.
        I will vote for the dude that put the dog on the roof of the car over the dude that ATE the dog!

      • Amy, I was wrong about one aspect of the story.
        All five of the Romney boys were alive when the 83 trip talked about occured.
        I wrote a little something about it here;

        Yeah, I’ll pimp my blog here!

      • I think I wouldn’t mind dog stew. Dog steak sounds kinda gross.

        • UGH!
          This comes from the guy that at one time cried when he put HIS dog to sleep!
          What has happened to that one?!

  • HELLO?! I am a HUGE proponent of the death penalty. I got into a huge discussion with all my liberal church friends about the fact that I DO NOT think it is right to pray for people on death row that have been executed. How I do not support lethal injection. Ol’ Sparky is a good one. If it was good for Florida all those years, good enough now. Hey, read my post on the Norweigian dude-Breviak?-and how the moral relativism that Norway has sunk to and that he will only get 21 years in prison. FOR KILLING 77 PEOPLE! No, if he was in MY land, crank up Ol’ Sparky.
    And remember, I believe in animal WELFARE, not rights.

  • And as far as the losers with the pit bull, I think that THEY ought to be taken to the animal shelter and thrown in a cage.
    I think that they are what give pit bulls a bad rep. Not all deserved.
    I have been taking my new puppy to the dog park in Pasadena. And yes there are some pit bulls. I always check out the owners. Overwhelmingly they are very responsible. The ones to raise the red flag? The ones not fixed.
    The pit haters need to realize that it is the OWNERS that turn their dogs into monsters.

    • David

      OH god you’re such an animal fetishist.

      When it comes to human scum you don’t really feel that strongly. Bring in the animal element and suddenly you want to hang em all.

  • What the hell kind of loser FORGETS their toast in the toaster?!
    But what I am seriously trying to get is how do you know that the loser, idiot was a “White elite”?
    If they are working, they hardly fit what I consider the “elite”.
    But if it is attitude, one does NOT have to be White or elite.
    Are you the only non-White where you work?
    Try working in an office with gals! That is my lot. And it is not always easy. None are past the age where they don’t have that monthly friend. So I can have 28, 29, 30 or 31 chances of one of them OTR.
    Oh, but I digress.
    My boss is a Hispanic gal. She’s very elitist. Won’t shop at a place like Marshall’s, TJ Maxx, Ross.
    The other day, she threw a chimichunga? in the microwave. And not only did she forget about it, but almost burned the damn office down because she put way too much time on it. The damn office smelled like it was burning down until the next day.
    Thoughtlessness is not some White elite thing.
    But let me ask you this.
    Do you care enough about the starving people to ever donate money or time to a rescue mission or shelter? Ever fed the homeless and the down-and-out? I have. And it is not pretty.
    Or I guess now it really is the hood! LOL!