Obvious Rule #1: Don’t sleep with a cop’s wife…


Messing around with a married woman is a risk fraught with impending doom. You are an idiot and you’re playing with fire. I remember once in my 20s I began flirting heavily with a married woman I met at a party. We ended up rolling around on the grass but then I puked and I was so drunk that luckily nothing happened between us. Her husband was also at the party. This was one of the dumbest things I’ve ever done. Even the most docile, sedate man is capable of acting like a vicious animal the minute he finds out his wife is fooling around. There is something primal and territorial about such a feminine affront. I’ve known the feeling myself when a girlfriend was approached by a guy or if she showed a little too much “deference” to a male. There is a cold-blooded animal derangement that erupts during times like these. I don’t think I’d be capable of harming anyone, but the genesis of such a bloodcurdling evil is present. I can tap into that evil well and see how some guys seriously turn into lunatics when they find out their wife has been cheating. Most guys will get incredibly angry, cry, drink, break various expensive items, but very few of them will take right and wrong into their own hands by gravely harming or killing the cheating woman and/or her lover.


Some guys do. Some guys lose it. So if you are fooling around with a married woman, this is the risk you are proudly taking. A jilted man is capable of anything. Can you live with the consequences? For this reason, I don’t feel great sympathy when I hear about or see men who get torn to shreds by jealous husbands.


For instance, LA County Sheriff, Robert McClain was once such deranged, wronged spouse. Back in 2008, his wife struck up little relationship with a 23-year-old man who lived in the apartment complex where she worked. Like all good extramarital lovers, they decided sneaking around was too much trouble. They decided to live out their love openly. The unnamed wife told her Sheriff husband she was leaving him for the younger man. For some outlandish reason, the 3 decided to meet at 10pm one night, and that was the beginning of a 9-hour torture and mayhem session in which the enraged McClain beat his wife and her lover into submission. The deputy ordered his wife to castrate her lover with a knife, then he used the knife to cut her hair off. He used the same knife to slice the lover’s face. He ordered the two to have sex. The ordeal lasted nine hours. He beat the living hell out of her lover, so much so that his face was unrecognizable afterwards and it took him months of rehabilitation to learn to walk and talk again so severe was his brain damage. Its sounds like McClain beat him within inches of his life but let him live in a state worse than death…humiliation and utter physical degradation.


Hooking up with a married woman is risky. Chances are, you’ll come out alive, but there is also a chance you’ll come out deformed or dead. But fooling around with a policeman’s wife…? What are you, an idiot? This guy deserved it. There is a code of honor which dictates and settles this kind of situation. McClain is pleading not guilty by reason of insanity in response to the charges of “one felony count each of aggravated mayhem, torture, sodomy by force with great bodily injury.” Bull. He should only be minimally culpable for his actions. The law should forgo harsh sentencing in cases like this. Men who have sex with wives who step out should be held accountable for their own stupid actions. A married woman is fire. Do you really need to play with fire? There are so many attractive and available unmarried women. The only reason for a man to fool around with a married woman is because he wants to experience the thrill of the risk, the danger. Not because any woman is worth that risk. Forget the romantic idealism. A married woman is exciting, it’s like thievery. This is what it is. Another man’s property even though that is not proper to say in today’s PC environment. Can you get away with it? Can you steal and not get caught? There is no good reason to be with a married woman otherwise. The law should not come down harshly on spousal aggressors against lovers of married women for their lovers signed the unofficial contract of risk the minute they slept with her.


McClain should get a slap on the hands and the wife’s and her lover’s names should be revealed.


This Orange County Register story details McClain’s desperate effort to fight the charges and the lengths to which his relatives have stepped forward to defend his honor. I believe McClain, or any man in his shoes, should not be required to explain themselves. Protecting your honor is enough of a reason. A man’s wife is off-limits and this is where the law should no longer intercede.


This dude served in Desert Storm and was an LA Sheriff. Perhaps his wife didn’t tell her lover any of this. It doesn’t matter. Implicit to fucking another man’s wife is the understanding that you are dealing with an unknown; a potentially dangerous and jealous beast. You have entered a lawless realm. You are on your own.


McCain turned out to be the husband you don’t want to lose a gamble with.




  • Robert Johnson


  • E. Rekshun

    O.J. Simpson nearly decapitated Ronald Goldman.

  • Saintluger

    fuck it! all women are whores and lie about cheating constantly because they’re always chasing a “feeling” lol, what fucking idiots which is why they’re the dumber weaker sex. I love me a real woman, thing is you won’t find one in the Western Worlds, so I say if the slut wants to fuck, fuck the slut and toss her like the trash she is.

    PS: my wife agrees, because she’s a real woman, not some “feelings” chasing whore who goes out and gets a new cock because the one she got at home ain’t taking care of business. And it wouldn’t matter if he was fucking her proper, the natural born Lillith whore IS just going to do what she does, and then lie right to the worlds face about who they really are.

    so fuck any bitch who will fuck!
    it’s what a whore is for, and if she’s married to a cop, well she’s not right in the head anyway… because cops are the fat picked on kids in school who “think” they’re something they’re not and filled with anger who want combat.

    all women are whores.
    treat them as such.
    it’s the exact drama they really want.

    • Socially Extinct

      Saintluger…I think I like you.

      “feelings” chasing whores, LOL. This is an elemental understanding of the female creature.

      Women’s baseline of emotional reaction is so pronounced that the stimuli required to initiate “feeling” for most young, hot chicks is off the chart!

  • “Most guys will get incredibly angry, cry, drink, break various expensive items, but very few of them will take right and wrong into their own hands by gravely harming or killing the cheating woman and/or her lover.”

    I agree in terms of who I’d blame – both the cheating woman and her lover, rather than just him. I’ve always found it odd, and sad, when a man who catches his wife cheating focuses all his wrath on the guy.

    Now, as to what I’d do… I don’t know. I’ve heard, maybe you can confirm this, that in many Latin American countries, including Mexico, cops will generally look the other way at ‘crimes of passion’, taking one’s unfaithful spouse and/or lover’s life / lives; this is also said, to some extent, to be true in parts of Europe as well.

    I agree with that. It may not be right, but it’s understandable, if a jilted lover cracks and acts that way. No need to punish the poor bastard further.

    Plus, if bitches knew that could happen, it surely much mean they’re less likely to indulge.


  • John

    The author is correct. If the slutty whore of a so-called “wife” wants out of the marriage, let her get the divorce first and then hop on the cock carousel until she’s so used up she’s only good for medical experimentation . She’s a liar, a breaker of a covenant, and so is the adulterous S.O.B. dumping his “precious bodily fluids” into her.

    And what’s with this comment from “Jackie”? “Risky bonds make you a real man?” So the new standard of being a “real man” is being a covetous thief and an adulterer? That’s what makes a real man? An amoral son-of-a-bitch? A sociopath? A man without a conscience? A man with no self-control or honor is what now passes for being a “real man”?

    Damn!Your insane.

    I always believed that being a “real man” meant being honorable, being a man of your word, a leader of other men, a man that other men, women and children would look up to for all the right reasons. True “Alpha” isn’t a “pick up artist”, and sure as hell isn’t some damn adulterer. Otherwise such behavior would be not be just publicly acceptable, but universally admired. “Real men” were the General Patton’s of this world, men of action whether in war or at work who other men would follow, and men who tell it like it is no matter who the damned audience is, not some damned adulterous thief. If you’ve got to be sneaking around to do it, you aren’t a “man” and for the other sex, you sure as hell are no “lady.” You’re a whore.

    This used to be a good country.

    • David

      Good point about the Alpha/PUA bullshit. I can’t believe how many times I’ve heard guys in this PUA community try to rationalize and justify hooking up with married women. They are nothing but pussies. A man in control of his faculties would never touch a married woman because he can easily find a preferable unmarried woman when he wants. No, the only reason a man seeks married women is due to mental and personality pathology. The dangerous dynamic is addictive.

  • Hooking up with a married woman is really risky, but suck a risky bonds makes you a real man. You can date any married woman and her husband wouldn’t be happy of that, but such an action come from the ancient times, it comes from the humans nature.

  • Ooohh boy!
    DEFENDING this dude!
    Say, how about some gal who finds out HER husband is cheating? What should SHE do?
    Share THAT with us oh great blogger!
    Look, he clearly went off the deep end. Is he crazy? Nah! He just lost it. He was humiliated. And I am certain that he was engaged in a little c–t kicking with with wife.
    But you can’t do that.
    There is a little something called divorce.
    Dude, she did not want you anymore. You don’t have to like it. But really, do you think that the public is going to say “Atta boy!” for what you did? I know not.
    He’s going down and for the sheer awfulness of what he did.
    And for once, you should be glad that you puked that night.
    You might be the one getting multiple face operations! LOL!

    • David

      Cheating is more inline with man’s traditional power, ruling role in society. It doesn’t mean it’s “right” but evolution has equipped the male with the ability to breed continuously for most of his life with 1 hour breaks. Men cheat and this is the symptom of a healthy society. Women, in their so-called equality, try to act like men but instead turn society sick. The fact that women feel empowered to cheat so freely makes us all unhealthy because it is contrary to their nature. A cheating man is just being a man.

      • Yes, you do know that, doncha?!
        But what you are NOT seemingly getting is that WHY the wife of the cop cheated in the first place.
        Now that would but interesting.
        I think John has a good point. When the marriage goes south, either try like hell to fix it or get out. Then fool around.
        The cop is damn lucky no one died.
        You have railed on this blog about so-called police brutality and yet I find you kind of taking this as acceptable. This is worse because he assumed that BECAUSE is was a cop he could do what he wanted.
        If this is you or I, the femin-nazis would be hanging us by our testes, no questions asked.