The AI future is snowflakes and the oppressive doom of sterility.

O silence your timid heart.

It is here.

Why fight it any longer.  Submit to the racing plunder of fate and technology.  Enjoy the ride because that is all we have.

Who the fuck do you think you are?  Robocop?

It’s here and the future is snowflakes.   Don’t be fooled by the siren call of uniqueness or individuality because ultimately, life itself, in the post-AI era, will be a thorough fabrication.



Hillary Clinton recruits 8-year-old girl for her Loser Hearts Club

Hillary is gone but hardly forgotten.

In fact, is she even gone? It’s like she never left. She torments us in an unceasing and tiresome psychic parade of her goddamned cheeks and slap-provoking Clintonian smirk. The smugness and refusal to be put out to pasture is our greatest Clinton curse.

Always, she’s here.
Pestering, ever-present, like stubborn hemorrhoids.


Hillary Clinton surprised an 8-year-old girl with a letter earlier this month after the elementary school student lost an election for class president
to a boy by a single vote.

Martha Kennedy Morales, a third-grader at a private Quaker school in College Park, Md., decided to run for the top office as part of a lesson on government in which elections for class president and Congress were held, the Washington Post reported. Morales told the paper she lost to a “popular” fourth-grade boy and was affirmed as vice president.


Nope, I don’t see any parallels here.  None whatsoever. Hillary, shamelessly, does however, and she has no qualms about flouting.


“As I know too well, it’s not easy when you stand up and put yourself in contention for a role that’s only been sought by boys,” Clinton wrote in a consoling letter obtained by the Post.


Sure Hill. I have no doubt your letter will lift the girl’s spirits and who knows, it may open her eyes to the fact that you are a loser in search of redemption.

And the boy who defeated Martha Morales?


The “popular” 4th Grader…



Gallows humor does not play well on social media.

What were these guys thinking?


Photos posted to Facebook show smiling cleanup workers in hard hats sitting in the burned remains of a destroyed recreational vehicle, hopping inside a scorched trampoline frame and posing for other joking shots amid the ruins of the Camp Fire in Paradise, California.

One shows a beer bottle by the mouth of a house cat’s burned corpse captioned, “Dude … I was just chilling with my homies, having a couple of cold ones, and BAM .. damn fire breaks out.”

A San Leandro construction firm announced Saturday on Facebook that the three employees involved in the “abhorrent” photos have been fired.


Big deal. These guys are cleaning up the aftermath of this devastating fire carnage.  They are steeped in it to their knees, it’s an incredibly trying task, physically and mentally. They earned the right to a little gallows humor. I love gallows humor. Nothing approaches the human ability to twist misery and despair into a self-protective sheath of black humor that mocks fate while we cast ourselves helplessly at the feet of its boundless cruelty.

Gallows humor is precious and never appreciated by those “outside” the circle of misery which spawned the humor. This is where social media is tragically ill-prepared to contend with such humor, which might, in eras past, have existed invisibly and therapeutically to soothe the frayed nerves of those who needed to experience the hardship.

But now.  Everyone posts their shit to Facebook and Twitter, which, as well all know, are two spineless mediums which rise to the sanctimonious din of social justice warriors of all creeds and causes.

I appreciate these photos, but I’m not everyone.

In fact, I’m no one.


When I began with “what were these guys thinking,” I meant it not as a measure of taste or morality, but what were these guys thinking to post these photos on Facebook?

If anything, they deserve to be fired for being so recklessly ignorant and exposing themselves to self-righteous judgment.  And as we all know, there is an abundance of that in today’s climate of sensitivity.





Oppressive “bureaucracization” is the first sign of a society circling the drain: English police now must fill out forms for doing what they are hired to do.

In the battle to the bottom (of illustrious nations which have chronically lost their way), I bring you, in this corner…England!


Police officers must fill in a form every time they shout at a suspect they are restraining, with 165,000 uses of ‘tactical communication’ recorded last year.

National guidelines for England and Wales require officers to note down each occasion they use ‘force’ in their duties – which includes actions like drawing a firearm or putting someone in handcuffs.

While shouting at an assailant to follow an instruction is not technically considered a use of force, it must be recorded if it is used in conjunction with another restraining tactic, according to a Home Office data release.


This is a grand idea, no?

Let’s anchor our police officers to desks where they can languish in bureaucratic oblivion while they complete reams of state-required forms each and every time they shout at, or physically restrain, suspects.

The devil is in the details, the details, oh, the details.



Obsessive currying of data sets is the fuel that perpetuates bureaucracies around the world.


Forces in England and Wales recorded 313,000 uses of force last year – with 200,000 of these involving a suspect being put in handcuffs and 111,000 where officers physically restrained someone without the use of a weapon.

Officers only discharged a firearm on 12 occasions.

The National Police Chiefs’ Council said: ‘This release of this new national data shines a light on how police use force, and offers unprecedented transparency to the public.’


Uh yeah, sure, let’s call it transparency. Transparency for the sake of transparency is forced and counterproductive. Over the span of time, how much serious policing will be curtailed since officers will face the specter of paperwork duty every time they restrain suspects? The public’s expectation of transparency will ultimately end up endangering its safety.


It comes as Home Secretary Sajid Javid said police forces will be expected to show results with an extra £970 million funded partly by increases to council tax.

The Government announced what it called the largest overall increase to police funding since 2010 with a potential £970 million rise but one rank-and-file leader described the move as a ‘sticking plaster solution’.

Unveiling the provisional funding settlement of up to £14 billion for 2019/20, Mr Javid said demand and pressures on police had risen this year as a result of ‘changing crime’.


It all comes down to funding and ass-covering, of course.

These are tentacles of cultural destruction. Too much talking, deliberating, quantifying, of aspects of society which are best left to action, not bureaucrats.


Recently, Government ministers have come under sustained pressure to provide a cash injection as forces attempt to tackle rising levels of serious violence, and knife crime in particular, as well as a severe terror threat.


The states demands, “Our money is not free!”

Your security surely is not.