Youtube warns me about the “blue-eyed devil” video due to age restriction…I think it’s more than just “age.”

Remember that post?

Don’t feel bad…I don’t either.  I’m amazed at the volume of stuff I’ve posted on this blog over nine year’s time.  This includes several months at the beginning where I didn’t post anything while I took time to work on a short story that incidentally, went nowhere.

I digress.

This post from March 10 apparently ticked someone off.  Enough that the video triggered some scurrilous outrage.

Is “blue-eyed devil” a racial slur? Nah.


I posted a video, housed at the world’s famous mind-control lab, Youtube.

To which I received a notice today, almost 7 months after the video was uploaded.

Excuse me, but…what?

This video was imposed an age restriction???  I have other videos on Youtube that deserve this fate more than this mild slumber clip.

More like a “sensitivity restriction” if you ask me.

Oh well, crybabies will cry.