Stereotypes R Us…another pint-sized thot throws a public restaurant attention-tantrum.

This video.

Yet one more ghetto conflagration of the trashy kind. Ostentatious dramatics of the attention-seeking sort imprinted on video for the public’s thirsty eyes.

I find myself wondering, skeptically, if this is not the same attention whore who appeared in this video from my post back in July.

Is there an army of these little curvebomb wenches flailing around hysterically putting on this horrible version of performance art in which they publicly ridicule big black dudes in chain restaurants with their screeching and exaggerated antics?

A sordid brand of performance art whose ostensible purpose is to reinforce the worst stereotypes imaginable?

This White couple in the latest video seems to entertain the horrible truth that “they are all like this.”


The Statement festival smells like chicken of the sea.

I am experiencing “mixed emotions” about cultural Armageddon signposts like this.


The Statement festival…no “CIS males” allowed.

A “cis man-free” festival has been held in Sweden, in response to a string of alleged sexual assaults at the country’s biggest music festival.​

The Statement music festival in Gothenburg claims to be the world’s first major music gathering for women, transgender and non-binary people only. It took place on Friday 31 August and Saturday 1 September at Bananpiren in Gothenburg.

Swedish comedian Emma Knyckare came up with the idea after reports of multiple sexual offences at Bravalla festival last year and in 2016. The event was crowd-funded with more than 300,000 donations.


The obvious implication of this tripe is that we are entering (have entered) a dark, sinister period of cultural evolution in which traditional modes of the human social paradigm are called to question and destroyed in a fit of self-destructive anarchy under the guise of “progress” while failing to see it for what it is:  collective death.

But on the other hand, the memes to be spawned are endless.



Invariably, hideous photos and videos filter out for public scrutiny.

Snapshots of the ogres attending said event confront us with their gruesome imagery.  Human detritus portending the fall of Man.  But these tools are smugly assured of their supreme righteousness, even as they plummet to the horizon like a dying star.


Let your imaginations run wild, from the existential to the banal.