When funerals are no longer funereal.

Funerals are proving to be quite the circus sideshow in today’s glib social climate. Politicization and camera eyes breed to spawn an ambiance of utter depravity.

Sorry Aretha, R-E-S-P-E-C-T means little for today’s cave dwellers.

Houston gives out free meals to poor students but it is just an enslavement investment in the future.

A Tweeted gesture of sinister benevolence from the Houston Independence School District, free food for all!

But it’s for da childrun…who would possibly complain, right? When children are involved in any matter of public policy,  conventional modes of debate and logic are severed from reality. Logic defers to emotion and decisions are driven by ambiguity.


All HISD schools are now qualified to operate under the USDA’s Food and Nutrition Service Community Eligibility Provision, which allows HISD to provide breakfast, lunch, and dinner at no charge to all students, eliminating the need for free and reduced-price meal applications.

The program allows the nation’s highest poverty schools and districts to serve meals at no cost to all enrolled students without collecting household applications. Schools are eligible for the program if they have a certain percentage of students who qualify for free or reduced meals based on their participation in programs such as Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program and Temporary Assistance for Needy Families.

“We know that students have a difficult time learning when they are hungry. This program will allow us to provide up to three full meals a day to our students,” HISD Interim Superintendent Grenita Lathan said. “This allows us to meet a critical need that will help our students be ready and able to learn throughout the school day.”

According to HISD Nutrition Services Officer Betti Wiggins, the designation helps remove the social stigma from students who qualify for free or reduced meals because all students now eat meals at no charge.


So, if I understand correctly, by default, if you attend a school deemed “high poverty” by the governmental education bureaucracy (a frightening prospect in itself), you are entitled to 3 free squares per day. Nothing more is required of you, reciprocal accountability is not necessary.  It’s all because we don’t want these poor children to endure the punitive burden of schoolyard stigmatization.  So everybody gets those gibs. Let’s share the wretchedness collectively. Socialism in full force in Houston.

And this comment:




This “mentality” is back in vogue.

Free food for all.  Free everything.  The government will take care of you.

As if that’s a good thing.

On the surface, free food is great.

Kids eat, they pretend to learn, the school district tickles itself with feather of virtuous masturbation. Everyone wins.   Sure free is good, but in reality, hand-outs are a tether.

In the realm of food the nefarious authoritarian influence of governmental welfare is most vile. We are ingesting what They deem is worthy sustenance. When you relinquish your nutritional autonomy to the government, you have surrendered the last vestige of your individuality. All the “free” food is not free for recipients of governmental generosity.  Those who happily snap up all the freebies are becoming entangled in a web of dictatorial control proffered by the government under the guise of “charity.”  Most recipients are simply too stupid and lazy to see it.  Governmental charity is manipulative malfeasance.

Subsisting on “free food” served us on a platter by the government is imprisonment. It is cultural and institutional hegemony on their part, disguised behind the shiny veneer of altruism.

The free meal the government gives you, as a student or a “poor” person, is  the free meal the government feeds a murderer locked up in Maximum Security.

Socialism is cynical because man is.