Chinese worker kills the dismount. Too bad he wasn’t alive to bask in his accomplishment.

One of the tiredest tropes surrounding death videos by lathe, like this one, is the interjection of the “you spin me round, round” video/lyrics by homo 80’s rockers, Dead or Alive.

I guarantee you that if the death video involves an unfortunate soul getting caught or trapped in a merciless mechanical situation in which their tender, fragile body is rotated at inhuman speeds for a prolonged period of time, someone, a commenter, will pipe in with the 30-year-old song.

Tired tropes are what connect us, I suppose. Cyber small talk.

When I saw this video (another) of a Chinese worker snatched up by a deadly lathe, I stuck out the whole video. It gets boring at a certain points because the dude just…spins. Over and over. Then I became mesmerized by the gradually collecting blood splatter on the ground every time his body struck the floor on its clock-like downward arcs.

And if you stick around to the end, you will be greeted by the most amazing dismount. The dude killed it (too bad he was killed first).

Olympians can only wish…