L.A.’s own Blue Line Villain meets today’s trifecta of the doomed: White, Old, Male.

Wow, man.

If anyone is more suited (heh heh) to playing the villain in today’s overly concerned social climate, it is this poor guy.



His “offense?”

Well, he was in rush to get home the other night but his goal was seriously hampered, and endangered, by the apparent collapse of one of those many homeless people in this town who are abandoned to the streets by the piss-poor social and health welfare system. As anyone who has ever taken public transportation can attest, the medical collapse (warranted or not) on a train will essentially halt it from progressing an inch since MTA employees, for a multitude of legal reasons, will not lay a hand on a medical patient and instead must dial in trained paramedics . If you happen to be on the train when such an event occurs, you will be told to exit the train and be forced to wait for another train to reroute tracks so it can head in the same direction you were headed originally. In other words, some piss-ass homeless fuck can really hold you up if he passes out or dies on the train.

If he passes out on the platform, outside the train, no delays whatsoever!

So this poor dude is old, White and does not display the egregious levels of pity trolling compatible with the demands of today’s crowd.

So now he is the Blue Line Villain!




Long Beach police have identified the man who pulled an unconscious man off a Metro train because he was eager to get home.

Police would not give the man’s name but said they’ve also spoken to him.

What they do know is that a man in a business suit, saw a man on his train in need of medical attention.

A man named Billion who recorded the incident on his cellphone saw the man start to pull the unconscious man off the train when he began filming.

The man who was dragged off the train is in the hospital in guarded condition.

Billion said other passengers told the man “he had no right to put his hands on him. And he wasn’t just some bum he could dispose of.”

He says the man was repeatedly told by other passengers to stop.

“We all started telling him, put him down, get your hands off him,” Billion says. “You have no right to be touching him.”

The man in the suit is showing tossing the unconscious man’s belongings off the train.

Meanwhile, one passenger called for medical help. Another, Billion said, went to the conductor to stop the train.

Billion said the man never asked him to stop filming — “not that I can remember” — but he was struck at the man’s lack of humanity.

“I just couldn’t believe someone could do something like that,” he said.


Let me tell you something: there is so much human detritus on the Blue Line that one cannot be excused for such callous human disposal.

Hell, if I had my way, all Blue Line human flotsam and jetsam would be exterminated on the spot, effectively leaving the train to the rest of us respectable, clean, odor-free people who paid to ride the train and actually have places to be. I think the nameless White guy did us all a favor. Us law-abiding, productive citizens don’t owe anyone a thing. That’s what MTA personnel is for and if they cared so much about the sick and weak, they’d think of another way to deal with such people that didn’t involve massive delays in service.  Or the L.A. County health department would get its shit together instead of burdening us with their living, breathing failures.