VICE is leftist ass.

My vote for biggest misnomer on the internet is VICE dot com.

For a bold name like that to be representing a repressed leftist digital rag that tip-toes around liberal, SJW sensibilities, is one of the more egregious offenses of false advertising in the cyberworld, anywhere.

There is nothing “VICE-ful” about VICE. In fact, everything this site writes, condemns and condones is an extreme expression of socially responsible liberalism of the sort that has created a swath of mass conformity here in our present age. When I think of the word “vice” I assume the opposite of everything VICE represents. Vice is deviant rebellion, a defiant snubbing of predominant mores.

VICE? It celebrates predominant mores and condemns mores that dare to deviate from the narrative.


Let’s call you….RICE. Bland, uniform, innocuous and featureless.