Trump’s great Golden Showdown is beginning.

In light of something I wrote over a year ago, on January 25 , 2017, the current matter involving California versus Donald Trump’s Federal government seems harsher than ever. President Trump’s impending visit to San Diego next week might very well prove to be the opening kick-off to the civil festivities.

I concluded last year’s post:

All this, in the context of Donald Trump’s enlarging Presidential presence, struck me for the inevitable collision course this state and the President of the United States are heading toward. Immigration is the new slavery. Donald Trump has titillated us with talk of Federal intervention in murderous Chicago. What this would be composed of, we just don’t know. But his “will send in the Feds!” Tweet last night was resoundingly clear. He will entertain use of Federal resources in order to maintain the integrity and health of our nation. And if California and Jerry Brown decide they’ve “outgrown” the American Republic, don’t expect President Trump to back down nor to allow Californian delusion to evolve much further.

Sacramento might very well be the next Fort Sumter.





I’ve been waiting for this!

Donald visits the greatest state in the nation!


Donald Trump will visit California next week, his first visit to the Golden State as president, the White House announced on Wednesday.

Sources familiar with Trump’s plans say he is expected to visit California to the U.S.-Mexico border to look at border wall prototypes in the San Diego area.

The President and White House have been looking to schedule a trip to the border “for a while,” one source said. Trump has not visited California since he was sworn into office, though Vice President Mike Pence did a lucrative fundraising swing through the state in October.

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders confirmed Trump is traveling to California next week but did not provide more specific details.

Asked why he’s making the trip, Sanders said Trump had been busy enacting elements of his agenda, such as creating jobs and growing the economy.



Coincidentally, last week I was contemplating writing a post in which I plead with Trump to visit this state.  Oh well…it all works out in the end.


And The End might very well embody such a Presidential visit here.



Off-Broadway takes a fatal hit and the rising power of the HapaSteins.

The urban Liberalentsia is so cute when they feel strongly about something.

This is a class of people generally more concerned about consumerist ego-posturing which finds opinionated expressiveness more difficult and unproductive than they care for.  When they find something to feel strongly about (ie, Donald Trump), their emotional displays appear strange, spastic and foreign, like a dog wearing pantyhose (hey, shit happens).



And when they do find a subject worthy of their opinion, it is something that strikes a chord in their well-structured innocuous lives; something that upsets the apple cart of their mundane rehearsed commercialized existence.

And for Brooklynites today, that chord is the sanctity of their crosswalks.

If you can’t cross the street according to script, our life is disrupted. Hey, I need to dramatize this fact! I’ll flail like a loon.

Motley crew, aren’t they?





And one may wonder, what could possibly conjure such fierceness in these city dwellers?

Why, dead children!

Dead children are the driver of today’s narrative. Guns, cars, loopy (pill-popping, texting) drivers like Dorothy Bruns.


Kinda hot, actually…


A 20-month-old boy and a 4-year-old girl were killed in a Brooklyn intersection on Monday, struck by a car that slammed into them and the girl’s pregnant mother.

Details of the crash and how it occurred were still emerging, officials said. But the Police Department’s chief spokesman said the crash did not appear to be an intentional act.

“It doesn’t look like anything deliberate at this point, but we have to figure it out,” said the spokesman, Stephen P. Davis. “It is terrible.”

The 44-year-old woman who was driving the car that hit the people did not flee, Mr. Davis said. She suffered minor injuries, officials said, after her 2012 Volvo continued onward after hitting the pedestrians until it struck some parked cars.


Oy.  We’re assaulted by the mandatory disclaimer “not an intentional act” in official police communique parlance nowadays. Sad times.

I suspect this incident might have gone largely unheralded except for two important factors:

1) One of the children killed, Abigail, aged 4, was the daughter of rising stage actress, Ruthie Ann Miles, a Korean woman married to a “Blum,” an urban archetype if every there was one.



We’ve entered a  21st Century era in which the marriage (literally) of two ethnicities is manifesting a doomed American dialogue of HapaStein offspring which will shape the future of American social politics.  It ain’t pretty, but it’s very cute.


This is the demographic that is the American future.

Us “Trumpeteers” are a dying breed, and it won’t be long before we are extinguished by the HapaSteins.  The Urban Liberalentsia. A world in which civic action is dictated by crosswalks and the miserable fatalism of the real world, all unconquerable. The Urban Liberalentsia seeks to conquer immutable rocks and is assuaged by movement and volume, not by action.

The smug Libs find a cause to be smug about.


Law ‘n’ Order Bergs


It’s hollow virtue signaling. There is no foundation to their dramatics, only facile reactions. They do not seek change, they seek catharsis. Catharsis dies and ebbs but the problems and dysfunction persist stubbornly. For there is always a new Apple product or Connected home gadget to buy tomorrow. The promise of external reward never dies.



I did promise two factors that would elicit such a reaction from the Urban Liberalentsia.

The second is that the suspect, Dorothy, aka Bruns, is ostensibly an American citizen of semi-White status.

If she was Jose Garcia Zarate, driving with a .18 BAC level when she crept through that crosswalk, I suspect this incident might not have had piernas (look it up).

The death of these children invited HapaStein virulence because the players were not protected by the liberal narrative.

Ultimately, we are living in an American, and Western, society in which the elites not only shape industry and commerce, but social mores as well. The media, an offspring of elitist spending and values, follow suit.

There will be nothing left but vacuity and blabber, interspersed with dead children and blundering motor vehicle operators.

But there is a Google-powered self-driving solution for that. In the end, humans will only need to be reminded to breathe.

Brains?  Bah.  Who needs that when CNN is around to force feed opinions.