Dick Durbin virtue signals, Donald Trump laughs.


According to Dick Durbin’s facile thinking (a characteristic common to most goody-two-shoe Democrats), the phrase “chain migration” which describes the immigrant practice of bringing the greater chunk of their families with them, is racist against African-Americans.  The predictable, chain of deductive logic goes something like this:




According to Durbin, the term is racist and offensive to African Americans because it is reminiscent of slaves being transported to the United States in chains.


“I said to the president, ‘do you realize how painful that term is to so many people? African Americans believe they migrated to America in chains, and when you speak to chain migration it hurts them personally,’” Durbin explained. “He said, ‘oh that’s a good line.’”




I mentally replayed the scene as it might have transpired and the comic jest of President Trump’s dismissive retort must have been absolutely hilarious.





Trump’s reaction probably went something like this.  For the red-pilled, this is a standard reaction to all pathetic, gimmicky virtue signaling of the sort Durbin displayed.






If we are to extrapolate Durbin’s “neurotiliberal” chain of reasoning, the word “ship” likewise straddles the line of good taste as it may bring pain to some African-Americans for it is horribly reminiscent of African migration to the New World.