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0.0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000002% is all it takes.

Friday, January 19th, 2018


It is thus, the human tragedy, the spiral of despair.


Is it not that all our joyous moments, those glimmers of levity and spiritual euphoria, fall by the wayside for the great Existential Ambush that awaits at every bend? Doom lurks, hungry to denounce our petty frivolity. And all our happiness is petty for it is constructed upon layers and layers of capricious external emotionality. We don’t deserve our happiness, as humans, and existence apparently sees fit to pound this fact into our quivering little heads as an innate element of the privilege to walk this earth for about 0.0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000002% of its cosmic existence.


People speak of living forever.


As if it would be such a great thing given the rudimentary facts of human existence which are fraught with the zero sum dark cloud of absolute human perdition. This is the great equality which burdens us. All good will come to an end, but not only an end, but a crashing rebuff designed to snuff out our ill-conceived glory.


Smiles await tears, and good fortune awaits grief.


You may live forever but your life will be filled with the great cosmic hemming and hawing of fortune. Our program was not written to prosper nor to suffer…merely to be. As humans, we seek to indulge in too much happiness for our own good. We seek ecstatic drunkeness, the perpetual sort. In this quest for joy we unleash the torments of misfortune.


Man is presumptuous and is lost in the fake assuredness of his own fate. The Present, promising its own implied stability (I think, therefore I am). He constructs a social system around the smug acceptance that tomorow will be alive to greet, and that the unfolding of existence is ours for the wishing. In fact, I wrote this post earlier and scheduled it to post at Noon. That, in itself, is smug and meta-absurd. That I would post a short essay about the abrupt capricious utilitarianism of life and be so bold as to schedule it to publish in the unforeseen future bespeaks the greatest level of presumption on my part; Noon. Whence I went?


Fight that.

Inexorable descent into hate crime folly in the case of Blaze Bernstein’s “Meme Killing.”

Thursday, January 18th, 2018


From my post on Monday concerning the arrest of Samuel Lincoln Woodward for the murder of Blaze Bernstein, several comments touched on a nefarious motive.


Here and here.


It was obvious this case was headed toward the mighty moniker of “hate crime” by virtue of the circumstances detailed. I cynically toyed with that possibility in my comment on Monday. From E. Rekshun’s link to an L.A. Times story yesterday in which Berstein’s family hinted this might be a hate crime, to this story from Forward which further implicates Woodward’s alleged extremism and alienation.



Woodward is accused of stabbing Bernstein over 20 times before burying his body in a shallow grave in a local park. Authorities are being tight-lipped about the murder, which carries a possible sentence of 26 years to life in prison.



Yes, very tight-lipped. As in “this can escalate very quickly if people learn what happened.”




Woodward knew Bernstein from the Orange County School of the Arts, which Woodward attended until tenth grade. Former teachers and classmates have described the accused killer as unusual and something of a social outcast.


One person who attended OCSA with Woodward said he was an outspoken right-winger who loved the violent video game “Call of Duty” and combed his hair with a comb shaped like a butterfly knife. The person described Woodward as one of his “closest friends” in middle school.


“I feel like the majority of people didn’t give him a chance to see who he is,” the person said in a Facebook message. “They all …. chose to make him feel like an outcast.”


The person remembered how Woodward had once performed an expressive dance at a talent show that he choreographed himself.


“I became his friend… [w]hen no one was looking,” the person said. “Sure he might of had some friends..who knows..but I feel like one person isn’t enough to nurture. As they say, [i]t takes a village to raise one person.”




Are you getting the picture?


Woodward is being typified as a villainous Hollywood trope, the outsider, the dark brooding fellow with hate and murder in his heart. And of course, it is balanced out by the bleeding heart, DNC-type speaking in condescending platitudes.




“I can’t remember a single joke or a single light-hearted moment from him,” Philip Schwadron, a teacher at OCSA who taught Woodward acting in 10th grade, told the Philadelphia Inquirer.


“I never thought I was looking into the 15-year-old eyes of a killer,” Schwadron added.


According to details from an affidavit published in the Orange County Register, Woodward killed Bernstein after Bernstein tried to kiss him on January 3.




And therein lies the motive.


The two men were out late in a deserted park and Bernstein decided to kiss Woodward.  Sounds to me like both men were there of their own accord. As to why Woodward would allow the situation to arise is the great question of this case and the motivation which will give it legs (or not).



[Orange County DA Tony]Rackauckas remained mum about Woodward’s relationship with Bernstein. He declined to answer questions about Woodward’s interactions with police, his possible motive for the killing and if the killing is being treated as a possible hate crime.


In a statement given earlier this week, Bernstein’s parents, Gideon Bernstein and Jeanne Pepper, expressed their support for their son’s gay identity.


“We were proud of everything he did and who he was,” the statement read. “He had nothing to hide.”




Set up the saintly gay victim narrative immediately. The flood of homosexual anguish is coming, one augmented with a good dose of Jewish antipathy, as well.


And if they can pin the alt-right label on Woodward, all the better. Some suspects are so easy to paint into corners in today’s mainstream, PC dialogue. People desire to believe the ire of their focus can be attributed to the Cult of Trump in any way possible. It assuages their timidity.




Evidence has also emerged online that Woodward took his provocative views — he once wrote online that a new skill he wanted to learn was “waterboarding” — to the internet. Commenters on the forum sites Reddit and 4Chan, as well as posters on the meme-focused social media platform, have suggested that he was behind an account known as “Saboteur.”



Samuel Lincoln Woodward, sporting his “triggering” hair-do…




One commenter on the forum site 4Chan, notorious for generating racist and anti-Semitic memes, responded to a picture of Woodward being led to the police station: “That haircut doesn’t look to good for us.”


Comments on suggest that his original content — including memes and political diatribes — has been removed from the site.


The app and website have seen an explosion of memes with Woodward’s face, referring to him as Saboteur and “sab.” The word saboteur is common on internet forums frequented by far-right users. It is an internet term-of-art for a traitor, especially for a white person who rejects white nationalist views.


The memes appear to claim Woodward as one of the site’s own, making light of his murder charges and praising him for getting his face in the paper. Some posts, however, have addressed the issue directly in an attempt to generate a discussion on the site about how people can become “radicalized” through exposure to online meme culture.




Exposure to “online meme culture” can never be good, right? Not when we’re trying to run an orderly, socially responsible, left-wing post-Obama society.  The purge has begun.


Perhaps the media and victim society will begin characterizing this as the Meme Killing as the case becomes widely discussed in popular discussion.






2018, it’s us vs. them. Counterculture has become staid.

Wednesday, January 17th, 2018


How much the narrative has dissembled.



Facebook, Google and Twitter told Congress Wednesday that they’ve gone beyond screening and removing extremist content and are creating more anti-terror propaganda to pre-empt violent messages at the source.


Representatives from the three companies told the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation that they are, among other things, targeting people likely to be swayed by extremist messages and pushing content aimed at countering that message. Several senators criticized their past efforts as not going far enough.


“We believe that a key part of combating extremism is preventing recruitment by disrupting the underlying ideologies that drive people to commit acts of violence. That’s why we support a variety of counterspeech efforts,” said Monika Bickert, Facebook’s head of global policy management, according to an advance copy of her testimony obtained by CNBC.




Counter-axis of tyranny




Facebook is also working with universities, nongovernmental organizations and community groups around the world “to empower positive and moderate voices,” Bickert said.
Google’s YouTube, meanwhile, says it will continue to use what it calls the “Redirect Method,” developed by Google’s Jigsaw research group, to send anti-terror messages to people likely to seek out extremist content through what is essentially targeted advertising. If YouTube determines that a person may be headed toward extremism based on their search history, it will serve them ads that subtly contradict the propaganda that they might see from ISIS or other such groups. Meanwhile, YouTube supports “Creators for Change,” a group of people who use their channels to counteract hate.


The video site is also adapting how it deals with videos that are offensive but don’t technically violate its community guidelines, putting this so-called borderline content behind interstitials and removing comments, according to the testimony of Juniper Downs, YouTube’s head of public policy.


Downs said that over the past year YouTube’s algorithms, in concert with human reviewers, have been able to remove hateful content faster than before.
“Our advances in machine learning let us now take down nearly 70% of violent extremism content within 8 hours of upload and nearly half of it in 2 hours,” Downs said.




Censorship is noxious;  collective brainwashing and artificial manipulation of the paradigm is the end of society as we know it.






Mexican Mutant Turtles. (We did not get their best)

Tuesday, January 16th, 2018


Spied on the interwebz earlier.


I think Donnie had a point.  And everyone gave him grief for it…







F.A.S. (Fat Arm Syndrome)

Tuesday, January 16th, 2018


If you are unfortunate enough to entertain regular mandatory contact with a (or a school of) female landwhale, you are probably familiar with the Fat Arm Syndrome. When swollen to marine proportions, even a sweater cannot disguise the syndrome. Those of us in the know are sadly endowed with the misfortune to recognize such bombastic nauseation.






The arms, witnessed above, are a give-away. They betray the dire truth of the sequoia-like body lurking behind the unseen trenches of the selfie photograph. Such self-produced portraits are skillfully posed and doctored to hide cliffs of adipose which are deposited like stale cheese throughout the rest of the body.


The arms always give it away.


Those disproportionately short, T-Rex arms, lacking ability of normal extension by virtue of several stones-worth of upper arm flab that act as a range-of-motion-limiting fat glue.   The moutainous shoulders, galactic in breadth, devolve to trunks of fleshy biceps and forearms .  Wrists seem helplessly overburdened in this tired landwhale “hide my fat through smoke and mirrors” selfie magic.  Beneath the sweater we see, but thankfully don’t.  Mounds of flabby, pale, dimpled flesh, distended by a thousand days of HFCS and refined carbohydrate IV infusions.


And if there is ever a doubt, the legs don’t lie.  They are a revoltingly frank mirror of the arms. Never forget. This image.