Leftist tyrants and their gratuitous contribution to unemployment.


The wallop of parody and sheer satire oozes from Jeffrey Lord’s Tweet ( the one which got him fired).




Without context, a curious Tweet. Random. If the Tweet had been directed against “Angelo Rosenbaum,” perhaps some nefarious context could be sieved.


But there was context. A trail of barbs which lends Lord’s words comic deliberation.    I’ve always believed humor is the pathway to intelligence and strong character.


It’s apparent the Left has little of either.




Jeffrey Lord, the indefatigable defender of President Trump whose advocacy turned him into an unlikely political celebrity, was fired by CNN on Thursday after a convoluted Twitter exchange in which he evoked — mockingly, he said — a Nazi salute.


Mr. Lord received the news by telephone while on his way to CNN’s Manhattan studio in a town car provided by the network, which ferried him from his home near Harrisburg, Pa.


After Mr. Lord, 66, learned that his contract had been severed, the car turned around. “I didn’t have to walk; I thanked them for that,” he said in an telephone interview from the road.


While Mr. Lord was often castigated by critics for his relentless lobbying on Mr. Trump’s behalf — he was once rebuked on air by Anderson Cooper in particularly crude terms — it was a social media squabble that led to his ouster.


Mr. Lord had recently accused Angelo Carusone, president of the liberal watchdog site Media Matters, of emulating fascists by calling for sponsors to boycott Sean Hannity’s Fox News show. When Mr. Carusone responded on Thursday on Twitter, Mr. Lord posted the words “Sieg Heil!”, a response that he said was meant to mock Mr. Carusone’s behavior.





Besides having little sense of humor or possessing suitably legitimate irony radar, the Left also seems to delight in putting those who don’t see the world through its tainted dictatorial goody-two-shoed glasses out of work.







In fact, I would say the Leftist thought police have taken a cue from their pet villain.  Funny how things come full circle.









Faggotry off the rails (literally).

This Twitter dude doth protest too much.


The Los Angeles MTA’s Twitter feed is very useful to commuters because it is a tool that allows the transportation system to broadcast outages, delays, train and track breakdowns, etc., to the public.


On some of the MTA’s rails here, this happens more often than not.  Occasionally people use it to ask for assistance or to request police response to unruly and dangerous passengers.


Twitter user, “Stu S,” one of the legions of L.A.’s libtard shamer cultists, used the MTA Twit feed to complain about a passenger who presented no physical danger other than his raucous manspreading and messiness.


And he left the train by the time Stu S sent this Tweet.


Oh well, Stu.  Welcome to the wonderful world of commuting on Los Angeles’s very own ghetto Blue Line.




There is no male, at least one with some  modicum of self-respect, who should ever complain about manspreading or messiness in such a context (other than my weak attempts at humor in alluding to such things on this blog).


That is faggotry at its most elemental level.