Something stormy this way comes?


If you believe much of the tin-hat lore surrounding FEMA’s role in an extra-governmental world in which American citizens are gutted of all vestiges of Liberty, updates to Donald Trump’s “realDonaldTrump” Twitter, non-POTUS, alter-ego page (or perhaps, his elemental ego) might be a little disconcerting.







Before you fall prey to those jittery conspiratorial neuroses, you may find these anxieties are soothed by a quick jaunt over to Trump’s official, less flippant POTUS Twitter page.  There, you will discover that the FEMA image was pulled from a Homeland Security retweet he sent on Friday morning pertaining to a Presidential briefing that was held in preparation for the upcoming hurricane season.






Be calm, do not panic.  There are no portentous omens to be construed from the alarming background now lining the Real Donald’s Twitter page.


But please tell me about the hurricane season.