Paula Nuguid, entitled Cambodian spade, illustrates today’s greatest social problem: “empowered women.”


Promise me not to cringe…or at least keep it somewhat under control. ¬†Under control…unlike the raging wench in this road rage video.


There is a takeaway here but it’s not about the tomfoolery¬†known as “racial tolerance.”


No, there is something else this shrill encounter illustrates that we should heed.








Women, especially the overly-liberated, self-gratuitously “strong” women riding high on the delusional Wave of Empowerment, are hotheads beyond their own good and all semblance of reason, and beyond that of orderly society. Such women no longer act like ladies; they are crude, loud vile oozing vaginas with absolutely no sense of decorum, danger or equanimity.


And the bitch in this video is doing her best to impart this wanton sense of gender implosion to her daughter’s generation. One day her daughter may very well be mouthing off and starting arguments by flinging racial accusations (“entitled White prick”) at male strangers on the street.


But ultimately, she’s still a Cambodian nigger, nothing to be solved by that. Not that I would ever say such a thing.


This is her, Paula Nuguid; along with her cuck husband, and innocent bystander children, one of whom she endangered by antagonizing a stranger on the street with a racial epithet.





Paula Nuguid and fam



And the Nissan driver in the video is the bad guy?


For calling a spade a…Cambodian?





Cambodian Negress