Ivanka Trump bucks the education-industrial complex and dares to pave a new way


What an absolute breath of fresh air.


A female representative of the Presidential family who speaks with class, dignity, and utter femininity.


And she does not shill for the education-industrial complex with lame-ass platitudes and recitations of trite “no child left behind” garbage or the delusional assertion that all children deserve (forget that – are capable of) a 4-year college education.







Best of all, Ivanka Trump offers a fresh, unique perspective not rooted in the type of unquestioned conformity which offers only one option to thrive in our evolving culture, a glimpse outside the box into avenues of future success and fulfillment not dependent on classic models of cultural measure, especially those which have sapped men of relevance and value.  Ivanka is not so small-minded as to assume the one path in the only path.  She got her father’s bold genes;  it’s a changing world, the times demand trailblazers.


A breath of fresh air and a feminine jaw.   Reality has returned to the White House.