Local KCBS news website in Los Angeles needs a tag for “clusterfuck” after this Santa Monica chain reaction.


An attempted carjacking occurred about 2pm today in Santa Monica. It was a nice, sunny Saturday afternoon and the gods seem to have been ridden with scorn for us mortals.


Filed under “road rage” for lack of a better description of this mess.


1) Truck driver begins arguing with a bicyclist and gets out of his car to fight

2) While the truck driver approaches the bicyclist, a third man jumps in the vacated Toyota and prepares to drive off

3) As the truck driver returns to stop the theft he is run over by his own truck

4) After hitting its rightful owner, the truck continued and struck a man in a wheelchair, dragging him several feet

5) A police officer nearby apprehends the original thief.







L.A.’s very own Metro authority also does its part to perpetuate The Agenda.


Here in the dazzling world of Los Angeles, The Agenda is everywhere. It runs vibrantly in the veins of the metropolis and if you are not of a similar “ilk,” it is a solitary journey indeed.


Agenda much?






Another weekend, another march here in Los Angeles. The usual large crowds are expected to turn out for the L.A. Pride Festival this weekend and for the Resist March on Sunday.


The Resist March is beginning right outside the Metro Red Line subway’s Hollyw00d/Highland Station. Expect crowds at that station. If you want to avoid those crowds, you can also exit at Hollywood/Vine Station, a .8-mile walk to Hollywood/Highland.




I wonder, hypothetically (as there seem to be very few other manners to realistically consider such scenarios here in California), if the Los Angeles Metro Authority would so graciously, rapaciously, lend equally enthusiastic guidance to a pro-Trump rally in its MTA zone.


I would not hold my breath.


And if you’re looking to show your support for the marching homos, and all tropes perpetuating The Agenda, you can always purchase a special gay rainbow TAP card (the official “currency” of LA’s MTA system).














Cutting through the Buzzfeed crap, Socially Extinct explains how to stop hating people.


On a typical day, Buzzfeed is full of left-wing shit in matters of politics.


Such a commie POV also lends itself to being generally full of shit in all realms of human activity and interaction, as well. Political bent does not occur in a vacuum, and liberal thought patterns also denote other behavioral tendencies which generally come together in a sordid “kit” of ideologically-driven behaviors.


TL;DR – The Liberal hipsterentsia is intolerable on many levels, not just in its mundane disdain for President Trump.  It is intolerable because it is liberal. Period, simple as that.


This popped up on my news feed earlier:







Um yeah.


Author Treye Green (nothing shrieks lefty like a name such as this) proceeds to play the List Game.



1. Encounter positive thoughts each day with a pack of affirmation cards you can sit on your nightstand for an encouraging wakeup call each morning.
2. Give those negative thoughts the boot by documenting all the amazing happenings you experience daily in a gorgeous gratitude journal.
3. Send someone a thank you card for a kind act they’ve done — or just because — to recognize and celebrate the goodness of others.
4. Avoid the emotional pitfalls of dealing with haters by thumbing through Nasty People — the only companion you need to help you overcome the betrayal or disrespect of a rude person.
5. Overload on cuteness with a copy of The Babies and Doggies Book to remind yourself that annoying adults all start off as sweet little ones.
6. Pick up a simple weekly planner and schedule a few hours to spend quality time with a family member, friend, or acquaintance you’d like to get to know better.
7. Learn some key tips to working with difficult individuals you encounter by flipping through Working Successfully with Screwed-Up People.
8. Organize a cooking night — with some help from a Martha & Marley Spoon meal kit — so you can catch up with a friend or family member you haven’t seen in awhile.
9. Gain some new understanding of yourself and how you can use that truth to connect with others by reading The Gifts of Imperfection.
10. Center your thoughts on staying positive while increasing your strength and flexibility by subscribing to Yoga Download — an online service that’ll allow you to practice yoga basically anywhere.
11. Avoid negative gossip as often as you can, seeing that messy conversations can affect the way you view and interact with those around you.
12. Launch a blog on Tumblr or WordPress — with a little guidance from the Blogger’s Quick Guide set. You can use your blog to share your thoughts or creative inspirations and and engage with people who have similar interests.
13. Find some time to volunteer with a group of co-workers, friends, or with an organization focused on a cause you are passionate about.
14. Learn the signs of a problematic friendship before a dramatic fallout occurs with The Little Book About Toxic Friendships — because no one has time for fake friends.
15. Invite someone you haven’t hung out with in awhile to a musical, concert, or other entertainment event. You two can bond at the show, as well as discuss your favorite elements of the performance afterward.
16. Subscribe to O Magazine for a monthly dose of helpful life tips and empowering stories that’ll inspire you to live your best life every day.
17. Determine how your individual sensitivities may shape your personal relationships with The Highly Sensitive Person.
18. And if all else fails, grab a copy of The Solo Travelers Handbook and book a dream getaway you can enjoy by your own damn self.



I was inclined to tear my eyeballs out after reading this (and my head off as well after reading #16). Blah blah blah blahgetty blah.


Buzzfeed requires its readers to sit through 18 bullet points of pointless crap when they could simply have negated this futile exercise by accurately summing it all up with a truthful #1.


Graciously brought to you by Socially Extinct:


1 Thing That Just May Help You Stop Hating Other People 



1. Kill ’em all.