When things go south, the Civil War has begun.


Yet again, the threatening pall of bloody clashing hovers over another California political action. Tomorrow is the so-called “national day of action against Muslims” and a conservative group, Act for America, has planned a march in Roseville, California, in order to proclaim its nationalistic, anti-Islamic message. And course, counter-protesting antifa types are threatening to do what they do: counter. And the violent dynamic is not without precedent.


Protests and counter-protests like these have turned viciously violent in years prior. In 2016, at the state Capitol, a massive riot broke out as alt-right and anti-fascist groups clashed. Ten people were stabbed and others injured.


In April, more violence erupted at a Berkeley protest when a woman was punched in the face by a self-proclaimed white nationalist.


According to Facebook event pages, members from anti-fascist group Antifa and the Bay Area Alt Right Movement, who have both been involved in violent protests before, plan to attend Saturday’s gatherings.


Roseville Police say they’re prepared should things go south.







Straddling the delicate line of outright civil unrest, these clashes come and go; people get hurt, arrests are made, but at the end of the day, shit simmers down and we live in a state of precarious peace for another few months or weeks, until the next “action” takes place. Rinse, repeat


Eventually, and it’s only a matter of time, someone, or “someones,” is going to get killed.


As the Roseville PD says, things may go south. They may go south tomorrow, they may go south next month, but one thing is unquestionably inevitable: things will go south. Once we enter that territory, the destructive momentum will launch us on a new course of civil agitation and bloodletting. The “civil war” started long ago. It has been imposed on us, a long, simmering crescendo of tensions and antagonism. When historians peek back at the civil war of the 21st Century, hindsight will allow them to see that this American conflict saw its initial seedlings planted in the seventh decade of the 20th Century.


The southbound trek is beginning shortly.






Burglar bars keep the Obama out.


The platitudes of today’s social bleeding heart Dems must be met with dark sarcasm and rude scorn.  One must head off the vapid fluff these types defer to when tackling pragmatic problems in today’s horribly-pragmatic environment.