Premature ejaculation in Nork…


…or is it?




WASHINGTON (Reuters) – North Korea launched a missile near Sinpo, on its east coast, and the missile blew up almost immediately, a U.S. military spokesman said on Saturday.

U.S. Pacific Command detected and tracked what it assessed to be a North Korean ballistic missile launch at 11:21 a.m. Hawaii time (1721 ET) on Saturday, said U.S. Navy Commander Dave Benham, a spokesman for U.S. Pacific Command.

“The missile blew up almost immediately,” Benham said. “The type of missile is still being assessed.”




Is it a ploy to call President Trump’s bluff and place the onus of a historic and monumental response squarely on  his shoulders?

The chess match is confounding.




Angel Colon Ortiz, a fine name for a rapist-murderer.


Worcester County District Attorney Joseph Early announced the arrest of a suspect in last year’s mysterious murder of a pretty Google employee from NYC, Vanessa Marcotte. Her nude body was found, strangled and raped, in Princeton, Massachusetts, on August 7, after failing to return from an afternoon jog near her mother’s home.


A little off-the-cuff sleuthing by a state trooper helped state police nab the suspect who was arrested this morning after a DNA sample he supplied matched an extremely rare DNA sequence found on the hands of the victim who put up a violent fight during the attack.





“We got him,” Worcester District Attorney Joseph Early Jr. said in announcing the arrest…

Marcotte’s naked body was found a day after she left her mother’s house to go jogging and disappeared. Police believe the woman was strangled and her hands and feet set on fire.



…and the suspect, named.


And the ethnicity, convenient.



Recently a state trooper spotted [Angel Colon] Ortiz in a dark SUV. The trooper knew that detectives assigned to the Marcotte case were looking for a dark SUV and a Hispanic man, the prosecutor said.


The trooper wrote down the SUV’s license plate on his hand. A day later he showed up at the home where Ortiz lived. Ortiz agreed to provide a saliva sample containing DNA.




Angel Colon Ortiz.


Ay mama mia.


The Donald Trump Effect: now we pay attention and the narrative tirelessly writes itself.


Let’s see what new details unfold about Ortiz’s background and…citizenship status. Being that he’s from New England, maybe a little MS-13 bouncing around in his file?


Naming the suspect is becoming as predictable as shooting fish in a barrel.