The great hypocrisy surrounding the uproar over Dr. Squealgood on United Flight 3411.


People are being supremely hypocritical in their hyperbolic uproar regarding the crybaby doctor who was booted off United Flight 3411 (bouncer style) in Chicago yesterday.







Several minutes after a passenger recorded a video watched around the world that showed security officers dragging another passenger off an overbooked United Express flight at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport, a smaller snippet of video showed an even more troubling scene.


There stood the passenger who had been dragged on his back to the front of the plane, appearing dazed as he spoke through bloody lips and blood that had spilled onto his chin.


“I want to go home, I want to go home,” he said.



The doctor, along with all the passengers on the United flight from Chicago to Louisville, had been notified that the flight was overbooked and that 4 occupied seats would be needed in order to accommodate airline personnel. The enticement of payout didn’t draw any volunteers, so the airline resorted to the random, cruel fate machine to determine who wasn’t going to be flying to Louisville.


When the four passengers were announced, 3 left without squealing like pigs or crying like little babies. Assuredly they were not happy about the situation but adults will be…adults about life’s small and great inconveniences.


Not Dr. Squealgood.







I do not humor adults who cry and fuss like cucks.


Cucks come in all flavors, including M.D., as well.


He resisted, and when law enforcement approached and reasoned in order to diffuse the situation, he still refused to cooperate. At this point, the passenger deserved a bloody lip for being a belligerent spoiled, immature pain the ass who was holding up the flight.


He resisted the commands of law officers, and it turned physical, brutal and bloody.


Sound familiar?


Yes, fill in the narrative’s template compartments.


Namely, a persistent American plot-line which has played out over the past few decades: Idiotic black motorist/pedestrian gets stopped by the police. Instead of complying, said perp decides to put up a fight. Demand a “podium.” He physically resists, gets shot and dies.


If he would have complied, he’d be alive today.


Likewise, if Dr. Squealgood had just done what civilized adults do, he would have still had some self-respect and balls to show for it. Instead, he threw an entitled fit and got tossed around. Which is how the world works, for thugs and doctors alike.


Refusal to cooperate with law enforcement is refusal, simple as that. It is resistance. I don’t care if you’re a thug or a brain surgeon. Civilized behavior dictates that you do what police officers ask you to do. They are doing their job; they are officers of the law and any motivation on their part is merely upholding the law or policy. If you don’t like the substance of the law, take it up with someone who cares.


The police don’t give a flying fuck about the unjust nature of your predicament.


Black thugs who get shot by police do it out of immature rebellion and stupidity. Doctors who do it are doing it out of entitlement and egotism.


Same bullshit, different color, different slant.