The Senate turned down Michael Flynn’s immunity offer…blame President Trump’s Twitter challenge.


…at least for now.


Michael Flynn’s request for immunity in Trump-Russia probe ‘rejected by Senate Intelligence Committee’



The Senate Intelligence Committee has reportedly turned down Michael Flynn’s request for immunity from prosecution in exchange for being interviewed as part of their investigation into Russia’s alleged hacking of the 2016 presidential election.


Mr Flynn’s lawyer was told immunity was “wildly preliminary” and “not on the table” at this point, a senior congressional official told NBC. It does not necessarily rule out immunity at a later date, as the investigation is still being pursued.


President Donald Trump has supported the decision of his former national security adviser to seek immunity in exchange for his testimony in congressional probes of possible ties between the Trump campaign and Russia.




Why the investigatory kibosh?



Mr [Senator Angus] King said of Mr Trump’s remarks on Mr Flynn: “This is not a witch hunt… This is an effort to get to the truth of some very important questions.


“There is no doubt whatsoever that the Russians were behind an effort to interfere in our elections,” he told CNN. “To continue to deny that – it just flies in the face of all of the reality.”



If the ultimate motive is “to get to the truth,” why not humor Flynn’s team’s request which is now almost 2 weeks old? What on Earth does the Senate Intelligence Committee have to lose if this is in fact not a witch hunt? Isn’t Michael Flynn, and his 8 years of Obama Intelligence baggage, a useful resource? Nab him up now!


President Trump called their bluff.



And now they are shaking in their shoes because undoubtedly Flynn’s testimony is likely to shed light on parties other than the reviled Trump, which for the Democrats and Establishment Republicans, is a frightening possibility indeed. The moment attention is diffused away from the villain of the day, they’ve lost. They are not quite ready to swallow the damning collateral damage surely to accompany their strategy should they decide to rush in, all guns firing.


What can Michael Flynn tell us?


The fact of the matter is that his knowledge might very well incriminate a large swath of bilateral Washington D.C.  President Trump’s Twitter challenge has caused them to regroup and explore other avenues of surgically focusing their attack on Trump while sparing the Democrats any embarrassment Flynn might happily provide behind the safety of immunity.