I may have been “made.” Social Extinction exposed?

Hmm, I may have been made.

I don’t have proof. It’s merely a suspicion at this point. I made a careless move and my blog life might intersect (if it has not already) with my legitimate life. Legitimate. That’s right…I referred to portions of my life not associated with bloggery as “legitimate.”


But I made dumb move and my Socially Extinct persona may have been illuminated. I have my radar on full reception so I’ll see if any hints of awareness slip out thus confirming my suspicion. Not fear, but suspicion. If this had happened like 2 or 5 years ago, I might have been mortified…but now? Nah. Maybe uncomfortable, slightly annoyed, but not mortified. I don’t really give a flying shit. I’d prefer those in my legitimate circle don’t know about my Social Extinction writings; I like to keep things simple, on the DL. No use to rile things up for no good reason. But if it’s happened, so be it.

This legitimate life of mine, while my own, still seems so distant, so disconnected, so peripheral to my existence, that while widespread knowledge of Social Extinction in my reputable life might present some awkward situations, I hardly care. I am not invested in people in this legitimate slice of life to the extent I worry a whole lot that my rather dubious writings here become known to them. I doubt most people really care, and to presume they do, to the point their opinions of me will be henceforth “tainted” is awfully vain of me. Be real, dude.

Look, my shtick here is about not having fucks to give. That’s my power, my strength, my noble ideology.


If you, reader, are part of my legitimate life, hi. Hope you enjoy my warped, unique worldviews. Hate me if you will, please. I apologize for nothing and I’m not about to start here. I probably dislike you, but don’t take it personally: join the other 7 billion people on this planet. I hate you, I hate them, I hate all. I’m an oozing pustule of hostility, impatience, condescension, arrogance. Everyone sucks. It’s just the way I am, how I “roll.”

Ciao, y’all.

See you on the straight and narrow!

Mysterious overnight killing of police officer in Downey, California.

A very curious police killing in the city of Downey, a suburb southeast of Los Angeles.

First there were reports of a car-to-car shooting last night about 11 pm.

A short time later, about a couple of miles away, the body of a police officer was found in the police station parking lot. It’s unknown what the connection was between the two incidents.

The officer was later identified as Ricardo Galvez, a 5-year veteran of the police department. On the local news there were reports that he was sitting in his patrol car when 2 suspects ran up to him and began shooting. Conflicted reports now say he was sitting in his personal vehicle.



As an investigation into the fatal shooting of a Downey police officer was underway Thursday, two people were detained and officials searched in Montebello for a third person possibly involved in the deadly incident, police said.

The complicated situation began after a car-to-car shooting was reported near Downey Avenue and Gardendale Street in Downey around 11 p.m. Wednesday, local police said.

At some point a Downey police officer’s body was discovered in the station’s parking lot, located in the 10900 block of Brookshire Avenue, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department officials confirmed.

The second location was about two miles from the initial car-to-car shooting report, and it was unclear if the two situations were in fact connected.

In Montebello, two people were detained for unknown reasons, video showed.

The search for a third person was underway near Washington Boulevard and Carob Way as of 5 a.m., police said.