Where is Emilie Lopez?


Sure, maybe I can be a bit obsessive about certain things. Maybe other people would call it that. I call it “focused.” My concentration can be arrow-sharp; if I get into the “zone,” I can be relentless if I start fixating on a subject.


Lately, the Donald Trump thing has been getting out of hand. I have devoted too much time and blogspace photochopping our favorite Hair Mogul, but the other day I ran into another subject that seems to have captured (imprisoned) my fancy. It’s this whole “End Of The Month Killer” fixation of mine. I’ve devoted 3 posts to this and it looks like a 4th is in the works now. I find serial killers fascinating as hell, especially when they invade the city where I live. I remember the Richard Ramirez (“Night Stalker”) craze back in the day; furthermore, upon his capture, the whole affair took on a Satanism angle, and it just so happened these were my Slayer, Black Metal days when we used house keys to carve pentagrams into our forearms because we were edgy that way.


Richard Ramirez was a crazy cool serial killer, and his haunting and tormenting of Los Angeles’ east side was both exhilarating and frightening in that special “is this a movie or real life” way. But in his case, the serial killer was defined and laid out in advance of my discovery.


Now this whole EOTM Killer is not even a recognized thing yet.


Police aren’t saying there is a serial killer on the loose in Los Angeles. That’s the doing of a bunch of anonymous internet onlookers who have no qualms about connecting dots, even if the dots are not strong or reliably consistent. The parallels are just close enough that those of us not in law enforcement are very apt to yell “serial killer!” in the theater.


OK, anyways, this is my “obsession” at work.


Three posts which began with one called “Who’s killing all the great Hispanic girls of Los Angeles?” on April 8, 2014. Then, a couple of weeks later, maybe a little smitten by the moniker and a “connection” I’d made on my own, I posted “Los Angeles’ new “End Of The Month Killer” – my armchair detective theory” on April 26 after the body of a 60-year-old woman was found floating in Echo Park Lake about a mile west of Dodger Stadium, and well within the zone of death where my theoretical serial killer was wreaking his havoc. This dead body shared little commonalities with the other young female victims, but the pure randomness and geography of her demise did pique my interest. Most disconcerting? The woman’s body was discovered April 26. End of the month. Yes, my obsession was in overdrive!


Now it was concluded that this 60-year-old woman’s death was an accident owing largely to the fact a pair of crutches where found at the top of a slope which she descended before entering the lake where she drowned. Multiple snippets of news appeared locally regarding the woman’s death:






Even the Washington Times.


After these developments, I was willing to grudgingly let this one go. It appeared, based on evidence, that she simply fell into the lake, and hampered by the mafia-style concrete boot that was her leg cast, she perished. The events strike me as curious. Its news cycle ended abruptly. I don’t think the woman’s identity was ever released, nor were the details of her little slip and slide ever disclosed.


And my third, and most recent effort, appeared the other day. It was titled “Great Hispanic girls of L.A. still getting killed. Can we call him “The End of the Month Killer?” It was spurred by the unexplained and random discovery of two bodies of young Hispanic girls in Northeast Los Angeles early last week.


And now we learn that on October 12, another 17-year-old high school student went missing from the Highland Park neighborhood of Northeast Los Angeles, also in the zone of my EOTM Killer’s operation.


This girl apparently vanished while on her way to school at 7:30 that morning. Her name is Emilie Lopez and she fits all the EOTM Killer criteria except one (so far).


Emilie Lopez
Emilie Lopez


She is Hispanic, she has long dark hair, her disappearance was random, she was last seen in a Hispanic neighborhood in the same area of Los Angeles the other disappearances have occurred, but there is one thing which doesn’t complete the circle: her body has not been found and she might very well be alive. Let’s hope her disappearance is nothing but a parental or teenage grievance that ended with her running away with a boyfriend or whatever. She will turn up alive and all this alarmist talk of mine will have meant nothing.


However, considering all circumstances that have recently occurred in the area’s crime blotter, I believe it is the duty of the police and citizens to be wary of the EOTM Killer and his suspected existence (at least in my own whack mind). Awareness is the first step toward prevention, and willful ignorance of such possible malevolence can have disastrous outcomes.


Look, at worst, I’m an OCD lunatic peppering the internet with my madness.


But if my conjecture holds any water at all, there could very well be a girl out there who will be visiting the columns of our bad news blotter in a little over 3 weeks.


I hope I’m wrong.



Official From Russia’s Metrojet fuels more of that “Lusitania moment” conjecture I hinted at…


It’s not a bird, it’s not a plane, it’s…external.

Senior officials at Metrojet, the charter airline company whose Airbus passenger plane crashed in Egypt over the weekend, killing all 224 people aboard, on Monday ruled out any technical failure or human error on the part of the airline in the catastrophe.

We’re narrowing it down, then.

Alexander A. Smirnow, Metrojet’s deputy director for aviation (which obviously has a financial stake in disclaiming pilot or mechanical failure), told reporters at a press conference, “We absolutely exclude the technical failure of the plane, and we absolutely exclude pilot error or a human factor.” He went on to add an “an external impact on the plane” might have caused the plane’s sudden fall from the sky over Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula on Saturday.