Stuff normalfags like in my barrio.

They are so predictable.
Normalfaggotry by definition, is such.

But normalfags differ by culture. The core normalfag character is a consistent crux of behavior differentiated only by its unique environment…the only unique thing about normalfags. Normalfaggotry’s manifestation is shaped and limited by the culture it must appear and nurture within.

Normlfags in my barrio?

They like:

Sports, especially football and basketball
Rap music, gangsta rap,
Baggy clothes
Drinking and socializing in large groups
Free or cut-rate stuff
Eating bad processed fast food or store-bought packaged crap; buffets
“Big” movies with lots of action and explosions but negligible plot or ironic dialogue
Mimicking Black thug language patterns
Grand house parties with all the normal tropes: bouncers, piƱatas, excessive birthday-related decoration
Being intolerant and judgmental of people like me who are not normalfags
Egregious displays of spending money with the intent of impressing peers

If not being a normalfag alienates and marginalizes you in all society, it is very pronounced in my barrio culture. The dense groupthink/groupbehavior of normalfags in the barrio excises those who don’t fit in like stinking pustules.

It’s OK, I’m not bothered; I’ve had a whole life to become accustomed to this role.