French music festival party monkey falls to his death on camera; Donald Trump narrates in rare video!

There’s an annual music festival in Paris that celebrated its 17th birthday this week.

Named the “Techno Music” festival, it is a multi-day homage to that crazy, raucous, drug-infused form of high-energy music and generally incites young kids to climb narrow spires like intoxicated monkeys, but surprisingly, this year marked the first fatal accident in its brief history.

And the nature of our socio-digital world is that if you choose to die in public, the entire world will witness your doom…over and over and over. The video of this chap was caught vividly on video.

According to (yes, that’s a thing):

A young man died on Saturday after he fell off a statue at the center of Paris’s Place de la Republique during a music festival in the French capital.
The man, who has not been identified, had been climbing up the statue which represents liberty in the middle of the vast square in northeast Paris, but “slipped”, a police source told AFP.

The graphic death blog also posted a series of photographs which document the dead fellow’s final ascent up the narrow, slippery statue, further proving that “because it was there” is not always a suitable reason for doing something, especially when you’re loaded.

BestDeaths did not catch one crucial element of this tragedy; Donald Trump!

In a stark, Twitch-like twist, Trump live-fed the fatal debacle for internet onlookers. His holiness narrated the reveler’s death tumble with all the attendant Trumpitudes (Trump + Platitude) we’ve come to love in the past 3 or 4 months.

Social Extinction, however, did capture the footage and I present it here for the first time.

‘Tis the season of talking smack, but I’ll go Ben Carson one step further…

In the spirit of speaking your mind which seems to be in full effect this Presidential campaign cycle, Ben Carson tells us why a Muslim should not be POTUS while simultaneously, on the subject, Donald Trump is reverting to his patented “I love [insert group/individual/inanimate object]; [insert group/individual/inanimate object] are some of the [insincere clarifier] plural [insert group/individual/inanimate object].”

Carson’s rationales are not lacking for those with open minds, which in today’s climate, means those who defer to logic over the automatic embrace of left-wing fallacies.

Frankly, if I had my way, anyone with a religious bent should not be allowed in the Oval Office. I don’t care which religion. Ban all of them.

I’m sure Donald would have been Jamiel’s best friend in another dimension and another universe…the one where he becomes Prez.

The extent of some people’s thankfulness is delineated by the measure of resulting success.

These people are usually nothing but hair and words with a sprinkling of soiled hairballed hollow affirmations.

This speech is the epitome of my post from from yesterday.

Fallen upon deaf ears, it has.
Funny how all the crime that the multitude of faceless Jamiel’s have inflicted upon America goes unmentioned by certain ambitious parties.

A Black kid going to the Deli…this is the stuff of orgasm for Mr. Coiffure.