The word is “steatopygia”…for the very last time!

It seems I’m very preoccupied with female hips and asses, especially when they are disproportionately expansive.

Not only am I fascinated by such awesome fleshy glimpses, I’m convinced they denote a certain mental numbness when present; a corollary that can be safely derived when women such as this lumber across our vision. Such women, though formidable in the size of their hips, happen to be less than noteworthy in matters of the cerebrum.

I even wrote about this shit four years ago. I’ve been blogging so long that I find recurring themes springing up occasionally in my writing, especially when it concerns mammoth female thighs/buttocks.

steato chick

My old postulation was that such women are proportionately “unintelligent” in relation to the size of their hips and buttocks. I stubbornly stand by my theory. This is the age of speaking your mind!

“Steatopygia” does not roll off the tongue very easily, much less the memory.

When I saw an example of it earlier today, I drew a blank. But the internet is, as they promised 25 years ago, knowledge at your fingertips.

And now I know what we can confidently call big asses behind the mask of science.

Also, I wonder how long I can draw out this weird Hispanic Woody Allen shtick of mine. But that is really me.