Dead Mexicans is the NLP seed of the moment – who is the Master Programmer?


Scott Adams (Dilbert creator/artist) has posted an interesting series of essays about the verbal hypnosis and semantic smoke and mirrors that a certain Presidential candidate* has been instigating upon Americans since his introduction to the political stage several months ago.


Adams’ insightful observations into this candidate’s soaring popularity ascribes certain “linguistic” skills to the candidate’s “wizardry” in helping sway the collective American mind to his ideological alliance. Essentially enlarging the scope of NLP, the oldest PUA tool in the book which was once used to get exceedingly hot women to have sex with skinny, hairy, performance-challenged boys (and of dubious utility), Adams alleges that said candidate’s psychological warfare tactical strike in his pursuit of the Oval Office involves odious amounts of NLP. Adams exposes many of the semantic ploys our candidate employs in his quest to deliver public opinion and empathy to his side.


Strikingly, Trump’s anti-Hispanic crusade (oh, sorry, “anti-illegal alien” crusade) seems blessed with that ethereal cosmic design/impetus that mimics his “NLP of the Masses” in a slightly disconcerting and enigmatic propitious manner. All you wacky cosmic designers are probably busting a load at this candidate’s auspicious karmic timing.


It’s as if he wrote the program.


In fact, I feel as if I am living in a program when it comes to this guy. It’s as if all the coincidental shit that unfolds around his blessed fortune is not truly coincidental because the master program is shaped by design. I am in the position of settling for the oddness of living in a higher being’s virtual reality over the peculiarity of a world that echoes and proliferates the jargon, the narrative, of this master NLP Programmer!


When did the gods give him the authorial pen?


Fuck L. Ron Hubbard. He never had a chance for the Oval Office. He was not blessed with the opportune circumstances which some Presidential candidates are “afforded.”




First, the candidate threw his hat in the Presidential ring on June 16, 2015, with a speech that was later described as “rambling” but in which he established his personal, prescient tone by ascribing astronomic levels of crime among the Hispanic immigrant community. Anyone familiar with the Mexican immigrant community realizes that crime is not horribly prevalent – I wrote to this affect on June 27.


So what happened just four days later, on July 1?


Francisco Sanchez happened.


The Mexican illegal in San Francisco, incidentally a renowned “sanctuary city” for illegal immigrants, had, it turns out, a spastic attack that cause him to pull the trigger of a gun he found on the wharf, killing a pretty White woman on the city’s Eastern shore. There is nothing, absolutely nothing, that could have solidified the Presidential candidate’s histrionic narrative more than this event. It received major coverage in the month after the candidate’s announcement and it cemented his point and gave it all the NLP fuel necessary without him having to lift a finger.


The script was quantum-like in its eerie self-perpetuation and elusive effect.


And on the subject of NLP.


How about what happened in Egypt!?


Our Presidential candidate has vilified Hispanics and roused Americans to gladly submit to the erection of a Kafkaesque border wall. There is a clamor of acceptance. Or there was. The American attention span is a finicky whore. Certain concepts have slipped from our collective mind.


Mexicans are bad, Mexicans are interlopers, Mexicans trespass.. But the news cycle has dimmed. The script needs to be tweaked, sparked. Rejuvenated with language, a semantic heritage needs to be rekindled.




Mexicans in the desert, dead, stopped in their tracks.


What better story?



Egypt’s police and military killed 12 Egyptians and Mexicans and injured 10 when they accidentally shot at a Mexican tourist convoy whilst engaging militants in the country’s western desert, the ministry of interior said on Monday.

“The incident resulted in the death of 12 Mexicans and Egyptians and the injury of 10 others who have been transferred to hospitals,” the ministry said in a statement.

It added that the convoy was made up of four four-wheel drive vehicles and that there would be an investigation into how and why the tourists entered an off-limits area.



Bold notations are my own, for in this semantic rabbit hole, it is important to note that it transmutes an unrelated, but like, story into one that echoes the Presidential candidate’s, and recently, American narrative. The mark of a successful public relations coup is that the public aligns with the spokesperson’s grand agenda.


The public will never consciously associate the Egyptian story with their candidate’s xenophobia, but the NLP seed has been laid bare.


The virtual reality is ascendant.