You can’t fight the Federal Reserve!

My directly deposited paycheck always works and on time, like clock work. There’s never a hitch. Friday morning, I log in and do my banking, never a problem. A couple of times it may have been late, but not by more than a few minutes. And invariably, the problem is systemic, someone was slow on the trigger (or mouse), whatever. It ultimately proves to be a local “technical” issue, and once resolved, I get my paycheck. Everyone’s happy.

This morning, September 11, nothing.

I checked ADP and I did get paid…the direct deposit has simply not transferred into my bank’s checking account. Being the neurotic panic monster that I am, I quickly jumped on my bank’s instant messaging feature and chatted with a woman who sorta eased my mind. Not a whole lot, because it’s 6:44am PDT, and still nothing.

no money

What the hell kind of sorcery is the Federal Reserve up to that they are holding up ACH payments? This is certainly unprecedented.