Will there be a coup in the United States in 2015 or 2016? Impression 1.


Just wondering. Yo.


The unholiest of inductions I can squeeze out of what’s going on. The “chatter,” so to speak.


There are many patterns and presupposed obviation dwelling in the American air, presently.


I posted this a month ago. A cautionary harbinger of shit. My intuition is on high alert. Apocalyptic gloom is a blogger’s best friend, but lately, it has become my companion.


I wonder if these words fall on deaf ears? I hope so, but I hope not. Hmm.


I shall bury my tepid warning between incontrovertible neutrality. Threatening blandness.


That’s how the end of society will hammer and destroy. It will sneak upon us amid the squalor of our own unhappiness and disappointment.


Our great republic of modern antiquity seems untouchable; but has the illusion immured us to tragedy?
Anything can happen.


Human nature is such that…it will.


More blood is on the way.



Will regression to the mean lead to El Chapo’s capture?

Something amusing caught my eye.

I was reading a CNN report concerning the tweet by the 29-year-old son of fugitive drug cartel boss, Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman. There is conjecture from just about everyone as to whether this will betray El Chapo’s whereabouts and enable his capture. Much has been made of the fact that Twitter’s geolocation tag says Costa Rica in the tweet from last Monday.

chapo jr

Who the hell knows.

I sure don’t, and I doubt the finest American technologists will be able to triangulate El Chapo’s location based on the Tweet.

Nevertheless, there are many who think that perhaps Guzman’s son, Alfredo, might have flubbed it by posting this photograph. Maybe so. I’m sure American satellite capabilities are surreptitiously astounding and scary; a few digitally-enabled patches might easily allow our eyes in the sky to hone in on the elusive fugitive leader of the Sinaloa drug cartel.

The question everybody is asking is whether this was a highly adept decoy on the part of Guzman’s cyber team or if in fact his son, rumored to be slightly sluggish on the uptake, simply didn’t think out his online actions last week.

The CNN article quotes a former DEA agent, Phil Jordan, as saying, “One of the most intelligent traffickers has been Chapo. His son is not the brightest star on the Christmas tree. The best recorded intelligence on the son is that he doesn’t have his father’s intelligence. But I caution this could be a diversion to throw off authorities.”

Intelligence officials note that in El Chapo’s Mexican state of birth, Sinaloa, there is a small town named Costa Rica. This entire charade might very well be not only a decoy, but a grand international snark.

I don’t doubt that El Chapo has above average intelligence. The monopoly and wealth he has created from the kernels of a very “populist” industry are tremendous and unmatched. His business accomplishments are not born of drive and ruthlessness alone; they are born of the auspicious interplay of drive and cunning intelligence.

El Chapo is also short (hence his nickname).

Since he is below average in height and above average in intelligence, I can only conclude, based on the principle of regression to the mean, that his son probably gets laid a lot.