Facebook unhinged.

Did the big boy finally eat the dust?

We can surely hope, but dare we? It’s fashionable to hate on the Big Blue Monster, but…

Facebook has become the barometer of American/Western hopefulness and digital health.
When Facebook goes down, it’s like the national power grid went inexplicably dark.
Not once, or twice, but three times!

Of such magnitude is the happening that Islamic groups are now pitching in to share shameless culpability.

Guilt is hot if you can bring down the West’s pet luxuries.

In fact, that makes Guilt very hot and very marketable.

fb ddos claim

Rich Lowry dares to climb into the pigpen; a cuck finally understands how to battle the Billion Dollar Bully.

Take it from a chronically undersized boy with balls that were disproportionately large: the only way to fight swine is to climb in the pen and be swine as well. Embrace your inner swine. I’ve told many people and they stare at me blankly.

The SJW/Cuck/Political crowd stubbornly insists on relying on a “mannerly” debate style to carry them through the tired Trumpian battles but that is a losing proposition. You cannot argue with scum from a lofty perch of “civility.” Won’t work, ever. The real world is not a courtroom bound by limiting rules of discourse and procedure.


Rich Lowry, the editor of the conservative magazine National Review, said the Republican presidential front-runner was attacking rival Carly Fiorina because she emasculated him at last week’s presidential debate.

“Part of what’s going on here is that last debate. Let’s be honest: Carly cut his balls off with the precision of a surgeon, and he knows it,” Lowry said during a Fox News interview, according to video posted by Mediaite.

Some people know how to sink to the lowest common denominator of humanity with a masterful flourish, for they understand that this is a winning strategy in a chickenshit world constrained by niceties and etiquette.

I’m NO fan of Rich Lowry, but at least he gets it.

He finally, out of all these simpering weasels, is one who understands that billions of dollars does not buy balls or thick skin (as has been aptly displayed); that nothing is more delightful than going toe to toe with the bully who is accustomed to parting the seas of discourse with bloody dissonance.

Explosions over, in, China, wut? (Explosion of the Month club)

Again we go.

An explosion shook a chemical plant in the Chinese province of Zhejiang, state media said on Monday, though there were no immediate reports of casualties in a country on edge after blasts killed more than 160 people last month.

The blast caused a fire and thick smoke to bellow from the plant in Lishui city shortly before midnight, state radio said on its official Weibo microblog.

The latest incident in Lishui will likely raise more questions about safety standards in China, where industrial accidents are all too common following three decades of fast economic growth. A blast at an auto-parts factory killed 75 people a year ago.

Are we entering a news cycle called Chinese Explosion of the Month?
Better yet…why now?

German military brass living and dying large in Iraq.

Make of this what you will, and let the tin foil fly.

German Anti-ISIS Coalition Chief Found Dead in Iraq Hotel

MAINZ, Germany — A German army chief in the U.S.-led coalition fighting ISIS in Iraq was found dead in his hotel room there Wednesday, officials said.

Colonel Stephan Spoettel was found dead at 8:50 a.m. local time (1:50 a.m. ET) in the Cristal Erbil Hotel in the northern Kurdish city of Irbil, the German armed forces said in a statement.

Spoettel was the head of the coalition’s German training contingent in northern Iraq. There was no information to suggest suicide or “third-party involvement,” the statement added.

Stephan Spöttel
Stephan Spöttel

Operation Inherent Resolve, the U.S. name for the coalition fighting the extremists across Iraq and Syria, said in a statement that a member of the coalition had died in Irbil on Wednesday, without providing further details.

“This incident is under investigation and further information will be released as appropriate,” the statement added.

The 56-year-old Spoettel apparently led 104 German soldiers and was tasked with “training” Kurdish soldiers in northern Iraq.

In the flurry of strange foreign news clips and disarrayed translations, this Turkish one from Hurriyet was obviously flawed on Google’s part.

The statement made by the KRG authorities, German Colonel Stephen Spöttel which remains in the early hours of Wednesday, which was announced dead in the hotel room. But the explanation was not given details about the cause of death Spöttel. Spöttel confirmed the death of the German army, but made a written statement, the incident was not suicide or murder, Spöttel of ‘natural causes’ was allegedly killed.

I always assumed military men (in all nations), even in the year 2015, lead less than glamorous lives filled with physical tribulation, primal discomforts and trying conditions bordering on the inhumane. Even the army brass. Not a journey for the weak and lazy, to be sure. So I was a little awed to discover that Spoettel’s dead body was discovered in the plush confines of the Cristal Erbil Hotel.

Sign me up for the German army!

It’s so Vegas, but so…not. I can’t imagine that boozing it up in Iraq is an inconsequential affair, like drinking a 6-pack in Columbus.

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