Misogyny and the counterweight

There are a billion reasons for a man to feel embittered toward women; there is only one to hate them.

What appears as misogyny in the MRA/Roissysphere is not. The MRA/Roissysphere is composed of modern men who also don’t happen to be the most sympathetic confessors of vulnerability and pain. Today’s man is living in the midst of an evolutionary revolution wherein he is left to witness the gradual loss of his manhood.

Today I was speaking with a woman and we were remarking about schools in the LA area which seem to be beginning earlier every year. In fact, most LASD schools are in session now. When I was school age, children were still in the midst of their summer escapades in August. At this time of year school was the furthest thing from our minds because we wouldn’t be returning for 3 or 4 weeks. The woman said something that “startled” me because the nonchalance and certainty with which she uttered the words was astounding. She said there really is no reason all schools should not be year-round. She said summer vacation is useless and that that would fit better with the schedules of most households now since both parents are working and school provides a way to keep children occupied since no one is home. Under normal conversational circumstances, I might have thought this was an attempt at irony or satire because of the paradigm shift that is going on in society with the ascendance of women. However, my conversation partner was serious. She didn’t bat a smile or blink. This is what astounded me. Have we come so far, have women traversed such cultural deserts, just so they can chip away at their children’s childhood in order to transform them into mindless worker bees? That’s what helicopter moms do. I jokingly said, “Well if women would stay home and take care of the house and children like they are meant to do, we won’t need year-round schools.”

Haha. That was a big nope.

I relay this anecdote in order to illustrate how far man has sunk in the hierarchy of society’s importance ladder.

It’s tough for men.

The memories and images of previous eras are still fresh in our collective male memory. Stupid black and white 50s show still tell us, period-based television programming tells us: men used to be Men. Men used to earn the bread, fix shit, stoically protect the welfare of their family. We see this still, we internalize it, and then we walk out into the modern world which is absolutely nothing like the flashback we just watched. This is the evolutionary revolution that has handcuffed our masculine natures. How do you expect us to respond?

Men, at the mercy of their physiology, have responded angrily and aggressively. This is how we are. Men do not cry and sulk like little girls. We get angry. Testosterone is our primal fuel that does not allow us to shrink submissively. All that bitterness disguised as misogyny, and which society is happy to write off as such, is really just hurt and helplessness; the toxic sum of hurt and helplessness is bitterness. That is not to be conflated with misogyny. If anything, I would call it “transient misogyny” (similar to my pet phrase, “transient female psychopathy”). Keep in mind that what you are witnessing is merely an expression of frustration and loss.

Misogyny is the absolute hate of the Female. It’s an elemental, ingrained hatred of the feminine, and I will not deny that there are some true misogynists lurking in the MRA/Roissysphere, but I am confident that most of the so-called “misogyny” is nothing but a weak masculine expression of despondency at loss of ourselves. We want things to be like they were, don’t you understand this?

I believe any man who has a good relationship with his mother cannot call himself a misogynist. It’s impossible to proclaim women are evil while still upholding the sanctity of your mommy. That’s bullshit. You can’t have your cake and eat it too, buddy. If all women are bad, evil and deserving of your wrath, so is your mom. She is not exempt because she is your mom. This is why I firmly believe misogynists have horrible or non-existent maternal relationships.

In my case, I love my mother too much to ever dishonor her with blanket hateful statements about all women. I’ve witnessed her sacrifice and strength that has sustained my life. She could have easily thrown in the towel and left me to lead a toxic and disordered existence, but she chose to stay in the ring. What many men see is that modern woman, due to her economic and social “empowerment,” has become weak and lazy, which is exactly what we don’t need from them. Women are and have been the bedrock of civilized cohesion. They are the glue that holds this society together. They neuter the wild nature of man and sacrifice their well-being for the sake of familial stability which benefits society over the long haul. But women’s liberation has only convinced women that this noble subservience is slavery.

So here we are. A society once stitched together by the sacrifices of bold and selfless women, is now a destructive, cacophonous din of competing gripes and bitching because there is a void that will not seal the wounds. That void is Woman.

Ultimately, we are left grasping a civilization that is dissembling. Women and sycophantic men believe this is the best of times without regard to their progeny.

This brings to mind a deceivingly simple mechanical concept called “counterweight” which simultaneously plays an ingenious role in the operation of many common apparatuses. I’ll do my best to summarize the operative concept that makes the counterweight pertinent to this post.

The counterweight is essentially an element dispersed along a chain of mechanical levers that serves to not just offset the balance of another, active element of the chain, but which also offsets the initial force thus enabling the overall sequential operation to function optimally and smoothly. The counterweight has little “power” or “force” in and of itself, yet its role is crucial to the entire operation because of it counterbalancing role.

Women have been the counterweights of civilization since the dawn of man. Technology and modernity has slowly removed the feminine counterweight while failing to bolster the mechanism down the line. In the absence of the counterweight, it has begun to crumble upon itself.

Most men do not hate women. We fear their absence.