I’ve had it up to here with bible-thumpers, homos and poultry

I was (and am) in a semi-foul mood today.
I think it’s lack of sleep. I’ve had the worst sleep this week. I think it caught up with me, because this morning I found myself in the midst of a paroxysm of road rage on the way to work. I could not lift myself up. It’s not that I was depressed. It was that there was a pall of distaste coursing through my veins. I could not feel good about anything. Pleasure was not mine for the taking like it normally is. I felt physically drained. I haven’t had more than 5 hours of sleep any night this week. My mood is sluggish. Today I was in sour spirits. Everything annoyed the living shit out of me. There are days like this, you know? I’m generally the most even-tempered guy in the world and people are not used to seeing me in a “bad mood.” They think I’m too happy, that something is perhaps wrong with me. Well, all this happy bullshit went right out the window today. The word I’m looking for is “edgy.” Impatient. Everything got on my nerves. And quickly. I was not inclined to give anyone or anything a fair shake today.

And! As if having to deal with the typical offensive plethora of idiocy and stupidity in my own personal life wasn’t enough, I also had to read about another level of it in the news all day long. I had to read and hear about the idiocy and buffoonery concerning the fast food chicken joint and the moral stance its owner has taken. All this was swarming around my head like a nasty, shit-eating fly all day long. This bothersome news and actions and reactions. I’ve concluded this 21st Century culture is composed mainly of a bunch of clowns and morons, all acting out and indulging in every last bit of stupidity they can conjure, just because they can, and they are bored and restless. Can anyone blame me for being such a misanthrope? God, open your eyes, look around. We are surrounded by wall-to-wall mass of pliable, nasty human filth, oozing the sludge of ignorance from every putrid orifice. It’s too much to take for my brain. Really, I wonder why I bother reading the news. What purpose does it serve other than to reinforce just how utterly vapid people become when assembled in masses of groups and organizations and teams. I love people…when they are alone. But people always feel the need to form the inevitable groups and clubs and gravitate toward others who share all their same meaningless opinions and pastimes. This is when people become intolerable to me. Once they coalesce like atoms and form new compounds of inanity. Alone, fine. In groups, stay away.

And you know what else? Screw Chick-fil-A. Chick-fil-A can eat bird shit for all I care. What is the controversy here, exactly? So the owners of the restaurant chain oppose same-sex marriage. Big deal. Does anyone realize that many of the personal views of most owners/directors of businesses we frequent would melt the skin off our scalp? If you don’t like what the owners thinks, don’t eat at Chick-fil-A. What a simple solution. Conversely, I don’t believe it’s a public official’s business to involve himself in the determination of whether a restaurant should be allowed to open an establishment in their jurisdiction as long as all other legal contractual obligations are met. If the homos are so offended by Dan Cathy’s statements, the solution begs attention. Go buy your chicken at KFC, or better yet, make your own stupid lunch. With your own hands. By someone whose opinions you most likely agree with…your own, idiot. Make your own lunch, save some money. Eating out is lame, expensive and not fulfilling. Chick-fil-A is like that low-grade “dining out” experience that doesn’t justify the expenditure. Eating out somewhere nice is permissible on occasion. But why eat somewhere that serves food that is no better than a sandwich you could wrap in your own kitchen for a fraction of the price?

The other day, all the religious freaks lined up in freakishly uptight lines outside the restaurants in a national gesture of support of the restaurant called asininely, “Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day.” Masses of huddled Christians lined up wearing mismatched socks, bad haircuts, and said grace before digging into their chicken slop. Appreciate the biblical definition of marriage is what this gesture was all about. Yeah. God, your people are pathetic. I wish I could have yelled at them: shut up and stay home and keep your nose out of this because no one really cares. Equally annoying was today’s homo mass action retort called “National Same-Sex Kiss Day.” Essentially, homo’s were called upon to visit their local Chick-fil-A with their lover and lock beaks in the restaurant in a rousing and unified display of repudiation of the restaurant’s unofficial opinion regarding same sex marriage. Apparently the fag action lacked the numbers and passion of Wednesday’s homophobic action.

What a bunch of needless, aimless drama both groups participated in to merely express their distaste or embrace of a point of view while spending too much money on food they probably didn’t even care for. This feathered stage is so flooded with dolts and tools. And the ultimate dolt/tool had to be Adam Smith, a CFO for a Tucson-based firm by the name of Vante. The dolt videotaped himself unleashing a vitriolic verbal fag attack at a female drive-thru employee of the fil-A restaurant. He unfairly ambushed her and made her suffer for his misdirected wrath and chirpy whiny complaints about Chick-fil-A for something the owner of her employer’s business told a Baptist magazine. Smith didn’t seem to care that the girl was about as removed from Cathy’s presence as he was. The girl did not deserve this. It was uncalled for and it was hysterically random and unfocused acting out. He is the archetypal homo without restraint or logic. Acting just like a bitch, this Adam Smith fellow.

I’m so tired of everybody acting out and being really stupid, dramatic and short-sighted. The religious freaks for citing their Bible Opium in order to justify the most unreasonable opinions and close-mindedness, and the homo’s for getting hysterical and calling a mass action which was just a bunch of artificial showmanship and lacking in any real teeth…sort of like a stage musical.

Everyone gave me a headache today.