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Only be

I strive to master neutrality. Like a finely balanced acrobat on a razor wire, I walk this path I call life and seek perfect equilibrium I haven’t always lived as such, but now I do. The ups and downs of … Continue reading

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Memory of death

This rather (actually, very) disturbing video of a deadly traffic accident in Russia has been making the cyber-rounds lately. If you’re sensitive or prone to bad dreams or impressionable, be warned, this video is subtly intense. It portrays a death … Continue reading

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Invasion of the Game Stop PUA

I know most guys despise the patented female ewwww reaction. We aren’t generally very welcoming of the reactive tone women assume when they paint every guy who bothers them with the “creep” denotation. But sometimes…it is warranted. It’s blasphemous to … Continue reading

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The Nike hordes

Yet some more Nike madness, in Orlando, this time around. The hoopla now concerns a seriously overpriced, ugly piece of footwear that glows in the dark and is part of a lame Nike marketing “all-star” blitz that showcases themes inspired … Continue reading

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The alley, my home

I am an alley guy. I like alleys. I love them. I prefer to reach point B from point A through an alley than any way else. For every dark alley, there is a parallel dimension, a dimension of sidewalk, … Continue reading

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The Gabby Initiative

So I file this type of nonsense immediately in my Who Gives A Flying Fuck file. Because, really. A somewhat hot 40-year-old high school Spanish teacher hooking up with her high school students for sex at her home in Montebello, … Continue reading

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Satan and human spiritual condensation

Alright, I’m not the most religious guy. In fact, I’m downright blasphemous and a little depraved. Or a lot, depending on the situation. Situation is key. I’m an atheist. I don’t believe in much other than my consciousness. I’m a … Continue reading

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The slow centipede story

I got a (typically) corny chain in my email today. One of those that is barely funny enough to make you snicker but not so resoundingly that you immediately forward it to all your reputable acquaintances. You delete it, or … Continue reading

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Town of Pretend: my tale of Saturday night luxury

All great culinary adventures begin with an automated reminder of a reservation you wisely made a few weeks prior. I say “wisely” because some restaurants are simply too hot for my skimpy self. They are ultra hot. Ultra crowded, ultra … Continue reading

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What the black parakeet told us about marriage

A Fox News article this morning entitled Is Marriage Doomed? It is a lengthy treatise by Ralph Richard Banks, a Black law professor at Stanford University. It is one of those articles that contains so many salient, pertinent points that … Continue reading

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