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The ‘suspended iris’ as a signal of mental instability

I can’t believe how much goes on here that I don’t remember having heard about. Every day the news is infused with items of mayhem, death, cruelty, random viciousness, so maybe it’s not much of a surprise that I don’t … Continue reading

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I will be mad when I see mirrors everywhere

I’m often consumed with the possibility that I’m going insane. Only the possibility, not the fear. This is not fear. I don’t care if I sink into insanity. Isn’t the definition of insanity that you don’t know it is happening? … Continue reading

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They are right about one thing: I am indeed a pathetic monkey

When buried in the depths of those solemn moments of despondency when nothing matters, when all I do seems for naught, there is always my beloved Askimet smart spam filter which catches like 99.8% of all spam garbage to soothe … Continue reading

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The Invention as a timeless tool

I’m reading an excellent book called About Time: Cosmology and Culture at the Twilight of the Big Bang by Adam Frank. I love thinking and contemplating about “time” as an independent cosmic element, just like mass or velocity. Time is … Continue reading

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Men in East L.A. that scare me

I was at the local “convenience mart” earlier this evening. “Convenience” store is such a euphemism, isn’t it? Most convenience stores are in fact very convenient, but the problem is, you pay through the nose for convenience. The only people … Continue reading

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Hollywood’s amazing Movie Studio Formula SoftServe machine!

I strongly dislike the movies of Tom Hanks and Sandra Bullock. I’ll stop short of saying I dislike them. I don’t know them personally and I don’t believe in living as if distant celebrities have any direct bearing on my … Continue reading

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The Cybercult of Free Human Radicals

Earlier I was telling my mom, brother and son that I was playing around with the notion of starting a cult. I think I might like being a cult leader. I think I have it in me! But maybe not. … Continue reading

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Los Angeles celebrates 65 years of dismemberment

Los Angeles is a macabre little hamlet. It’s ironic that a city of such glittery glamour and dazzling lights also has the deepest and darkest underbelly of nearly any major American city. This city is all parties and famous people … Continue reading

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‘Kevin’ as a tool of assimilation

I’m the kind of guy who sits in a condo far away on Sunday afternoons and watches National Geographic reruns reinventing themselves on ON DEMAND TV. National Geographic makes some very interesting documentaries. National Geographic was a suitable follow up … Continue reading

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Why I SOPAd on 1/18. The Federocracy made me do it…

Frankly, I spent lots of time toying with, and simultaneously dismissing, the possibility of going “black” on Wednesday as part of the anti-SOPA / PIPA online demonstration. My initial reaction when I heard of the mass action was “why?” I … Continue reading

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