A parade that needs raining on…

…namely, the parade of childish, low-class Democrats who place personal grievance above the civilized gravity of American society.

Here’s a hit list of our favorite leftists for your amusement.

Leftists triggered, Leftists trolled, all in a Trumpian day.

No matter how much the President may eventually disappoint or fail to deliver on his bluster, I will never tire of his “fuck you” demeanor.

I’m confident many of us voted for him partially because of this, even if we don’t say it openly.  We were fed up with the bitch etiquette falsity that permeates modern culture and the platitude-pus festering out of the nicey-nice boil that tames our 21st Century behavior.



Play it forward, Trump, we’re enjoying the ride.

The new Democratic-Socialist Party. Re-branding in process now…

I don’t play the social media game extensively, or even very well, as concerns this blog.  There are many bloggers who devote themselves fully to utilizing popular social media to publicize and highlight their blog for maximum public exposure.

Me?  Hardly.

I occasionally Tweet, but I usually don’t get involved in lengthy exchanges or rancid PDA (public displays of acrimony) in the social sphere.

Usually.  I didn’t say “never.”

Yesterday I replied to a Tweet regarding my favorite subject of the day:  Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (by way of Amazon’s scuttled New York plans).    In the reply, I stumbled upon a description of today’s Left that I rather liked and would rather have explored on these pages as opposed to Twitter’s amorphous platform.

I bring you a rare intersection of Twitter and Social Extinction.



“He said Democratic-Socialist Revival, heh heh, heh…”

That is what we are witnessing in 2019. A furious explosion of blind faith and quasi-religious zealotry that is self-consciously seeking to overturn all previous modes of accepted belief and tradition – many which have worked quite well for a long time, thank you.

In fact, that is the new religion: revolution of the culture, not of the body politic.



The Democratic-Socialist revival has spawned from a culture grown weak and gluttonous and over-confident of its own implied rule. Over time, this former body of rulers have transformed their own strength and relevance into a weakened brand of altruism that seeks giddy self-destruction.

A great culture has allowed and fed its own demise.  It has been commandeered by the parasites of leftism and equality and turned to utter shit.

The vapid emotionalists are taking over and will soon create their own party, or perhaps, augment the one already in existence.

The Democratic-Socialist Party.

As we witness the death of relevance and worship of establishment detritus like Clinton, Biden, Pelosi, we are finally beholding the real death of the Democratic Party, and traditionalism, and the rise of the Democratic-Socialist Party.

Mark my word.


Helicopter rides, meme style

When I’m at work, my mind sometimes wanders.

Even though my concentration is normally focused and impeccable, there are moments when I start thinking of memes, and socialists, and my distraction spawns things like…this.



♪ Everglades come to Los Angeles ♫

Stars flock to Nancy Pelosi at Clive Davis’ pre-Grammys party


The audience at Clive Davis’ white-hot gala included Barbra Streisand, Joni Mitchell and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, but it was House Speaker Nancy Pelosi who got the most requests to take a selfie.

Pelosi received rock star treatment Saturday night from attendees at the annual pre-Grammy event, which also featured a stunning tribute to the late Aretha Franklin, an artist Davis worked closely with for decades.

Pelosi’s sarcastic handclap and smirk to President Donald Trump at his State of the Union address went viral last week and launched hundreds of memes. So when Davis announced that she was in the audience — Pelosi has attended in the past — she received a standing ovation, while some people even imitated her now-famous handclap.

At the top of the event and as she tried to exit, people asked to take selfies, almost creating a line as Pelosi smiled through them all.

A wide range of celebrities attended event at the Beverly Hilton, including Apple’s Tim Cook, Netflix’s Ted Sarandos, recent Super Bowl champ Julian Edelman, Wolfgang Puck, Earth, Wind & Fire, Dionne Warwick, Kathy Griffin, “Weird Al” Yankovic, Calvin Klein, Angela Bassett, Berry Gordy, Fred Armisen, George Clinton and Darren Criss.


wey da flametrower at?