California means never having to choose…

May 5th, 2016 by Socially Extinct


It is my great fortune to live in a state such as California where totalitarian bureaucrats have nothing useful to do other than pass incessant legislation and referendums seeking to control my behavior and life. I love living in California where I’m always reminded that disconnected elites live out a Mother Complex and that they alone are capable of standing in for my own good judgement and maturity.



Gov. Jerry Brown on Wednesday signed a pack of bills that will raise the smoking age in California from 18 to 21, and restrict the use of electronic cigarettes in public places.
“Although California has one of the lowest cigarette tax rates in the nation, I am reluctant to approve this measure in view of all the taxes being proposed for the 2016 ballot,” Brown wrote in his veto message for a bill by Assemblyman Richard Bloom (D-Santa Monica).
The bills were touted as the “most expansive” effort to control tobacco use in the state in more than a decade and were backed by a coalition of medical groups including the American Heart Assn, American Lung Assn., American Cancer Society and the California Medical Assn.
Because the bills raising the smoking age and regulating e-cigarettes were approved during a special session on health care, they will become effective sooner — June 9 — than regular bills.



Don’t you wish you lived here?


Don’t you too wish that you never had to think for yourself?



Hasta la vista, Kasich!

May 4th, 2016 by Socially Extinct


Well sheeeeiit. John Kasich must be have been struck by my new “Page Notes” blog project. 2


The video report on this link has that weird mournful obituary feel to it.  It’s like we’re burying the newly deceased John Kasich’s political relevance.


John Kasich Drops Out of Presidential Race


Gov. John Kasich of Ohio, a moderate voice who tried to portray himself as the adult in the Republican primary field but failed to win any state but his own, is ending his long-shot quest for the presidency on Wednesday, according to two people briefed on his decision.
Mr. Kasich’s departure, a day after Donald J. Trump’s victory in the Indiana primary, leaves Mr. Trump as the only candidate remaining in the Republican race. His closest challenger, Senator Ted Cruz of Texas, dropped out Tuesday night.
A conventional candidate in an unconventional race, Mr. Kasich outlasted the other governors in the Republican field. But his longevity was largely a testament to his unbending refusal to drop out long after it became clear that voters were not flocking to his campaign.
He rarely wavered from his above-the-fray approach to his rivals, even as they racked up far more delegates. When his rivals attacked one another, Mr. Kasich struck a sunny tone and told people that they were made special by the Lord. When his opponents took polarizing and contentious positions, he emphasized his record as governor of Ohio and his long career in Congress.
Mr. Kasich, citing polls, had insisted he was the only remaining Republican candidate who could win in November. But while he expressed hope that voters in the Northeast would embrace his more moderate views, he was obliterated by Mr. Trump in the five states that held primaries last week, and he never matched Mr. Cruz as the main alternative to Mr. Trump.



A Feminist Creep’s Wet Dream, ie, John Kasich.

May 3rd, 2016 by Socially Extinct


FYI: Following through with my earlier blog threat as promised on April 19, I’ve begun instituting “Page Notes,” a device in which I will sporadically and randomly reference a quasi-“end note” on this blog similar to that which David Foster Wallace was remarkably and tirelessly fond of in his fiction.


Page Note #1 can be found in this post.   I will not “warn” of future usages of Page Notes (ie, 2 +).


-Social Extinction management



Cleverness is amusing.


Cleverness is catchy in a “sound-bytey” way.


Clever is like a hollow, commercial jingle brought to you by the unimaginative corporate advertising agency Xx&x&X.


Ultimately, clever is dull-witted and expresses nothing of substance;  Social Lefties eat Clever up. Perhaps because cleverness tends to be brief and vapid and fits suitably in most forms of modern ironic social media. Hence this Tweet which I saw on a Jewess friend’s “like” constabulary earlier today.





A clever and wry observation. I’m amused. But it means nothing, and argues less.

Ted Cruz…he’s alive.  He was born and entered this life which allowed him to run for a Presidential nomination.  Running for President is entirely your choice, and continuing to run in the face of all humiliation and sure defeat is still your choice.  Especially long after you’re just being a really annoying and tiresome pain in the ass. 1


Being purged from your embryonic home…not so much.


Running for President and being born can only be considered equidistant in a feminist creep’s wet dreams.



Trumpifornia, and the Fire.

May 3rd, 2016 by Socially Extinct


I would not call California’s role “relevant” so much as “present” in this Presidential election season.


Not relevant, for Donald Trump’s eventual assumption of the 1,237 candidates required for his (anticipated) Republican nomination for President is a given, regardless of California, but present because it might very well be that California, despite its mammoth population, ie, electoral presence, which is habitually undercut by its late-season June primary and PDT time-zoned anonymity, might actually be the state which pushes Trump over the magic mark.


What irony this would be!


Ironic given the state’s present Third World configuration which causes it to defy summation due to its dueling coastal elites and its struggling, inland underclass (with very little to show for the chasm that lies between). A state which would be bound physically by Trump’s wall and demographically by more than half its population and entirely subsumed by the monetary and cultural supremacy of its high-tech, showbiz Liberalentsia.


This schizophrenic state which brought you everything from Proposition 187 to Governor Jerry Brown, might deliver Donald Trump to the White House’s perimeter gate.


But beyond that, the greatest measure of the depths which California will be present lie beyond the June primary, beyond the Republican Convention.


Instead, look to the Presidential race as it batters the American landscape through the Summer and Autumn seasons. An American season of chaos and turbulence, and at the center of it, California, with its strife-torn polarized cultures that are emblematic of America’s national gulf, will be very present.


The suture that is tearing anew down the torso of America is writ, smaller, a microcosm, down the center of California’s fractured spine.


As many are fond of announcing now: the fire is rising.





Skateboarding, an act of modern “cowboyism” that allows boys to be men.

May 3rd, 2016 by Socially Extinct


Before he began driving, my son’s primary mode of getting around was by skateboard.


As a parent, skateboarding represents a nerve-ridden anarchistic activity culture that you sometimes wish your children wouldn’t participate in. Granted, my son tended to not push the envelope of good sense (so he told us) and I think he generally stuck to sidewalks and level ground.  And I feel pretty confident in saying he didn’t ride on freeways. I’m sure of this because it appears to be a thing and the California Highway Patrol is warning against it.


Skateboarding on freeways…what could possibly go wrong?  In all fairness, freeways in Los Angeles move slower than most streets, so any danger probably lives only in our dark imaginations.


Crowded Southern California freeway are starting to look like skate parks thanks to a growing trend on Instagram called #FreewayChallange, according to the California Highway Patrol.



I realized, after witnessing skateboard culture in the United States with an open mind, that skateboarding represents one of the truly accessible lifestyles available to young boys which provides them an expression of dare-devilry and a uniquely masculine bravado that reminds me of modern-day “cowboyism,” a way for young men, beaten down and neutered by today’s feminized worry culture, to live out that rambunctious and independent no-fucks-to-give testosterone-laced bravado: a chance for young men to actually be…men.


Society, in 2016, surely does not to encourage young men to explore their masculinity, and if anything, tries its hardest, through nannyism and helicopter-mommism, to repress the macho spirit.


So it occurred to me that skateboarding, as wildly worrying as it can be to a parent, represents a rare opportunity for our boys to assert an aspect of their blooming maturity that does not involve walls, limits, screens and sitting.


Girls are encouraged to be strong, to be active, to be bold, to be like men. Boys, conversely, are encouraged to be meek, safe, sensible and environmentally reticent.


Skateboarding is dangerous, depending on how far it’s taken, but this is the spirit of self-discovery that is an element of virility and manhood.  Skateboarding isn’t about “common sense” or playing it safe, for a reason.