Wu Yongning died doing what he loved: falling 600 feet to the ground below.

December 14th, 2017 by Socially Extinct


Wu Yongning, one of those new breed of daredevils known as “rooftoppers,” regularly posted videos of his dizzying expeditions to the structural heavens far above the streets of big cities.  When watching his videos, you will feel your heart sputter in your throat.  These crazy adrenaline junkies play at the top of girders, hundreds of feet in the air, while photographing themselves performing feats which, at ground level would not mean a thing, but which performed at spectucular heights, suddenly take on life-or-death significance.  A simple pull-up or one-legged pose, atop of building over 500 feet in the air, doesn’t seem quite as mundane as it would at sea level.




On November 8, Wu posted on his Weibo blog.  And was not heard from again.


But then



That was when, the police in China now confirm, Mr. Wu fell to his death from the top of the Huayuan Hua Center, a building more than 60 stories high, in Changsha, the capital of Hunan Province, Chinese media reports said recently. 



Turns out there is a human element to Yongning’s daredevilry as well.


Mr. Wu’s family told the Xiaoxiang Morning Post, a newspaper based in Changsha, that the young man, who had worked as a film extra, had dangled himself from the building for a video he hoped would earn as much as $15,000 if it went viral — money he would use to get married and pay his mother’s medical bills.

An excerpt from the video of Mr. Wu’s last moments shows him on top of the building, clad in black with his hair pulled back from his face, meticulously and repeatedly wiping the ledge. He swung his legs over the edge and partially hung there, clutching it with the full length of his arms, before pulling himself up and sitting down to wipe the edge again.

Then he swung his legs over one by one for a final time. He did two pull-ups into the void, gripping the ledge. Attempting a third, he appeared to struggle, trying to find a hold with one foot after the other. A small sound resembling a human voice, perhaps a whimper, can be heard on the recording. Then he dropped.



This is a partial clip of his fall:





Some reaction to Yongning’s fall has been predictably judgmental and harsh, but ultimately, the slender man’s fate was his own. He knew the risks and he obviously accepted them.  For instance, I know the risks, but would never accept the possible outcome.  I am terrified of heights. You would never get me close to one of those ledges without coils of safety rope or 6-foot-high safety ledges surrounding.


Yongning was foolish, but it was his own foolish. Who isn’t foolish, anyhow. We should embrace foolish, for the world would be bleak without it.



LinkedIn…cause terrorists need work, too.

December 13th, 2017 by Socially Extinct


LinkedIn is nothing but tiresome resume porn. In order to compete in today’s job market, you must play the LinkedIn game. LinkedIn is the go-to tool for job seekers;  a place where they flock to post their inflated qualifications and boastful untruths for the public to see (ie, prospective employers). It’s a rather droll place to languish. I find collective groups where people indulge in delusional pride to be despicable, boring lots. And this is exactly what LinkedIn is.


So a site steeped in resume porn and self-involved gratuitous skill whoring is easy to get one by, for ultimately, the site is so ego-focused and obsessively fixated on career that it fails to see the white elephant looming on its doorstep.


Elephants, or terrorists…


Lectures by a radical Islamist cleric linked to the 9/11 attacks and other jihadist content have been discovered on LinkedIn.


The business-focused social network was alerted to the issue after an investigation by the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change.


The Microsoft-owned business has since removed the material.


But it faces criticism for not having taken a more proactive stance ahead of the discovery.   According to the former prime minister’s research body – whose remit includes counter-extremism – some of the documents had been on LinkedIn for eight years.


The researcher who made the discovery, earlier this month, said there had been no obvious way to flag the problem to the technology company, and ultimately relied on the Times newspaper to bring it to Microsoft’s attention.


“Platforms must ensure that sufficient, effective reporting mechanisms are in place,” Mubaraz Ahmed told the BBC.  “The likes of Facebook, Twitter, and Google have taken demonstrable and effective steps to counter terrorists’ use of the internet, but other platforms must not ignore the risks or become complacent.”



British politicians are currently considering following Germany’s lead in introducing laws to fine such companies if they fail to take down extremist material fast enough.


“Where there’s an audience, there’s an audience for hate – LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook or wherever,” said Dr Bernie Hogan, from the Oxford Internet Institute.   “[But] it’s exceedingly tricky [to police] because go too far and you trample rights.”

A spokesman for LinkedIn referred the BBC to a statement it had earlier given to the Times.  “We do not tolerate or permit activity on our site that violates our terms of service, including hate speech, violence and threats,” it said.



If we are to take LinkedIn to its logical conclusion, perhaps it could be argued that Islamic terrorists are merely using the site for what its unidimensional purpose is: personal betterment by marketing one’s career and personal skills in the public marketplace. If you’re an Islamic terrorist, you should at least be the best one you can be (resume and cover letter are preferable with at least three professional references).


What better place to showcase your skill-set than LinkedIn?










My alienation cake.

December 12th, 2017 by Socially Extinct





One of my greatest misgivings, but simultaneously, one of my greatest apathies, is my superheroic ability to extinguish all sense of good will and bonhomie and generosity from all people who I come in contact with. There is an undefinable (or sadly, maybe very definable) quality about myself which neutralizes any sense of kinship from all who I encounter. There are very few people in my life who truly experience good will toward me and who would go out of their way to help me or assist me in any way possible.


There is a defect in my character, in my affect, which quashes warmth and communion with all that is human and caring and decent.


If it wasn’t for the apathetic aspect of my personality which does not care, my oppressive alienation would be a source of great turmoil and I might feel impelled to “fix” things; however, the “concern” aspect of my personality intrudes and gives me pause.  You have these 2 aspects of my being coming into play and sparring over the concept, this deficit of mine, and ultimately, I’m torn between being troubled by my lack of connection to people and simply not giving a flying fuck about people and their absence from my being.


This is provided a glaring backdrop by my SO. She is the opposite of me. She cultivates and elicits great warmth from others. Her personality is affable and warm and involved, even with strangers, whereas I am just a cold, uncaring, irresolute rock who wants nothing to do with others, and it is apparent in its entirety through my demeanor and expression.


Ultimately, it’s unfair of me, to myself and to how I esteem others, to compulsively ponder the state of my social existence, when I ferociously disavow all human connection.  I can’t have my alienation cake and be sickened by it too.



N.Y. “explosion”

December 11th, 2017 by Socially Extinct


I will go out on a limb and predict that this was in fact  completely unrelated to Islamic terrorism.


Nothing akbar about it at all.


New York City Police say they are responding to reports of an explosion at a bus terminal in Manhattan.

The incident reportedly happened on Monday morning at the Port Authority Bus Terminal near Times Square.


“The NYPD is responding to reports of an explosion of unknown origin at 42nd Street and 8th Ave, #Manhattan,” tweeted the department.


“The A, C and E line are being evacuated at this time. Info is preliminary, more when available.”


ABC News quotes police sources as saying that a possible pipe bomb was detonated in a passageway below ground at the terminal.



Allah Dummybar:



Fires are part and parcel of living in the Golden State according to our Governor.

December 9th, 2017 by Socially Extinct


Remember when Sadiq Khan, London’s mayor, fatalistically proclaimed terrorism was “part and parcel” of living in a big city?


Now California Governor, Jerry Brown, lazily uninspired, has deferred to a similar ploy when attempting to politically circumvent the subject of the California wildfires.



California Gov. Jerry Brown said Saturday that the destructive wildfires that have scorched the southern part of the state are “the new normal.”


“We’re about ready to have firefighting at Christmas,” Brown said after surveying damage from a deadly Ventura County fire that has caused the most destruction and is still burning out of control. The governor warned that drought and climate change mean California faces a “new reality” where lives and property are continually threatened by fire, at a cost of billions of dollars.


Despite southern California entering what’s considered the wet season, there’s been nary a drop of rain. That could spell more disaster for a region that just emerged this spring from a yearslong drought and now has firefighters on edge because of parched conditions and no end in sight to the typical fire season.