DNC minion, Donna Brazile, and DC Mayor, Muriel Bowser, arrived at hospital after Seth Rich’s emergency arrival: which hat do I don? Tinfoil or Skeptic?

A little Sunday night tidbit greeted me earlier.  It regards the Seth Rich case.

Personally, I’ve found the mysterious death of Seth Rich in July, 2016, a little troublesome, peculiar, even dubious. But the conspiratorial momentum of many events and deaths surrounding political figures since the Age of Chaos began during the run-up to the Presidential election that year is simply too hyperbolic and convenient and it strains the limits of my analytical thinking.  I consider myself very skeptical in all matters relating to narrative convenience which easily combine all streams of occurrence into a single tidy plot line which explains everything we need to know behind the devious machinations which we are biased toward favoring.

That said, I believe there is a lot of smoke surrounding the Seth Rich forest fire. I don’t enjoy using trite aphorisms, but I feel there is nothing that fits the Rich murder better than “where there’s smoke…”

In case you missed it, last Sunday, Matt Couch, everyone’s favorite Seth Rich conjurer and investigator, maligned by the leftist press, but intriguing to the cynical right, Tweeted a very curious announcement.


So who could it be?

Rich, who was shot in the opening hours of Sunday, July 10, 2016, was transported to the hospital by EMT’s about 5 in the morning, an hour before he died on the operating table.

Why would a high-ranking Democratic official (much less two of them) be at the mysterious hospital (which was not publicly disclosed until last year) moments after the young, mortally-wounded DNC employee was rushed in suffering two gunshot wounds to the back. What business does anyone have at a hospital at that hour unless they are visiting, or to “attending” to a patient?

And who were these people? Today, we found out. According to Couch, they were:


You no recognize…? At least one…




America First Media has brought forth new findings in their investigation into the 2016 homicide of DNC employee Seth Rich. An inside source with knowledge of what occurred at the hospital on the early morning of July 10, 2016 has revealed former DNC Chairperson Donna Brazile and DC Mayor Muriel Bowser arrived shortly after EMTs had delivered the injured victim for emergency treatment of two gunshot wounds to the torso.

The investigation now reveals the unexpected presence of the two prominent DC political figures shortly after the victim’s arrival at the hospital. Investigator and founder of America First Media, Matt Couch, had publicly issued a one week window, withholding these findings, in the hopes one or both of the women would reach out to the team for discussion as to their unexpected presence where the victim would come to pass. Neither woman responded to Couch’s offer.

These developments bring further questions without answers to the murder case which has been shrouded in secrecy for the past two years. Why were two high profile political figures at the hospital in the early morning hours? Who advised them of the shooting so soon after it occurred? Was Seth Rich more than the mid-level employee he had been made out to be by the media and the DNC?


Now we wait.  Will this information seep into our collective vision or will it remain fragmented and marginalized by the rantings of a mainstream press which appears too willing to shrug this narrative off as some sort of manic  conspiracy while failing to address legitimate conjecture?




Bloody stool, a reminiscence.

I had a friend back in the late 80’s, early 90’s, his name was Joe.

Not sure if we were really friends in the real spirit of the word so much as we just enjoyed getting drunk and straddling the disreputable thin line of life and impending death by misadventure. We tempted fate more times than I care to count.

I hung out with Joe. He was a few years my junior and in some ways, I was his depraved mentor, guiding him on the shining future path of dissolution. In other words, I bought all his booze in that period up through his 21st birthday. I was the contributor to his delinquency but the dude was a million light years ahead of me in the category of street smarts. He was a tough ghetto monster who would have no problem pile-driving me into the concrete if he felt so impelled.

We essentially hung out every weekend.

We visited malls, events, bars, pedestrian areas, bars, parties, etc, whatever it is most other quasi-friends with a penchant for self-destruction like to do.


I like to think when I spend a significant amount of time on the throne. I think, and think and think. I don’t have a smart phone, refuse to own one, so I’m uncharacteristically self-contained and pensive when there is not a television or computer in front of me (which certainly qualifies when on the throne).

Sitting there, “businessing,” I was reminded of Joe and one excursion we made to a local mall somewhere east of L.A. I have no idea or remembrance of which mall, or which year, but it was one of those typical 80’s malls with 4 or so large department stores (ie, Broadway, JC Penney, Sears) and we were strolling around, Joe and I, doing our typical dead-end shopping which involved a whole lot of checking out chicks and a whole lot of smack-talking but very little buying. There was a moment I needed to use the restroom very badly so I ran into a department store’s tucked away stalls in a bathroom most likely sitting near the customer service desk where they wrapped gifts and processed exchanges.

I walked into a stall and was greeted by a vile image brewing in the toilet water.

Someone had left a large couple of logs, typical looking shit logs. Typical brownish, speckled coloring, about yay number of inches, tip to tip. The unflushed spectacle was not shocking in the respect that this is the typical trashy behavior witnessed in public restrooms all the time.

People leave shit, piss, vomit, everything, behind, un-disposed.  There is no conscientious attention to clean-up whatsoever. Anyway, the “typicalness” of the shit abruptly came to an end when I saw that one of the logs had split in half, most likely from sitting in the water too long. And while the log was the standard shit brown color on the visible surface, the interior, exposed, was a crimson bloody crust of malignant rust. The log literally disguised the fermenting bloody mess suffusing the interior of the stool. I was so disgusted I ran to another stall quickly.

Someone’s shit was hiding a bloody mess; and did they even know what horrible omen lurked out of sight within the guts of their stool?

I contemplated this faceless guy walking around the mall, happily voided of that big dump, rudely left behind, satisfied, perhaps unaware that deep in his guts deadly units of blood were secreting into the colon or abdomen.  Absorbed revealingly into this digestive formations.  That was probably about 30 years ago and as I sat on the throne this morning, I wondered when, or if, that person died.



Vibrancy, deviancy, whats the difference?

The hits don’t stop.

Another vibrant import to the Italian cultureside from across the sea.

Did Emma Lazarus forget to mention “mentally ill” or did she think such an outlandish implication of her sonnet was simply too…outlandish.   Did she consider the West could ever sink to such depths of self-destruction?



Another doctor to the West’s old-guard Establishment learns doctor-patient privilege doesn’t quite cut it.

Apparently, if you’re in you’re an M.D. who caters, or has catered, to ancient political (Establishment) figures in the Western cultural arena, you should think twice about biking to work.

Of course, as a preface, my nothingburger tinfoil story from last month:

Death of Dr. Mark Hausknecht

And now, across the pond, Dr. Peter Fisher, 67, was a member of the Queen’s medical staff for the last 15 years, but that ended abruptly as he bicycled to work on Thursday.

(Bold overlay is my own doing…)


THE Queen’s doctor was killed yesterday in a horror lorry crash while cycling in Central London.

Dr Peter Fisher, 67, was struck at about 9.30am on National Cycle to Work day as he made his way to work in Holborn.

An expert in homeopathy and a member of the royal medical household, Dr Fisher served as homeopathic physician to the Queen for 15 years.

Dr Fisher was on his way to work at the Royal London Hospital for Integrated Medicine in Bloomsbury.


If this is a current photo of the 67-year-old victim, we have a problem…


Who were these doctors? And what of their legal doctor-patient privilege and is that enough to foment trust and personal safety?


I’d rather be killed by a lorry than a truck. #Americanproblems



Nancy Pelosi is right. Maxine Waters does in fact strike fear in Donald Trump’s heart. Can you blame the guy?

Nancy Pelosi, delusion lurks in that corrupt little Californian heart of yours, doesn’t it?

Yesterday, August 15, marked the 80th birthday of that (other) antique female relic from the Californian Democratic wastelands, Maxine Waters.  Nancy, in the midst of birthday fervor, felt compelled to post a sad little birthday Twitter greeting to Los Angeles’s own impeachment queen.


So presumptuous and bold.  It’s easy to write this shit from behind the Great Liberal Wall of the California border, isn’t it Nancy?

But yes, I agree.

Maxine Waters does strike fear in Donald Trump’s heart; in fact, I would venture to say that the leathery hag strikes fear in many people for reasons entirely not that which Pelosi is implying.


Strikes fear….you’re right, Nancy


And I’ve just come across a secret clip demonstrating what Nancy Pelosi boasts of in her Tweet.