Suzanne Moore confuses the Era of Disorder for unconscious institutional racism.

February 27th, 2017 by Socially Extinct


Leave it to the Limeys to barge into the American cultural arena and “racialize” things, even construing and finagling mundane celebrity cranial mix-ups into some grand cautionary tale of human strife.


Suzanne Moore, in The Guardian, writes:



Mistakes however – when we slip up or misspeak – often reveal what is going on unconsciously. The awkwardness around all this is partly because the Oscar factory has faced much criticism over being too white. Now they’re “woke”. Or at least trying . Mahershala Ali deservedly won best support actor. Viola Davies won best supporting actress for the performance of a lifetime. No one can say this is tokenism. Asghar Farhadi won best foreign film but was not there as a protest against Trump’s ban on Iranians.


All these achievements should not be overshadowed by a stupid mistake, but they have been because mistakes somehow reveal a deeper truth which is that movies like Moonlight don’t win Oscars. Until they do. The dream factory extends its repertoire of dreams. A different America can see its own reflection. This was a night that belonged not to those who got the wrong envelope but those who pushed the envelope. A brilliant win, make no mistake.




Suzanne Moore




Now I do agree that we live in en emerging Era of Disorder, but it stems from the cultural phenomenon that allows people like Moore to whine about racism despite the vast over-representation of a specific racial group throughout modern American pop culture.  It is not, as Moore enigmatically proclaims, an oblique indicator of innate racism.


Maybe if we just allow more refugees into the United States, we might become acclimated to the insane globalist/Lefty perspective, and nonsense like Moore’s would actually make sense.




Jimmy Kimmel resorts to predictable Leftist tropes and “funny” is stillborn.

February 26th, 2017 by Socially Extinct


Jimmy Kimmel farcically “thanked” Donald Trump for some negligible try-hard pin-the-racist-on-the-President humor tonight.


Very little humor…most of these Liberal Hollywood types lack the ironic pragmatism and nihilistic despair to truly be funny (ie, Jimmy Kimmel). Instead, they resort to conformist ideals of “funny” that appeal to the descending Western slant of the IQ bell curve in order to squeeze out desperate “laughs.” Hollywood Liberals are quite adept at this comic drivel which is never funny to those of us who live on non-Democratic Earth.







Ah yes, Hollywood, land of the self-adulating hypocrite.


I work with these people. They are so disconnected from reality, it seems as if they live in a different dimension from the rest of us. They lack the sophistication, intelligence and nuance to comprehend the simple grown-up notion that nothing is really black or white, even the audience composition.


Especially that.








A drunken Muslim….

February 25th, 2017 by Socially Extinct


said no one, ever.




A dozen people are in a critical condition after a truck plowed into party-goers at a Mardi Gras parade in New Orleans.


The crash happened at the corner of Orleans and N. Carrollton avenues at around 6.45pm during the Endymion Parade, according to Fox8Live.


Witnesses claim the truck veered into the crowd after crashing into two vehicles. One person was reportedly arrested at the scene.



Tom Perez’ Oedipal Complex called Hillary.

February 25th, 2017 by Socially Extinct


What a “load” of shit!


Tom Perez shot his mother “load” in Texas, apparently, all in the name of Madre Hillary while snuffing out Bernie, his ostensible father figure.






Apparently, rudimentary English grammar is not a key qualification for DNC Chairman. Unless you’re Latino.


Thanks Tom, keep perpetuating those stereotypes!



Enemies of Peace (and the State) reveal themselves: Diane Blumstein, Nancy Goodman, Donna Soodalter-Toman, Jerroll Sanders.

February 25th, 2017 by Socially Extinct


Note these names.
For these women are at the forefront of the latest wave of the hysterical Left’s overthrow-Trump obsession.


These women are intent on seeing the great American experiment come to a screeching halt.


I believe it’s no longer hyperbolic to warn of Civil War II, or of the demise of American government, as a likely outcome of the Left’s incessant drumbeat to depose our President. It was a tad more hyperbolic to express such cautiousness in the run up to the inauguration, or in the days immediately after the election in November. The idea of a Trump presidency was still fresh and his supporters were dazzled and immersed in the exhilaration of victory, but if a person or group had succeeded in removing him from the Presidency while still in its infancy, things would have gotten a little “dicey,” to be sure, but I doubt the collective emotional outburst would have sustained itself long enough and with a level of ferocity required to cause long-term “troubles.”


But Donald Trump has been in office over a month and his actions and pronouncements have driven his supporters into a frenzy of visceral accomplishment and retribution. We are finally beholding a gratifying dose of common sense as it usurps the White House’s stench of self-devouring nice-nice left after 8 years of an ineffectual celebrity President.  Trump voters are fired up, incrementally, as his Presidency matures.   As the days pass, the fire burns deeper and more intensely.  Not a moment passes that Donald Trump does not dismantle a political affectation that Obama and his vapid minions implanted, and we relish the new reality with such gusto that we have begun to think of it as our own; our reward and just payback to a sniveling American voting bloc that cowers in its hypocritical coastal enclaves.


The expectation that what is rightfully ours, as a political demographic, grows firmer and less negotiable and we are becoming culturally entrenched and we bask in the defiant power of President Trump.  In many instances, the devotion has turned manic, obsessive and beatific.  The worship straddles fervor.  We hoist our amphibian meme, a figurehead, a cultural god who wills that Donald Trump, President, was preordained by the hands of fate and mythology and no one shall dare take it from us.  Trump supporters grow stronger each day.  They grow more resolute by the hour, exponentially so. They are less likely to peacefully relinquish a premature departure of President Trump from the Oval Office, especially at the hands of liberal femitariat who can’t fathom, in their elitist, supercilious meddlesome manner, a country where the nationalist right is finally ascendant and where the “normal” people (those they do not commiserate with from the disconnected ivory towers where they dwell) have a stake in the direction of this country’s path, for once.


By March 17, the Trump Wave will have grown even angrier, mightier.


The ceaseless Presidential onslaught by the Left and its fixations upon deposing Donald Trump cement our vigilance and fuel our anger.


Characteristically, the feminine Left lacks the self-control and stoicism that allows society to proceed intact in the midst of disappointment.


Emotionalism wracks the Left, and in turn, it wracks America for these people are unwilling to accept our elected President.  Their collective outburst, similar to that of a 10-year-old girl throwing a tantrum, will lead them to rue this day and their flagrant disruption of civilized discourse. The Right, typically withdrawn, repressed, refrains from fussing. The Right represents the muscle and the discipline and the strength to persevere, masculine qualities, and the anti-Trump Left tries its best to provoke the Right’s latent ferocity and violence.  To the Left’s chagrin, the Right has maintained equanimity since November, and secreted itself to the background of the cultural wars.


This could very well unravel on March 17, the date that the Supreme Court has agreed to review a petition for a writ of Mandamus brought by Diane Blumstein, Nancy Goodman and Donna Soodalter-Toman.





Donna Soodalter-Toman


Nancy Goodman


Diane Blumstein




There are clear signals that the orchestrating group, REVOTE, which claims that alleged Russian meddling/influence/hacking of the 2016 Presidential election constitutes a “foreign invasion,” thus requiring that the all 2016 elections (Primaries and Presidential) be nullified by the Court, has severed all connections with the author, Jerroll Sanders.







Jerroll Sanders




This “break-up” sounds laden with internal rife, but it is dubiously conferred and one wonders why the vehemence to excise Ms. Sanders from the proceedings.  The fact is that Sanders was entrusted with (and putatively felt strongly enough about)  the cause that she authored the seditious writ.


The writ of Mandamus, in the case of Russia and Trump, “is a filing imploring a Court to take mandatory action in the nature of public duty.”  REVOTE’s argument, by way of the writ, is that the United States’ federal government is entrusted with protecting American soil from foreign invasion, and that alleged Russian “hacking” of the election fits the definition of “foreign invasion.”  Petitioners in this case don’t trust the Trump administration to carry out such punitive measures against said invasion because they supposedly benefited by the “foreign invasion.”  The writ circumvents the presidential branch.



This complex-sounding legal term actually refers to a somewhat uncommonly used legal maneuver in which a judge, usually at the appellate court level, issues a written command for an individual or entity to perform its public duty, or its duty according to the law. Such an issue might come up if a public official tasked with a specific duty, such as a county clerk tasked with issuing marriage licenses, refuses to do his duty. The wronged individuals may file a civil lawsuit, asking the court to order the government official to do his duty.


Writs of mandamus are not used often, as the courts prefer matters to make their way through the legal system normally. In certain circumstances, however, the need to act quickly outweighs the desire for the system to roll along at its routine pace.



The great “unknown” in the period after the petition was filed on January 18 was whether or not the Court would agree to review it.


And so they have.


This is a tinderbox.  The anti-Trump crusaders are certainly diving headfirst into the cultivation of malicious tensions where chaotic national madness lurks.



USSC docket # 16-1907



One must wonder:   if the Left extended self-congratulatory anti-Trump Constitutional logic to all matters fairly, wouldn’t it be arguable that the Left’s immigration fetish can be viewed as enabling a foreign invasion in our global environment of international terrorism?  If Hillary had won the election and proceeded to clamor for 100,000 Syrian refugees, wouldn’t her Presidency be subject to a writ of Mandamus?