Unlikely victim: Malibu artist, Taylor Stafford, beaten up and left for dead on Fourth of July.

A “little” story popped up on my Twitter feed earlier.

It is a “local” Los Angeles story and it would normally be the type of metropolitan mayhem and random violence that happens in a shithole teeming with millions of shitholes all the time, and with such frequency that it is quickly buried in the rest of the assaultfeed that defines living in this city. It piqued my interest but it didn’t quite supply all the “meat” necessary for me to see worth writing about.

Until I saw a curious side note in one of the stories.

So the story is:  on the evening of July 4, a local Malibu artist, Stafford Taylor, was walking back to his car just before 11pm after leaving a holiday party. At that point, he lost all contact and was not seen for 36 hours.


Taylor Stafford with his wife


Officials at the Malibu/Lost Hills Sheriff’s Station are actively investigating the Fourth of July assault of Malibu resident Stafford Taylor.

Though Lt. Jim Royal confirmed the incident occurred, circumstances around the assault are still murky. According to a GoFundMe online fundraiser set up for Taylor, he went missing sometime around 10:45 p.m. on July 4 after walking home from an Independence Day celebration at Malibu Cove Colony. Malibu local Ali Thonson, a friend of Taylor, confirmed Taylor made it past Geoffrey’s—just west of Meadows Court—before disappearing.

Family and friends were unable to locate the man for 36 hours, prompting a missing person report. Taylor was later ID’d at the UCLA Medical Center, where he had been registered under “John Doe.”


Stafford, 64, a local artist, hardly seems the type of person who would thoughtlessly veer off on a dangerous path lined with life-threatening characters and situations.  He just seems like a well-liked older dude living in a chill beach town ensconced in the western coastal hills of the city.  He was walking to his car before 11pm in the nice and White part of Los Angeles;  it’s not as if was stumbling around drunkenly in Watts at 3 in the morning.


Stafford Taylor, a longtime fixture in the Malibu art scene, is now fighting to stay alive.

“It’s just really a moment by moment watch,” wife Terry Taylor said.

Los Angeles County sheriff’s investigators are still trying to figure out if Stafford was attacked, or injured from a fall, or some other accident. But because his cellphone, wallet and money are missing, Terry believes her husband was the victim of a crime.

“From one point walking up toward his car to the next moment he disappeared. It seems like the doctors and the police have indicated it’s an assault – an alleged assault at this point,” she said.


Very curious.

What beef could anyone have with this guy?

Was it robbery?  Or was the theft of his property just opportunistic grabbing whose primary aim was a simple crusade of ultraviolence?  Why beat the guy up so brutally (unless you’re trying to dispose of the witness, in which case, this is capital murder).

Still, given this set of mundane circumstances, this could  be just another item to clog up the local crime blotter in the City of Angels.

But this, from the Malibu Times.


At the July 9 Malibu City Council meeting, council members also mentioned the incident.

“I was really stunned to hear of that tragic situation that involved one of our residents that was beaten, allegedly I guess, on the side of PCH, and that is extremely alarming,” Council Member Skylar Peak said. “I hope that our sheriff’s department works very diligently to find out who committed that crime and bring them to justice, and I hope Stafford gets—recovers—in a timely manner.” 

Mayor Rick Mullen, who also works for the fire department, mentioned a separate alleged assault that occurred elsewhere in Malibu recently.


Stafford in hospital

A poor young lady [who] was driving on Decker got assaulted by three men who jumped in her car and slugged her in the face a few times,” Mullen said, “and I was kind of surprised about that.”

Neither Malibu/Lost Hills Sheriff’s Station nor the LA County Fire Department was able to confirm the second incident by the time of publication on Tuesday evening, July 10.


Could Stafford’s attack have been part of a Malibu crime spree?

I would be willing to bet that the suspects, the 3 males, if caught, will assuredly not be Malibu residents.  To venture further than that risks decapitating the PC narrative.   Robbery/assault sprees seem to be the provenance of various “ghetto types” in this town.

;) one wink if you hear me…



умышленное невежество…this is how people can sincerely accuse Russia of meddling in our election, while avoiding any pangs of hypocrisy.

The onslaught has been frenzied and gratuitous.

Left, Right, the anti-Trump herd is furiously taking to the cyberwaves to express its self-righteous scoldporn in massive amounts of emetogenic condescension.

“Donald Trump is guilty of treason,” they piddle with consternation.

“Russia meddled in our 2016 election,” they waddle.

Blah blah blah.



If you have left-wing Facebook friends, you might endure this.



Do people take a second, even a minute, to ascertain the possibility that maybe, just maybe, the United States is reaping what it sowed during the Clinton-Bush-Obama 24-year clown show?

How many times has the United States, heralded by Democratic and neocon Republican cucks, meddled in Russia’s domestic affairs with the express purpose of vanquishing Vladimir Putin and disrupting the nefariously anti-liberal Russian empire?

Hardly. The left prefers to shriek their putrid little hearts out in sanctimonious streams of bile. And the Republican naysayers, criticizers of Trump, turn an ignorant eye for they know: Russia had a free pass as payback, for our historic behavior has been less than heroic.

Russia got theirs now. Trump is ready to start with a blank slate now that the reckoning is filed.

Hence, the future awaits.

The political metamorphosis of the early 21st Century and the unveiling of a new form.

There is a tendency of some on the Right to laud the type of thing happening in the California Democratic Party right now.  They revel in this alleged self-devouring that they wistfully believe the Left to be engaged in.

“It’s great when they eat themselves!”

I’m not as “hopeful.” What is occurring in the political landscape of modern America is not the confined to the Left, nor does it involve imploding ideologies.  We are simply witnessing a grand metamorphosis of the political landscape, and to a greater measure, of society.

(Bold is my own interjection)


The California Democratic Party issued a stunning rebuke of U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein on Saturday by decisively handing its official endorsement to state Sen. Kevin de Leon, her longshot Democratic challenger.

The move was the latest sign that establishment Democrats are facing something of a national insurgence, coming on the heels of last month’s shock win by 28-year-old Democratic socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez over high-ranking Rep. Joe Crowley in a closely watched New York primary.

In backing de Leon, a majority of the party’s 360-member executive board ignored Feinstein’s calls to stay neutral in the race. Her allies had warned an endorsement would only further divide Democrats.


What we are witnessing, from the Trumpian onset Republican era through the Democratic youth rebellion, is a shedding of the old and birthing of the new form.  The old political guard was a cocoon of political antiquity and it is now excising from its skin and being reborn as a new political paradigm. Political differentiation is still largely Left versus Right, but this traditional polar feud is being supplanted by a new one of the Young versus the Old. Ideological self-definition is becoming less important than the generational divide. For Democrats, this evolution has taken the form of “young” politicians upsetting the archaic figureheads at its local party levels. For the Republicans, despite their form of metamorphosis being heralded by a 70-year-old man, the new form is a young resurgence of traditionalism. The Republican form of metamorphosis, relying on an elder statesman (who, youthful in his own regard due to his lack of ties to the existing political establishment), is perhaps more steady and dependable in its nature. What better way to revamp the paradigm than through the contributions of wise, mature sages? The Democratic party, riding chaotically on the erratic politics of its young trailblazers, may very well be delaying its metamorphosis by disdaining the old rather than embracing and welcoming it.  The Left, more extreme in its helpless, tears down monuments rather than learning from them.

Perhaps evolving technology has always represented a chasm of cultural divide between the young and the old, but we must consider the fact that technology advances exponentially, and hence, the divide between young and old grows exponentially as well. The inability of the old to harness advanced technology in 2018 has placed them at odds with the new generations more than ever.  Racing technology today has fomented two classes of civic participation: the young and the old, and the current political metamorphosis involves the brutal shedding of the aged in an unprecedented wave to “historicide.”

We’re not eating ourselves:  we are becoming something new and horrible.