Uh…the internet is not the problem…

May 26th, 2017 by Socially Extinct


Theresa May To Ask World Leaders To Launch Internet Crackdown


Good intentions of the beleaguered will destroy our liberties. Theresa May and others who think like her need to realize the horrible truth which can’t be uttered in today’s inclusive world.


The internet is not the problem.



Theresa May is asking the world’s biggest countries to launch a crackdown on social media in an attempt to stop terrorism.


The prime minister will ask governments to unite to regulate what tech companies like Google, Facebook and Twitter allow to be posted on their networks. By doing so, she will force them to remove “harmful” extremist content, she will suggest to G7 members at a meeting in Italy.


The warning comes amid increasing pressure on internet and technology companies from the government. The Conservatives have promised to impose new regulation on the internet if they win the next election, and have repeatedly stressed that they will weaken security so that they can read messages in a move they claim will help fight terrorism.



The internet is no more the cause of religious fanaticism and violence than is the phone or the printing press.


The problem is this.







The sooner we allow ourselves to recognize this, the greater the chance the internet will remain free.





A Federal agent and his gun are soon parted and all hell breaks loose…

May 24th, 2017 by Socially Extinct


Do the ‘rithmetic.


July 10, 2016.


A couple of hours later…someone is shot dead.


Reminds me of this high-profile murder that “launched” Donald Trump’s Presidential run a couple of years ago.





For the Left, diversity is only skin deep; thus one must be the ideological samurai.

May 24th, 2017 by Socially Extinct


Was FDNY Lieutenant Timothy Dluhos not exactly the smartest tool in the shed for the things he said? Especially considering his high-profile position?


Yup, not quite.





And now his career is in shambles, courtesy of the New York Post.


Dluhos lacked common sense and is stupid not for what he said, but for what he did, and failed to do.


His words are every bit as relevant as anyone’s in this “open” society. If the subject matter of his rantings is unpopular and perhaps a tad antithetical to the jovial good tastes of our collective love-the-world-fest in the West, so be it. Unorthordox views and opinions are the true “diversity” and “vibrancy” we should cherish as a free, intelligent society.


The Left’s idea of diversity is only skin deep. Intellectual and political diversity? Ehh…they don’t like that so much.


Timothy Dluhos was dumb for allowing himself to be doxed.


Either you own your opinions shamelessly and boldly, or you espouse them with utmost caution. And like a good idealogical samurai, you resign yourself to absolute exposure. You integrate utter acceptance that your views are known to the world and from thence your life is settled.   Peace is abundant as soon as you become the exposed man, always known, never hidden.  Feel that, absorb it, live it.  Everything you say online is known to the world, feel that.   Live that.  Even though not today, maybe tomorrow, someone will know and you will be called to account.


Be a good ideological samurai.


You won’t have to cower in the stoop and cry like a baby.







Convenient terror.

May 22nd, 2017 by Socially Extinct


Yeah, maybe it was a little glib, a little thoughtless, a whole lot insensitive.


Maybe I should apologize, but maybe I’m not fond of doing things simply because common consensus (but not my own) says I “should.”


Should my ass.


My post about the terrorist bombing outside the conclusion of Arian Grande’s concert in Manchester bordered the offensive, but there was a design. I’m not offensive merely for the sake of being offensive. I’m offensive when I believe the greater picture, a greater comment, is served.









The “bigger picture” is Seth Rich. And the plume of explosive smoke outside a pop music concert in England should not be allowed to fog our vision.


Because it is too convenient if it were so.



Now this is called a grande boon to your career and fame.

May 22nd, 2017 by Socially Extinct


Ariana couldn’t have asked for more.


She has now found herself the It musician of the year.  Damn this bitch.




Blessing in disguise



No, in fact, fuck this bitch!