Mexico parties until it falls in the ocean…

First I read about a blip in the seismic readings in Mexico City which appeared to coincide with Mexico’s game-winning goal against Germany yesterday.


A tweet describing an artificial earthquake in Mexico City, after Mexico scored what would be the game-winning goal in the World Cup upset against Germany, went viral Sunday. But neither the US Geological Survey nor Mexico’s National Seismological Service reported an earthquake in Mexico City that day.

So what’s the deal? Did Mexico party so hard that it caused a man-made earthquake?

The event wasn’t big enough to be measured in magnitudes and wouldn’t have been perceptible to the general population, according to the Institute for Geological and Atmospherical Investigations, which is not a government agency.

On Sunday, the institute tweeted seismographic readings highlighting the activity at the time when Mexicans celebrated what would be the decisive goal scored by striker Hirving Lozano. It attributed the cause possibly to celebratory “massive jumps” in a post that got more than 27,000 retweets.

At least two of its sensors inside Mexico City detected a seismic movement during the World Cup match, “most likely produced by the massive celebration,” according to the institute’s blog post.


And I happened to have read this just several days prior.


  • 42 percent of Latino adults are obese compared with 32.6 percent of Whites.4 More than 77 percent of Latino adults are overweight or obese, compared with 67.2 percent of Whites.

  • 22.4 percent of Latino children ages 2 to 19 are obese, compared with 14.3 percent of White children.5 More than 38.9 percent of Latino children are overweight or obese, compared with 28.5 percent of White children.

  • Rates of severe obesity (BMI greater than 120 percent of the weight and height percentiles for an age rage) are also higher among Latino children ages 2 to 19 (6.6 percent) compared with White children (3.9 percent).6

  • And, the obesity rates for Latino children are much higher starting at a young age — for 2 to 5 year olds, the rates are more than quadruple those of Whites (16.7 percent compared with 3.5 percent).7 By ages 6 to 11, 26.1 percent of Latino children are obese compared with 13.1 percent of Whites. Almost three-quarters of differences in the rates between Latino and White children happens by third grade.8


I see patterns.


Planet Fitness, proving that exercise doesn’t have to be boring…

I lift, dude. Not big numbers, but I lift. I bench about 1.5 times my body weight, deadlift about twice my body weight for 5 reps. Impressive, but not, cause you see, I am a skinny twerp, but still. I lift big numbers relative to my size. I don’t lift for visual effect or for that vapid douche pump. I lift for the steadying sense of strength it imprints on my psyche. Weight training is as much a mental, as it is a physical, exercise. I don’t lift for others. My “gym” is the small balcony of the condo where I live. No one can see me pumping iron except nosy neighbors across the way, or the occasional walkers-by. I despise commercial gyms and the mentality that accompanies them. I hate sharing barbells and machines and have no patience for the ego sword fights that are endemic to endorphinized ritualistic physical exhilaration. Gyms represent physical training as affectation.

Despite the noxious environment of most gyms, they are useful for those who seek to exercise in a dignified, mindful manner. Not all gyms are bad, and neither are all gym-goers. I hesitate to condemn people who try to assert control of their physicality, especially in today’s gluttonous environment of sloth and added sugar. But Planet Fitness represents another realm of absurd madness.

What is it about Planet Fitness that elicits the most bizarre, histrionic behavior to be witnessed in today’s gym environment?

From the creepily mundane.


Not sure if for dry or for enjoyment…


To the Berserk Eruptions category of disproportionate reactions.


There’s a dominant internet theory that this dude was in the throes of a steroid meltdown, but I don’t believe that. I think he just really believes purple is not a color befitting a serious gymnasium.

Speaking of berserk.

There is another tidbit of Planet Fitness drama. Lacking context, it’s difficult to tell what this madwoman’s “beef” was other than the unpleasant intersection of floor and temper.

For all we know, this woman stormed back to her local Planet Fitness due to the lack of advertised results to greet all her “hard work.” She was unable to get a refund on her annual membership despite there being 11 months left on the contract. Throwing in the towel early, she directed a blast of ire and blame at the nearest fitness instructor, ie, high school flunky salesman for said memberships. We can see clearly that Planet Fitness does not offer hand combat training. Her adiposal flop was painful to watch.

Painful, and magnetic. Like one of those legendary train wrecks.

Warrants a gif. Always.

Twenty-five million vatos to Japón. Trump was being ironic but it might actually be a good fit.

I love this guy.  He says what is on his mind, or on his lips, triggers self-important righteousness warriors from coast to coast.  Anger and drama ensue;  President Trump continues merrily on his way, leaving a trail of political anguish in his wake as he heads to the next combustive scene of insanity.  It’s great!

Now he dryly “warns” the Japanese Prime Minister…


President Donald Trump stunned his fellow world leaders at the G7 meeting when he said he would ship “25 million” Mexicans to Japan, which would result in Prime Minister Shinzo Abe losing his next election.

During the gathering in Quebec — which ended with Trump leaving early and refusing to sign the traditional joint communique — the president was talking about what he called Europe’s immigration problem when he turned his attention to the Japanese leader.

“Shinzo, you don’t have this problem, but I can send you 25 million Mexicans and you’ll be out of office very soon,” Trump said, the Wall Street Journal reported, citing a senior EU official who was in the room.


Ladies and gentlemen…this is a madman!

Frankly, if the United States government officially extended Donald Trump’s offer, I would be first to volunteer.  I was born in the this country, I’m a full-fledged productive American citizen, but the prospect of living in Japan is supremely tantalizing.  Such a pristine country, beautiful cold climate, heavenly topography, great food, a chill and focused citizenry, and Cholas! 


Japanese cholas!



I think President Trump, in spite of all his wise insight, overestimates the disruptive effect of 25 million Mexicans in Japan.

The berserk possibilities are endless, and Mexicans, being an ocean away from the homeland, instead of a river or Greyhound bus away, would have no choice but to assimilate in their new foreign home, and I suspect they might do quite well.  Mexican immigrants’ tenacious hold of their homebound culture and customs (in America) is a function of geographic proximity.  Thousands of miles of intermediary Pacific saltwater will disrupt that dynamic quite swimmingly.

The United States, less 25 million illegals (and legals), would be better off;  Mexico would be better off.  But most importantly, 25 million Mexicans would fare the best.

Donald, you’re on to something…can you kick it up to 30?




Three California’s: as a potential “South Californian,” I’m torn but hopeful for the “invigoration effect.”


Decisions, decisions.

November is bringing an interesting election to this state. If anything, even the most virulent Trump-haters have to admit that he’s Made Politics Interesting Again.

But this is the most curious choice awaiting Californians in the polling booths.




Hm. Decisions.

On the one hand, there is the pragmatic approach to this proposed 3-way split of the Golden State.

Pure raw numbers only.  What would they yield, and are they the only factor to be considered whether to vote for this measure?

Each of the proposed states would have roughly the same population…about 13 million.   California’s 55 electoral votes would be distributed in the same measure with a couple of states receiving more than one.  Maybe 19/19/17, with “new” California receiving the least.

These are the raw figures, and based on that alone, it makes little sense, as a Republican voter, to vote for this measure.  Each state would still have majority Democratic voters with South California having the smallest number, proportionately, and New California (surprise, surprise) having the highest proportion of Leftists.  The only positive in such a scenario is that California’s jackpot of 55 electoral Democratic votes would be diluted if any of the 3 states goes red, which is possible.  South California, with a tenuous Democratic majority of about 55%, has a strong likelihood of swinging Republican since many of the voters in this state would be illegal or first generation Mexicans, a demographic that tends not to show up on Election Day.

If any of the states go red, it is a win for Republicans.  If not, the Democrats get the better deal.  The Dems might gain 2 senators, but conversely lose a third of their existing electoral votes.  South California’s course would spell out whether this is a winner or loser for Republican Party.  New California and North California are lost causes.  The Democratic majority aligned with the ethnic and class make-up of those states would create an immutable Democratic voting block that won’t change in the foreseeable future.

South California is the only hope for Republicans.

Beside depending on the “no-show effect” due to the large Mexican representation of South California Democrats, I believe there will also be an “invigoration effect” among Republicans in S.C..  Having been voiceless and buried by the oppressive Democratic monopoly statewide for decades, the possibility of having their “own” state would serve to unleash and liberate many Republicans.  Their commitment might be rejuvenated and thus sensing that their vote counts again, might show up in greater numbers.  South California, with the largest proposed population of the 3 states, would absolutely garner the highest number of electoral votes.


If nothing else, voting for this measure would act as the intangible political atomic bomb that this state needs.

A vote for the measure is also a vote for burning the fucker down which could very well be what we desire for California’s realignment because the Big One just isn’t happening.