The Benevolent Alpha, aka, the Dictator of Pussy; everything Bill Cosby was not.

I have no idea if the “rape” allegations against Bill Cosby are true. When it comes to females conjuring up past incidents of butt-hurt, they are prone to contriving and embellishing to the rabid degree of a Harlequin whore author.

Still, I would not be surprised if true. Cosby, the famous placid and benevolent character he represents to the public, or has, for decades through his cloying, gentle shtick, is easy and semi-predictable fodder for this sort of revelation.

I don’t care, really. These women are fine, damnit, and they probably indulged the scenario as well. They are not saints and neither was Cosby, in all probability. The mass media-consuming public has a hard time letting go of facades and illusions. That is why there is such an “uproar” about this fiasco.

Who cares.

What I don’t understand is why a man of Cosby’s public caliber and fame had to resort to such Beta, try-hard methods to get into these chicks’ pants. Dude…you’re a famous comedian! You have your own show, you have a public persona, you are rich, you have influence, you have Pussy Pull. Many, many women will do anything you want just because of the image you represent. As a powerful male media symbol, women, primitively wired to breed with putative “leaders,” will want to fuck your reputation, if nothing else. Maybe not you, but what you stand for. Who needs more than that? When you stick your dick in them, who cares their motivations?

Let me just say that if anyone should resort to the methods you allegedly did with these women, it would be me. A man of anonymous character, a no-name loser with zero influence. That is the shit people expect someone like me to do.


You could have had any woman in your heyday. But you resorted to this seedy repressed hormonal flounder game?

If I had my own show, my own public franchise of recognition, I would have a throne, damnit.

I would sit up there and wait for women to march into my lap. I would be the dictator of pussy. I would wave women away or signal for them to continue. They would come to me, not me to them. I would be the benevolent alpha and the women I bedded would never cry and bitchmoan decades later.

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Poor Gemelo went out Mexican style; snatching death from the jaws of victory!

There is something bitingly Mejicano about this little deadly accident!

It happened in the southern Mexican state of Tobasco in a town called Paraíso (ironically, “Paradise”) during a horse race.

According to this news account of the incident, a man known affectionately as gemelo (“twin”) in his hometown (which mysteriously goes unnamed), had placed a wager on a horse which flew by his vantage point, clearly ahead of the other horse.

In his elation, poor gemelo appeared to stupidly jump, scoot or dance onto the race track, carried by momentum as he cheered his horse by.

Only to realize that the other horse, the “loser” he had bet against, was still running. Of course…why had he not thought of this small detail? In the microsecond he realizes his horrifically and tragically menso move, he appears to brace himself just before the horse, the same horse he jubilantly rooted against, mows him over, killing gemelo.

It looks like gemelo might have been holding a bottle of beer. Judging by his less than graceful exit from this universe, it was probably not his first or second.

Lest you make fun of his name and snark, “Oh no, there’s another one out there…,” I would like to assure you that Mexican nicknaming conventions are bizarre and are rooted in an alternate reality of irony and satire quite unlike what normal English-speaking White people might ever understand. There were probably a million reasons his nickname was “twin,” but in Mexican parlance, I highly doubt any of them involved an identical birth-mate.

The first thing I thought when I saw the speeding (losing) horse barrel gemelo into oblivion was hijole, a Mexican slang word denoting amazement tinged with a dry sense of amusement. A peculiarly Mexican blend of fatalistic head-shaking.

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USA Today publishes examination of racial arrest data but then reverts to typical Social Justice exclusion of the most obvious explanation.

Staggering numbers. No surprises, truly, but staggering in their implication and cautionary alert.

USA Today analyzed over a thousand police departments across the country, and specifically the rates of arrest by race across this span. After poring over the data, the news outlet concluded:

When it comes to racially lopsided arrests, the most remarkable thing about Ferguson, Mo., might be just how ordinary it is.

Police in Ferguson — which erupted into days of racially charged unrest after a white officer killed an unarmed black teen — arrest black people at a rate nearly three times higher than people of other races.

At least 1,581 other police departments across the USA arrest black people at rates even more skewed than in Ferguson, a USA TODAY analysis of arrest records shows. That includes departments in cities as large and diverse as Chicago and San Francisco and in the suburbs that encircle St. Louis, New York and Detroit.

A clip from the USA Today video attached to this story winds down with the premise:

“Those [proportion of Black arrests] differences are easier to measure than explain. They could reflect biased policing. But they could just as easily reflect vast economic and educational inequalities.”

from USA Today

Of particular interest from the printed story:

• Blacks are more likely than others to be arrested in almost every city for almost every type of crime. Nationwide, black people are arrested at higher rates for crimes as serious as murder and assault, and as minor as loitering and marijuana possession.

• Arrest rates are particularly lopsided in some pockets of the country, including St. Louis’ Missouri suburbs near Ferguson. In St. Louis County alone, more than two dozen police departments had arrest rates more lopsided than Ferguson’s. In nearby Clayton, Mo., for example, only about 8% of residents are black, compared with about 57% of people the police arrested, according to the city’s FBI reports. Clayton’s police chief, Kevin Murphy, said in a prepared statement that “Ferguson has laid bare the fact that everyone in law enforcement needs to take a hard look at how we can better serve our communities and address any disparities that have existed in our departments for too long.”

• Deep disparities show up even in progressive university towns. USA TODAY found police in Berkeley, Calif., and Madison, Wis., arrested black people at a rate more than nine times higher than members of other racial groups. Madison Police Chief Michael Koval said most of the arrests happen in the poorest sections of the city, which are disproportionately black, and where some residents have pleaded for even more police presence. Still, he said, “I think it would be remiss to suggest the police get out of this whole thing with a free pass. We have to constantly be doing the introspective look at who we are hiring and how we are training.”

These statistics are astounding for the degree to which they rebut the popularly acceptable social model involved in this discussion, a model whose primary tenant appears to be “thou shalt not make obvious aspersions or offend anyone.” This model results in popular media, which must appease the delicate sensibilities of its collective audience, to continually place the cart before the carriage in all matters of race and criminality. Maybe race precedes economic inequality…but this is an evil thing to say and you will be swatted down and drummed out of business for it.

I’m not contending that biased policing and economic and educational inequalities have nothing to do with accelerated and disproportionate Black arrests; what I am saying, however, is that one possibility that must be considered, even if it is harsh and offensive to the Social Justice Totalitarians who steer public discourse in the media and culture, is that maybe Blacks are disproportionately rotten to the core.

I have no problem saying Hispanics have a higher rotten-to-the-core ratio (I’m Hispanic).

This inability to maintain objectivity on the part of everyone is one of the primary causes for inequality to begin with.

The problem with pretty, delicate lies is that they hide and allow deadly grievances to fester under the brittle skin of a torn society.

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The ultimate Right.

There is one inalienable right that Americans must embrace and accept if this culture is to ever reclaim its sanity.

Not until we can internalize this principle will we finally enjoy the ostensible freedom of expression they tell us this country represents. With every special interest group nowadays usurping discourse and allocation of shame, Social Justice Totalitarianism is not far away and groupthink will be our collective master.

The homos are some of the worst offenders. They exploited the forgiving liberalism of this country, and now that they have opened the door to “gay acceptance,” they seek to close it in everyone else’s face.

The most important right for Americans, of all stripes, to learn, is:

We reserve the right to not like anyone we choose for no other reason than we simply choose not to like everyone.


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The terror of the Wooden Box of Knives

In the midst of today’s ISIS-beheading-of-a-Westerner of the month breaking story involving the most recent victim of religious global violence, Abdul-Rahman Kassig (formerly known as “Peter” before his conversion to Islam), I found the video purporting to show Kassig’s beheading. It was typically slick, and those who put the video together proved their adroitness with video assembly. The music and slow, dreadful build-up interlaced with footage of bombings and rifle assaults and other desert scenes of mayhem were cleverly edited in gruesome hi-def detail while the normal bleak, exotic and restive Middle Eastern music fatally lumbered in the background. The final video production comes short of portraying the executioner soldiers as transient Hollywood extras collecting a SAG paycheck by posing a few minutes on the big screen.

Forget the fact that the most gruesome scene of the short movie was the beheading of about 15 prisoners clad in black deathwear.

Oddly, Kassig’s murder was not one of those portrayed. Intelligence officials are puzzled that the scene which shows Kassig’s decapitated and bloody head is unusually crude (in a cinematographic manner, that is), unlike the quality with which the rest of the beheadings were produced. Conjecture is that perhaps something went wrong during the execution of Kassig. Perhaps there was a struggle; or maybe the ISIS soldiers were scared off by combatant military actions prompted by the United States or its allies. In any case, there is a general perception that the failure of ISIS to portray Kassig’s beheading on video is indicative of problems or failure on their part.

As atrocious and horrible as the beheadings were to watch, one of the most unsettling horrors of the video occurred moments before the executioners put the blades to the prisoner’s necks. The segment begins as the prisoners are marched in front of the camera in a single file. Each prisoner appears to be assigned one executioner. A partner unto death. There is that personalized death treatment. One can only wonder where these men were in the moments before they were roused to their feet. Ordered to maintain the prone hunched-over walk, the prisoners faces seem buried in the shadows of the folds of their dark clothing.

death march

There is something morbidly terrifying about being assigned your own executioner, the one mortal being who will slice your neck open and remove your head from its bodily, life-sustaining planter. Everything about this is pure terror. When considering an adversary, if you feel the slightest fear of him, you’re already at a strategic disadvantage. The Muslim’s have the fear on their side. Much of the inflammatory anti-Muslim hyperbole voiced in the United States among the Conservatariat is thinly veiled reflective fear.

But the worst part happens when, accompanied by your personal executioner’s firm clench on the rags you will die in, you lastly must march by the Wooden Box of Knives.

That is the best description of it. It is a wooden box of apparent sturdy construction and it contains numerous military caliber knives whose mission it is to free you from the imprisoned world you’ve been confined to for the past few months or years. You march by this box, you and your executioner. Just as your executioner is assigned the task of killing you, each one of those knives in the box is randomly assigned the task of cleaving the sanctity of your neck’s integrity into two with such ferocity that they eventually will separate your body from head. The knives, poised in that box. One of them has your name, but which, we don’t know. That randomness of it all is the most frightening and horrible thing to behold.

box 1

This parade of death mocks your sense of free will, for you are as sure as dead now. The random and disarrayed nature of the knife intended for you is not measured until you are on death’s doorstep. This is the ultimate tool of destruction, destruction of the psyche and hope.

It’s the Wooden Box of Knives. Where sure death awaits behind the tragic door of puzzled unspecific fate.

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An Eye for an Ear! (couldn’t resist)

The smart-ass comment begs to be uttered, doesn’t it?

PHOTO | Leslie Smith Nearly Loses Ear In Fight With Jessica Eye


ear off!

Jessica Eye defeats Leslie Smith after gruesome ear injury

The only women’s bout on the UFC 180 card featured rough action, and a very rough if somewhat unusual ending, as Jessica Eye defeated Leslie Smith after Smith’s ear was nearly torn off of her head in the second round.

Eye came out hard in the first round, blasting with right hands, but also combinations and pressure. When Smith would throw, Eye was all but guaranteed to respond, mixing up her attacks as Smith moved and covered up. Smith, however, wasn’t overwhelmed. While she covered up under Eye’s strong attacks, Smith stayed in the pocket, throwing combinations of her own. Eye stayed on top of Smith the full round, even drawing blood on Smith’s left ear as she able to strike more and more at her range.

Between rounds, the doctors looked at Smith’s ear, which had been burst open from lingering cauliflower ear. The fight was allowed to continue.

In the second frame, the two opened up by battling each other in the clinch, where Smith was able to land a cracking elbow over the top. Smith turned the pressure on early after her cauliflower ear burst between rounds, but Eye was happy to stick and move from the outside.

Yet, Smith’s ear popped open again and leaked a huge amount of deep red blood. Referee Herb Dean temporarily halted the action and had the ringside physician inspect the wound. Despite Smith’s protests, the bout was called to a halt.

The end came officially at 1:30 of round 2.

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Gruber’s real problem…

Is that he has simply acknowledged a putative truth all American bureaucratic elites know.

His transgression was that he uttered some very un-PC observations of the highest order. We expect our oligarchs to quietly shake their heads at us while we pretend the emperor’s new clothes glitter with gold so we can plod forward one more day in the midst of our abject greed and consumerism.


He is wrong about one thing: Americans are not stupid, but they are lazy and undisciplined in shocking measures of distraction.

I’m not particularly shocked nor mad about his observations. Most of the fury is merely politically-motivated opportunism on the part of Conservatives now that one of the Federal Obamazens has uttered ugly truths that we all barely conceal beneath our polite palates. It allows the Right to move that chess piece one square closer amid the meticulous strategies which they hope will lead them to ultimate checkmate. They smell blood. Gruber blood.

But it’s not the truth the Republicans defend. It’s the manipulation of truth they are relying on to argue a non sequitur.

Republicans have allowed Gruber’s ruthless, utilitarian observations to cloud the barren substance of the policies he has helped trot out. Forget it. Americans are lazy and they’d rather amuse themselves with Kim Kardashian’s ass. Let’s give Gruber that much.

He has merely chosen to articulate the tenuous truths that perpetuate the fumbling inaction of the American government and its condescending attitude toward its 300+ million constituents.

The “stupidity” of the American voter is the unspoken issue of this diversion into the public feud, but it hardly addresses the boring substance of Obama’s policies because stupid people just don’t have the patience or focus to concentrate on that at the expense of Dancing With The Stars or NFL Sunday.

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Oh g(G)od, wherefore art thou, my rambling atheism, Verse 1.

Scenario 1.

A passenger train loaded with 150 people departs from the small coastal city.

Its destination is a large Midwestern city and along the way, there are several intermediate stops. Some of the original 150 passengers debark at scattered points, but are replaced by alternating waves of new passengers, so the 150 count never varies by more than ±10 from when the train left the small coastal city.

About 2/3 of the way through the train’s voyage, a homeless man crossing the country on foot awakens from an uncomfortable night of drunken semi-sleep. He feels like crap. The cold is biting. He stumbles over to a patch of brush and urinates for what seems minutes. The cheap vodka has left him blurry and incoherent. An acrid coat settles on his tongue. He struggles to zipper his pants as he lifts his backpack from the dirt patch where he passed out. Even his hearing feels muffled. The world is muted through this hangover on many sensory levels.

He thinks he hears a train. Numbly, instinctively, like a moth darting at a hot bulb, he sways unsteadily in the direction of the sound though there is no train station for miles. Still, he progresses shakily toward the roar and is elated to scale the pasture’s undergrowth to the railroad track moments before the train is visible around the bend. As he rushes up the embankment leading to the tracks, he stumbles clumsily on a pile of stones constructed by bored children the day before. He flies headfirst and lands in a rumpled heap, straddled across the parallel steel paths that await the oncoming train. Disoriented, he is barely aware of the train’s onrushing cacophony which he sees just seconds prior to its air horn and impending mangling and destruction of his body.

His trip is finally over.

The train conductor, shocked, halts the train’s progress at the next station and orders all 149 passengers to remain in their seats.

One death.
Is it answerable?
If life means nothing, does death?

Is death answerable?
If so, blame must be apportioned.

Is blame infinite?
Can blame be apportioned fairly by mortals?

If death is not answerable, is no one to blame?
If no one is to blame, is life meaningless?

If death means something, it is answerable; if it is answerable, there is infinite blame to share. Blame, infinitely sieved, shared by all passengers on this mortal toil called the journey of life.

Can death have significance if life does not; and vice versa?

Why must meaning infer blame?

Blame connotes responsibility, but if man cannot apportion blame fairly, he is not, nor can he ever be, responsible. Helpless man is godless man.

The train left with 150 people; when it killed a man, there were 149.
Would g(G)od know that one soul left out?

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Lack of equanimity in today’s lowbrow, ghetto-ized pop culture and its obligatory spokesperson, Kanye.

This is what passes for conversation in today’s primarily low-brow pop cultural climate.

It’s not that the kernel of thought involved is unworthy. It’s the guttural, emotive expression involved that is.

Inflammatory, exaggerated expression replaces insight and intellectual novelty. The sense of philosophical discovery is dampened by exclamations and tiresome tension whose only purpose seems to be the razor’s edge of conflict itself.

I know many “ghetto” people and this is not an unusual structural form of dialogue. In the virtual wav. file that this type of discussion represents, and emotive levels substituted metaphorically for sound, these conversations are all over the place like a staccato roller coaster of flailing unfocused planetary perturbations. True thought, piercing examination, are drowned out by mode of delivery, not substance.

Equanimity is nowhere to be found and that is the shame.

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Poison’s 2015 “One Foot In The Grave” Reunion Tour announced.

Still, Bret Michaels continues to circle the drain. What’s up with this dude’s fanatical devotion to suicide performance? Is it really that admirable?

I never thought of the Poison playlist as the epitome of artistic beauty worthy of suicidal pursuit of the type seen in Death In Venice. Michaels just needs to chill a bit or we’ll all be seeing his last living stage moments splashed across a watchpeopledie video.


Bret Michaels’ health has taken an unfortunate turn.

The singer recently had kidney surgery and has been hospitalized six times in two weeks, his longtime guitarist and friend Pete Evick revealed on Facebook and Michaels’ website.

“Over the last two weeks Bret was in and out of 6 hospitals throughout the Midwest. Including the incredible Mercy Hospital of Northwest Arkansas. The staff and doctors were unbelievable and took incredible care of Bret,” Evick wrote. “Bret continues to be steadfast in his dedication to bring the music to the people. He truly has to be held down to not perform.”

Michaels, 51, had two stents put in his body in the past week, Evick explained. Shortly after the procedure, in spite of his team and doctors’ requests, he insisted on performing. After the show, he was hospitalized briefly again, and then made his way to his next performance.

“This time it went real bad. During the show he gave 100 percent, but he hurt himself. Jumping around with two stents was a bad idea. I can’t explain the amount of blood or where it came from, but it was horrifying on his bus after the show,” Evick wrote.

“Bret was again taken to a hospital and this time given medication that would keep him down. The doctors basically refused to release him. Causing us to postpone the charity event once again. Bret was truly devastated. It’s actually honorable to me that he always brings up the concern for the fans first before addressing his condition.”

This is not the first time Michaels has had health issues. The rocker, who has Type 1 diabetes, had an emergency appendectomy in 2010, shortly after which he suffered a suffered a hemorrhage at the base of his brain stem. In spite of those setbacks, however, he has always tried to get on stage for his fans as quickly as possible, and this time is no different.

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