Shameless collusion between the media and Clinton’s campaign caught on camera?

October 21st, 2016 by Socially Extinct


I don’t know which is worse.


That the American media colludes with the Hillary Clinton campaign with the intent of pumping up the PR quality and legitimacy of her Presidential-aspiring persona (with the consequent motive of defeating Donald Trump), or that the American media no longer cares to hide its shameless alliance with the Democratic party.


From The Gateway Pundit.


In this post-debate video from “Hill Force One,” Clinton campaign’s traveling press secretary, Nick Merrill, openly communicates to Andrea Mitchell (on camera, in red) with his phone, just moments before she asks Clinton about Trump’s “nasty woman” debate comment.


During another less than surreptitious electronic exchange, he appears to catch the attention of an off-screen reporter to alert them to a text by tapping on his phone.





Perhaps he’s asking for dates or jiving about the baseball playoffs, something innocuous…but when it comes to Hillary Clinton, can we confidently assume anything is innocuous?



“Such a pasty woman.”

October 19th, 2016 by Socially Extinct


I think that is what Donald meant to say.


A better, more fitting description of Hillary.



Hillary Clinton was explaining her plans to raise taxes on the wealthy when she pointedly referred to Trump’s possible tax avoidance: “My social security payroll contribution will go up, as will
Donald’s, assuming he can’t figure out how to get out of it.”
Trump’s retort? “Such a nasty woman.”
It quickly became one of the defining quotes of the night on social media.







Those sickening people (children included) who cry that Barack is leaving office.

October 18th, 2016 by Socially Extinct


So today, an annoying (very) lefty yenta Facebook friend posted one of those tiresome and baffling expressions of early-onset grief you see a lot of people ostentatiously displaying as the last few murmurs of Barack Obama’s Presidency slither by.


These types of people go on and on about how sad and heartbroken they are to see Barry leave office.


Their emotional displays are so over the top that they seem consummately disingenuous for I don’t believe anyone (sane) can feel so vehemently for a person they don’t even know and have never met or sat in the same room with. In other words, it’s all bullshit. Obama is not, never has been, so great, so godly, so fantastic, as to warrant such a profuse stream of collective waterworks. He’s an Establishmentarian sell-out;  a groveling Uncle Tom.  Get over it, folks. His Presidency has only ushered in a new wave of racial strife, the threat of, and outright acts of, domestic Muslim terror. From Obama’s Presidency, we are left a national health care plan that is unraveling as participants realize they can’t sustain it under the current model.


Only from the embers of Obama’s Presidency could the Trump uprising occur.





“Don’t gooooooooooo,” she dramatizes (I think I shortchanged her grief a few “o’s”, sorry).


And if that gruesome tub of crocodile tears isn’t too much to bear, we have this.


According to Obama Stupidity-enabling Buzzfeed, this doomed-to-cultivate-government-assistance cretin is a 4-year-old by the name of Christopher.




Four-year-old Christopher lives with his mother, Anilu, in Las Vegas. He’s also a pretty big fan of Obama, although he doesn’t really understand what the whole ~presidency~ thing means.


On Sunday, Anilu was explaining to Christopher that Obama’s time as President of the United States was coming to an end. Christopher didn’t want to hear a word of it, and people all over Twitter are sharing his reaction to the news.



“I told him Obama wasn’t going to be president anymore and he was so in denial,” Anilu told BuzzFeed News. “It was funny so I decided to record him, I didn’t think he would actually cry.”



“Baby, we have to pick a new president, Obama has to go,” Anilu can be heard saying in the video.


“No,” responds Christopher through tears.





How much of this blather can we tolerate?


Anilu is guilty of cultivating an oppressive cloud of maternal ignorance that will strangle young Christopher’s future success. Like other “strong” and “liberated” women of this generation, she is churning out a simpering amasculine fragment of future malehood that will not have the balls to refute the Culture of Plastic Niceties that Miss Barack Obama epitomizes. No “boy” should ever cry that our first woman President is leaving office.



The 7th Floor Group’s Shadow-People

October 17th, 2016 by Socially Extinct


Sometimes they are out to get you.








Two weeks

October 17th, 2016 by Socially Extinct


What the hell?


I’m gone for 2 weeks..  That’s it.


I take a wonderful, rare vacation, for once in my life.






And I come back to this.


Trump talks about women, the world melts; Trump headquarters are firebombed, the world shuts up.


The greatest instigator of the moment is either dead, surrendering, under arrest, suiciding, but mystery surrounds.








Bring it on.



Back in business, baby!!