Rebecca “the” Mankey is missing, but leaves a dose of good humor behind for us.

Where is Rebecca Mankey?

Until she is found, we must apparently endure such unbridled cruelty as seen on this Facebook “missing person” bulletin, courtesy of the Aberdeen PD.

Mankey, archetypal Leftist scrum, hasn’t been seen in a while and people are worried enough to report her absence to the police.

They issued a bulletin which reads:

[The Aberdeen police are] attempting to locate 46 year old Rebecca Mankey. Rebecca Mankey is believe to be in the state of Washington, in the Aberdeen area as of 0900 hours on April 19, 2019. Mankey is associated with a Black colored 2010 Honda Accord, license plate California 8INB004

I, for one, believe that if you’re going to associate with colored vehicles, you get what’s coming to you.

The Facebook comments make me cringe.

We need to find this girl/woman/beast/TBD, or it will never stop!

It just so happens this vile creature has had the predictable run-ins with all that is based and honorable.

A south Palo Alto activist has been fired from her accounting job at Gryphon Stringed Instruments after chasing a man wearing a Make America Great Again cap out of Starbucks and then posting about the confrontation on Facebook.
Rebecca Parker Mankey, 46, was fired on Tuesday (April 2), the day after she yelled at a man with a bushy gray beard named Victor who regularly visits the Starbucks at 361 California Ave. in Palo Alto wearing a red MAGA hat. Mankey didn’t return the Post’s requests for comment.
“Anybody in Palo Alto know this freak?” Mankey asked in a widely shared Facebook post that included two photos of the man at Starbucks. “He will never forget me and will think seriously about wearing that hat in my town ever again. If you see him in this hat, please confront him.”
Mankey went on to write that she yelled at him, “called the entire Starbucks to order” and yelled at him again about hating Latinos.

“He threatened to call the cops. I left after yelling at him some more,” Mankey wrote. “I went back in and yelled after I had changed my mind and wanted him to call the police because I wanted to know his name, where he lived, his wife’s name and where his kids went to school.” 

As long as she is missing we can continue to consider ourselves blessed.

Western History keeps dying and we keep LOLing.

Our ancestors were tremendous. They created feats of beauty from the rudimentary materials of their day.

Artistry, craft, astounding diligence and commitment created intricate temples of human endeavor.

We still create such monuments, but the artistry is watered down down by corporate committee, technology scolds innovation, and machinery tools the edifice. We are left with great temples born of computers and powerful software and inhuman precision.

The human is gone and our only trace to humanity is in antiquity.

What we once created, what we once constructed, by the toil and sweat of our hands and windswept brows through the deadly chill of winter and the perfidious heat of summer is our relic reminder to what we once were.

It’s not wholly about religion or the archaic social institutions of previous eras: it’s what our past represents, the human nature which prevailed, the traditionalism of those ancient generations.

The Left hates the past for what is says about the roots of our psyche.

What we were is what we are.

The Left is delighted to see the past destroyed, razed. It’s a vengeful glee they experience as the landscape is wiped sterile of all Bad Things so they can erect their pall of blandness and deceit in its place.

Classic society wanes and the Left celebrates.

Cardi B and the coming “illiterocracy.”

This empty-headed effusion truly deserves no recognition.

So that means only one thing: I’ll blog about it. (Which is very nearly synonymous with no recognition).

Cardi B shows us, once and for all, where we are headed. It isn’t particularly pretty.

Imagine a world where everyone talks like an illiterate ghetto trash bin.

Meet the future:

“Idiocracy” has been pegged, but I would also add, an illiterocracy.

A compilation of this sage’s intellectual meanderings. Hold on to your IQ’s, folks.

On President Trump:

“I hate him. I just hate him. I don’t even want to get political. I have a court case.”

On Bernie Sanders:

“I’ma always go with Bernie. Bernie don’t say things to be cool. There’s pictures of him being an activist from a very, very, very long time [ago].”

On Tim Ryan and subsidized health care:

“As a matter of fact, I was watching the news and I saw this guy Tim Ryan, and his speech was very convincing to me. He really wants to give the United States free healthcare, and that’s a big plus. We need healthcare!”

In January, on the government shutdown:

“I just wanna remind you that it’s been a little bit over three weeks. Trump is now ordering … federal government workers to go back to work without getting paid. This shit is really fucking serious, bro. This shit is crazy. Our country is in a hellhole now — all for a fucking wall.”