A particularly ghetto occurrence in SoCal’s Inland Empire leads to another predictable outcome: Black Death.

A few weeks ago, on a normal Tuesday afternoon, an irate female customer angrily drove her White Mercedes into the parking lot of “Best Auto Sales” in desert ghetto outpost, Victorville, California.


Victorville is a large community about 90 miles northeast of Los Angeles. It is a nondescript desert city of tract homes and bland chain businesses.  The area offers affordable, low-cost living, unusual when one considers Victorville is in California. Victorville is in Southern California’s Inland Empire, an illustriously-named sprawling dusty region embodied by a barren, unremarkable landscape, architecture and populace.  During California’s housing boom which saw urban real estate prices and standard of living soar to astronomic levels in Los Angeles, Victorville, and other inland cities like it, became cheap beacons for people in Los Angeles who could no longer “keep up with the Joneses” in the city proper. This was one of the initial stages of California’s increasing Third World nature which saw elites grabbing up all the expensive land by the ocean while the poor lived in shanty ghettos or, seeking a “better life, fled to the Inland Empire where, conditioned by delusion, they believed they could pretend to be middle class despite the fact they brought all the sordid crime and trashy drama with them that was the epitome of South-Central and Compton.

Rather than uprooting and starting anew, most of these thug-life transplants merely brought their fractured sense of family and dystopian values with them and transformed the desert into one hot sweltering shithole of human oblivion and crime.


The irate female customer was pissed.

She had purchased a Mercedes Benz at this used car lot recently only to discover that the car was a lemon. Determined to fight city hall and driven by the stench of squandered money, she stormed into the dealership, raising some sista-ly hell. She began yelling at the staff, threatening their lives, blaming them for her shitty car and wasted money. In the midst of her meltdown, she became angry at male customer and she began yelling at him, culminating when she punched him in the face. It was this action which precipitated the man’s wife calling police to report a public disturbance.

A one-officer unit was dispatched to the used car lot.

The San Bernardino County Sheriff Deputy, Jaime Pulido, found the female in the parking lot and during the course of engaging her, he routinely investigated her background, discovered she had an outstanding misdemeanor warrant for driving with a suspended license in the city of West Covina. After the Deputy informed the woman of her warrant, she entered her lemony-fresh Benz and tried to drive off. Pulido attempted to remove her from the car by spraying pepper spray through the open window but the woman continued driving her car in a manner that he interpreted as a threat to his life, so he fired his weapon, killing the woman.



Yesterday, a local news outlet, in a quasi-accusatory tone, noted that Deputy Pulido was never placed on leave following the shooting.  To which I ask: so what?

It’s not like his actions were horribly suspect. He confronted a berserk Black woman who was threatening lives, punching men in the face, and driving her car in a confined area despite being ordered to stop by a law officer. What does one expect in such a situation?  Such behavior cannot turn out well, ever, but one of the intrinsic traits of the ghetto mentality that emigrates to the Inland Empire is an astounding lack of common sense or self-control.

I’ll summarize this story with some generalizations which, though not pretty or politically correct or liberally high-minded, still tell us all we need to know in order to draw the wisest conclusions about the events leading to the woman’s death.

In fact, I could have written the conclusion without the help of news stories.


There’s an honest photo


The name of the irate customer: Lajuana Evadn’i Louise Phillips.  OK.  With a name like that, chaos can’t be far behind.

All the madness stemmed from a car purchase.  A newer model Mercedes Benz van purchased from a local used car indie seller.  Who does this?  Only someone who needs to displays airs of bling from behind the curtain of bargains and sparkling trinkets.  For the same amount of money, one can buy a good pre-owned car from a Honda dealer.  No one needs a Mercedes Benz that badly, especially a single mother of 3 fleeing Los Angeles for a “new” life.

Phillips’ background:


Lajuana had moved to the High Desert about a month ago from Los Angeles. “She wanted a better life for her children and wanted them away from any type of gang violence. Her family also said the father of the children had passed away about three years ago and the children will now grow up parentless. “It’s such a shame. She was so excited about her new car, her new place, and her new life. We just don’t understand why or how this happened.”


A sad trainwreck, to be sure.  One of countless such tales lurking in the dark desert’s heart.

But does this make the police officer a bad guy?  Why must innocent people be drawn into such displaced ghetto madness and suffer for it?


Trump Derangement Syndrome reduces reading comprehension (aka, today’s villain is Heidi Cruz).

To hear the Left Democratica go on and on about Heidi Cruz’s statement in The Atlantic’s piece, you’d think she said something egregiously elitist and thoughtless, along the lines of “let them eat cake.”

Check out some of the Tweets cited in this Yahoo coverage.

Observe the predictable reactive hysteria that the Left has groomed so despicably well since President Trump’s election.  They scream, they rant, they’re shrill, and they turn down the IQ dial a few standard deviations when triggered by Republicans and conservatives.


Heidi Cruz was mocked on Twitter for appearing to suggest that she and husband Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) couldn’t afford a second home because his lawmaker salary is only $174,000 per year.

Cruz, a Goldman Sachs managing director, said in an interview with The Atlantic that she was working 70-hour weeks as the family’s “primary breadwinner.” She said she nevertheless was supportive and “mission-driven” on what her spouse is “accomplishing.”

“I really hope he wins his re-election,” she said of her husband, who is challenged in the November midterms by Democrat Beto O’Rourke.



But the couple would not be “buying a second home anytime soon,” Cruz added in the piece published Thursday.

Her comment was dubbed “tone-deaf” by some people on social media. Her husband’s Senate wage alone is almost four times the $46,000 U.S. average. And when Ted Cruz released his family’s tax filings during the 2016 presidential campaign, they showed he and Heidi had made $5 million between 2011 and 2014 (including $970,000 his first year in the Senate).


OK, first of all, this is pure bullshit.

Only the most Democratically myopic 21st Century weepyhead would infer that Heidi Cruz was alluding solely to a money shortage in her Atlantic interview.

This is the larger contextual passage from the Atlantic article (linked above):


Yet it’s not until Heidi brings up the race, well near the end of our conversation, that I realize we’ve forgotten it entirely. “You know, Ted is up for a tough reelection. I don’t know the future. I think he’s gonna win,” she mused, breezing through the sentences as if she were talking about anything other than her husband’s political survival. She’s rooting for the team, sure (“I really hope he wins his reelection”), but with her hectic work schedule, she doesn’t think much about it beyond that (“I help out on the weekends where I can”).

It may be Heidi’s way of avoiding one truth she’s learned as a political spouse: that this life only gets harder as it goes on. Another term in the Senate means six more years her husband won’t live at home. It means more family conversations about why Dad can’t make it to school on Wednesday for the meet and greet with Caroline’s new teachers. It means Heidi is working 70-hour weeks not only because she wants to, but also because she has to.

“I really feel mission-driven on what he’s accomplishing,” she clarified. But “it does take some supportiveness, you know. Six to seven years in it, with me being the primary breadwinner—it’s like, ‘Uh, yeah, this is when people say thank you. I’ll now take that appreciation.’” She laughed. “Yeah, we’re seven years into this, and we’re not buying a second home anytime soon.”


Heidi Cruz is referring, of course, to a standard of living that is greatly reduced (from its potential levels) due to her husband’s governmental service. I detect nothing condescending about her words;  nothing “tone deaf” about them.  It’s a fact.  In addition, 6 more years of Senatorial service by her husband will continue to put all home life on hold, as well as all major financial decisions.  It would be a difficult time for the Cruz family to buy another house, though in all fairness, they could easily afford so.  Heidi was not implying they are broke.

Once Ted Cruz returns to the private sector, the household income will naturally skyrocket. Nothing surprising there. Heidi is being a pragmatist and being crucified for it. There are plenty of very wealthy people who think like this; their “problems” are of a lucrative, expensive nature us “commoners” cannot relate to. Do you hate all rich people for being rich, especially if their wealth is attained through hard work and industriousness?  I sure hope not (assuming you’re of a reasonably intelligent, non-Commie nature).

Heidi Cruz alludes to the inappropriateness of buying a second home right now, short of the election (for a multitude of reasons, the least of which involves money), the same way you or I might allude to the inappropriateness of buying a new computer after our car’s transmission went out.  It’s simply a statement of one’s station in life.

If you want Heidi’s problems, quit crying and start working.

Life is much simpler without Trump Derangement Syndrome.


NPCgeddon, the meme’s keep on rollin’…

I’ve re-purposed an old meme I posted here last December.

Cause Social Extinction is so cutting edge, yeah?

Called Hisptergeddon 10 months ago, a more fitting representation might need to draw upon the motif of the day.

I bring you…NPCgeddon.